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12 out of 12 people found the following review helpful
  I work in a science lab..., December 6, 2010
I work in a science lab where we use and often spill stuff like water, alcohol and acetone. I need a pen that won't run when it gets wet with water or solvents. The Black Fine Point Pilot Multiball is perfect for lab use. It doesn't run in any of these solvents and it writes on the slick label tapes (Time Tape for those know) and on metal, glass and plastics of all kinds. On glass and hard plastic, you have to write slowly and sometimes restart the pen with a piece of paper, but it will write on hard smooth surfaces. True the Sharpie can do all this, but it stinks and bleeds through paper too much to use in a lab notebook. The Multiball does not bleed through and doesn't have any odor.

The ability to rely on one pen all day to write on anything and at such a low price and not worry about bleeding through, re-capping, smell, running when wet, etc... makes my life just a little bit easier. We can all appreciate that.

Next, I'm going to test all the colors with solvents and surfaces, but I'm very optimistic about the results. Good job Pilot!
9 out of 9 people found the following review helpful
  I own over 2500 pens..., October 7, 2011
I own over 2500 pens that I used successively for studies, illustration, typography and several design and art projects / jobs and this pens stays on top of my best pens in the world list for several reasons. The first reason is the ink with which it is filled - dries fast, stays on most surfaces that exist - and really solidifies when dries. It is simply awesome to use it on glossy paper for example, like on magazines, but also on bottles when you need to write your name on a bottle, but it is also very versatile and stays perfectly on every type of paper if you need to write a report - and the ink is almost impossible to remove from paper, which makes it perfect to use for signing checks if you are afraid of frauds. In art experiments, I have used it to write onto film strips or photos, to write or draw on several types of fabric and plastic, to ink pencil drawings, and every time I am mind blown by how sturdy the ink remains after it's dry. My art might still exist long after I die because of that, and it's not only an amazing ink to work with, velvety, soft, with deep shades and a beautiful texture almost like water but that hardens - it's also reassuring to see how solid it is ( especially with pen tips medium and up, as the pen exists in medium, broad, and extra broad under the permaball model name). You could almost write under water with it...
The second reason is the sturdiness of the pen itself, and the third reason is its design. It's without a doubt for me one of the most beautifully designed pens ever.
Well, I have nothing but praise for this pen. Get it !
5 out of 5 people found the following review helpful
  If I ever run out of..., February 11, 2011
If I ever run out of paper, which probably won't ever happen, it's nice to know that anything around me could potentially become my writing surface. So far, I've tried it on glass and metal, and it really works well. On paper this thing is a dream... it flows great and the ink is super duper jet black! It also feels sharp, which is a bonus in my book!! I think this is destined to become my new favorite pen! I can't wait to try it out on my bathroom mirror!!!
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  I love the black Pilot..., September 16, 2010
I love the black Pilot Multiball. The ink is dark and flows very satisfyingly from the pen. Oddly, the other colors that I've tried (blue and pink) I would only rate at 3 or 4 stars.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  I can\'t wait to use..., February 1, 2011
By toosde
I can\'t wait to use this pen to label everything.
The black lines this pen bears are so dark and smooth.
A steal!
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Not a *bad* pen, but..., July 16, 2013
By joh...
Not a *bad* pen, but definitely not what I expected. The tip isn't shown in the pictures, but it's VERY thin. It's non-refillable, which is vexing, but it's okay. I do wish though that it were better advertised. The body is extremely tapered at the ends and it has a VERY thin rubber grip. I wouldn't have bought this had I known more, but it's not a bad pen.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  I do a lot of network..., May 22, 2013
By bmf...
I do a lot of network marketing and I have always used a ultra fine tip sharpie to write notes on a person's business card so I can remember who they were. I needed a sharpie due to a lot of cards having a glossy surface. I hated that I had to carry around such an ugly pen. But now I have discovered the MultiBall. This pen is the best compromise of smoothness, fine line, and looks. This pen is only a little more scratchy than a UM 138 uniball .38 tip pen. The ink dries just a tad slower than a sharpie on glossy surfaces. But you wont hear me complain. This pen is worth more than pens triple its cost. I now carry this pen for everyday use
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  This pen is really smooth,..., September 27, 2012
By lou...
This pen is really smooth, and it's writes on almost anything! I also love how dark the ink is without bleeding through too badly on most types of paper
  I really enjoy using..., February 23, 2014
I really enjoy using these pens. I bought one then upon testing it immediately bought ten more. They really do write on anything as advertised.
  Awesome. Just got this..., November 5, 2013
By sgo...
Awesome. Just got this from JetPens a couple of days ago and have been using it at work since then. I'm a mechanical engineer and I use this for my notes, marking/labeling, and some sketching (industrial design style sketching - not drafting). Pen is light weight (this could be good or bad, depending on your preference); pretty well balanced posted or not; and it has an average diameter and nicely tapered rubber grip. I usually print but it is okay for cursive also. Black ink is definitely black, not washed out dark grey. Line weight is about equal to a 0.50mm Uniball Signo or a Pilot Precise V5.

Three days in and this pen is definitely looking like a 'go to' for my day to day work. So far it does it all for me: resistant to water, highlighters, Copic and Prismacolor markers. Wrote on the corner of my safety glasses lens and wouldn't wipe off with my finger after it was dry (~10 min?). Apparently it will write on anything - once you get it started.

Not the best for sketching (gets a bit globby on long fast strokes) - for that I mostly use either a Uniball Jetstream or a Uniball Signo 0.28mm.
  This was a neat find..., July 21, 2013
By ric...
This was a neat find on the JetPens website. I have seen several reviews of this pen online and all were unanimous in their adulation of this pen. So I had to order a few. It's a 0.5mm point so it's a tad smaller than I prefer, and it's not quite as smooth as the Precise V5 but I think that the ability to write on multiple surfaces is quite valuable, and I'm willing to pay a smoothness penalty for it. A couple of these are worth adding to your pen collection!
  The only thing this pen..., June 4, 2013
The only thing this pen doesn't wrote on is air and ghosts. I wrote on a wet glass bottle of hot sauce, and it still worked.
  It really does write..., June 3, 2013
It really does write on anything!
  Best pen, especially..., April 7, 2013
By tin...
Best pen, especially at the price point! Ink dries fairly quickly, almost instantly on decent paper. Comfortable and the tip is really solid. Grip is just right in terms of how much rubber there is. I plan on buying more for school and would advise you to buy some too.
  By far the best pen I've..., October 16, 2012
By far the best pen I've ever used. I've recently purchased several pens to trial from jet pens, and ironically.. the cheapest of them all (the Multiball) is the best performer.

I've been attached to the US available Pilot Precise V7 and V5 for the longest time, which the Multiball reminds me of intensely.

I prefer a moderate amount of resistance/feedback when writing, it helps me keep things legible when taking notes quickly and makes drawing freehand straight lines less difficult. Like the Precise v5/7, I find that this pen has just about the perfect amount of resistance.

My writing style involves holding the Pen very close to the tip, which is very uncomfortable on many pen designs. The multiball has rubber and a gentle radius all the way down to the tip, making it a great choice if you have this same preference in your pen grip.

I should note that this Pen appears to be listed elsewhere as having a 0.57mm tip. On paper it looks extremely close to what's left behind by a 0.5mm Ohto C-305P Cart. I'd love to try this pen in a 0.7mm tip if it ever becomes available.