Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen - Silver Plain - Fine Nib

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen - Silver Plain - Fine Nib

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The Pilot Metropolitan pen is a sleek, smooth-shaped pen great for everyday use. This pen features a stylish matte finish with a glossy middle band. The brass cap and barrel give the pen a comfortable weight and balance. Combined with its smooth-writing stainless steel nib, this makes the Metropolitan a pen that is well-loved by fountain pen novices and expert users alike. The pen comes with a box, one black ink cartridge, and an aerometric (squeeze) converter.

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What an amazing pen!...
July 9, 2015
Verified Purchase
What an amazing pen! The body is made of a smooth metal, but not too slick that it slides out of your hand. The weight is wonderful and the ever so slightly wider pen body fits comfortably in my hand, and keeps my hand from cramping after lots of writing. The nib, while labeled Fine, is a Japanese Fine so it is incredibly precise and thin, and is an absolute pleasure to write with. Using the Iroshizuku ink in this makes the pen just absolutely delicious to write with. My only complaint is some of the more colorful bodies have a cheap-looking animal print ring around them, which is just kind of ugly (why I eventually went with the all-silver one).

Honestly, I never knew I liked fountain pens before I used this pen (I stayed with my Hi-Tec-C's), but this has been such a wonderful investment! I couldn't be happier!

I will say don't store your pen upside-down or sideways in a pen case as you're just asking for ink to leak, but it has so far only had a little bit of ink show up on the nib, amazingly! Anyone who wants to try a fountain pen should DEFINITELY buy one (or all, for all of the Iroshizuku colors!) of the Pilot Metropolitans.
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Excellent pen overall...
August 31, 2016
Verified Purchase
Excellent pen overall and a great value. Depending on what I have inked up this is one of my daily carry pens. I have other pens I like better, but none that are as good a value as this pen.

Excellent price
Smooth, firm nib
Sturdy brass body
Comes packaged with a converter (though I prefer the Con-50)
Pleasant understated design
Pleasingly heavy (I prefer to write without the cap posted, though it does post securely if you prefer)
Nib can be swapped with Pilot Penmanship or Plumix if you want an extra fine or stub nib in this body. Just pull the nib and the feed straight out.

I would prefer a screw cap
Section is a bit slippery
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Am I the only person...
January 10, 2016
Verified Purchase
Am I the only person who doesn't love this pen? It's a really fine point, much finer than my Preppy or TWSBI fines, and a very dry writer. It's not scratchy, but it has a lot of feedback due to being so fine. But the real deal-breaker, for me, is the ridge where the cap snaps on. It's right where my fingers go, and it's very uncomfortable. I can handle a bit of a ridge or threads like on most pens, but this thing has a ledge there. I gave the pen to my husband and he loves it. Go figure. Now he's after my ink, but that's a different story....
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This pen changed my life. You...
July 16, 2016
Verified Purchase
This pen changed my life.

You may think that is an understatement, but allow me to explain. I grew up on computers, typed every paper I had the opportunity to, and by the time I graduated, I had gotten my handwriting up to the standard of having a legible name at the top of tests. Writing, for me, was uncomfortable, unpleasant, and boring; and my feelings were reflected in my handwriting. Then, my best friend showed me her pilot metro and had me write a few scribbles in her notebook, and my opinion changed. I bought my own metro not long after, and my handwriting has improved astoundingly.

Thank you, LT, for saving my penmanship.
Nice pen..good weight..writes...
June 29, 2016
Verified Purchase
Nice pen..good weight..writes really smooth

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