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13 out of 13 people found the following review helpful
  Costomer reviews are..., June 1, 2011
Costomer reviews are usually helpful - before considering a product, I scroll down the reviews, hoping those are genuine, client, ones.

Now, this this pen is so extraordinary, that I have decided to write a review, too, to make sure to praise the writing wonderpen!

First, the price / quality ratio is amazing! It is a very well-crafted stylo à plume, like the Japanese make them, epecially the Pilot company. (I have recently realized that I have many Pilot pens and mech. pencils - more than those manufactured any other firm.)

So, the Penmanship is yet another addition to that fine, legendary family.

I read here that with this pen some buyers have had some problems - well, mine started writing beautifully from the very first stroke. Ideal ink flow, perfect line, strong and flexible enough nib (the same the Prera has, only the EF calibre). I fell in love with this pen and crave grabbing it, going back to it the moment I can. You need a good paper though to have an optimal writing experience - but the Penmanship will write well on virtually any paper.

I intend buying one more of this pen, to carry one around and to keep one home, in a safer environment. Arigato, Pilot team! And thanks to JetPens for importing and promptly delivering the products.
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  An amazing pen for the..., April 10, 2011
By emi...
An amazing pen for the price! Produces a very fine line, comparable to my 0.3mm Hi-Tec C. The ink that came in the included cartridge seems to make the pen a little scratchier (and it has a bit of an odd chemical smell to it?), but once I refilled the cartridge with Noodler's Heart of Darkness, it writes very smoothly considering how fine the tip is. I emptied and refilled the included cartridge with a syringe, but I believe the Pilot CON-20 and CON-50 converters are also compatible.

The body is lightweight plastic, and the triangular molded grip is actually quite intuitive and comfortable. The screw-on cap can be inconvenient, but it's a minor complaint in an otherwise effective design.

All in all, a wonderful choice for those looking for a cheap, refillable pen that produces a very fine line. With a converter and a bottle of ink, you can also write in any color. Perfect for detailed drawings or sketches...I'll definitely be using this a lot!
5 out of 5 people found the following review helpful
  For the money, you couldn't..., April 25, 2011
For the money, you couldn't ask for a better extra-fine fountain pen.

True, the Penmanship is usually a little dry and scratchy at first, but after some tuning or a short breaking-in period, it's well worth the investment. The line is indeed *extra fine*, slightly thinner than a Signo DX 0.28 mm. The steel nib provides only a tiny amount of flex and virtually no variation. The sleek design is surprisingly ergonomic, but extended periods of writing may tire your hand as the nib dries out and becomes scratchier, requiring a half hour of capped time to "recharge."

These quirks aside, however, remember that you're paying only $7.50 for an amazingly precise and refillable fountain pen.
4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  I'm relatively new to..., November 7, 2011
I'm relatively new to fountain pens in general and am used to writing with gel (Signo 207) or liquid ink pens (Pilot V5) typically in .5mm, but have recently switched to the .38mm. My goal was to find a fountain pen that wrote in a thinner line compared to my Lamy Al-Star Safari in EF. I did some side-by-side comparison lines with a .5mm Pilot V5 (liquid ink), .38mm Signo 207 gel ink, Lamy Al-Star Safari w/EF nib and the Pilot Penmanship in EF. The results are as follows...the Lamy appeared to be just the tiniest bit wider than the .5mm V5, however that could have simply been because it feathered a little on the cheap paper I used, so we could almost call it a draw. The Pilot Penmanship was noticeably thinner than both and was just fractionally wider than the .38mm Signo, which again, could have been the paper, but probably less of an issue between these two pens compared to the V5 & 207 though. If I had to put a number to it, I'd say the Penmanship is approximately equal to a .4mm gel in width. Now all that said, let's talk about how it is to write with...on cheap paper, it felt scratchy, on nicer papers it smoothed out my regular journal, I wrote a full page without a single skip or scratch on the up-strokes, so I feel this pen is simply more susceptible to paper quality than some of the wider tips (which I guess make sense since the wider the tip, the more surface area the pen has to scroll over the minute imperfections in the surface of the paper itself).

If one is obsessive about tiny writing, I don't think you're going to find anything thinner than this nib...from what I've read in other reviews, it appears that this nib can be swapped onto a few of the other Pilot FPs (78, Prera, Plumix), but I don't know if it can go on any others. For $8, it's a heck of a deal! The screw-on cap is secure, but maybe slightly awkward to take on and off continuously, but at least it can post on the other end. Just wish there was a clip to hook onto the rings of a notebook!
4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  I lost the first of these..., November 3, 2011
By kit...
I lost the first of these pens last week (6 days ago) at work, and it only took 3 days for JetPens to ship my replacement! Awesome!

I love the way this pen writes! The extra-fine nib is perfect for the way I write (I have to write between small spaces), and the blue of Noodler's Ink Baystate blue looks wonderful on paper with this pen.

The CON-20 and CON-50 fit well into this pen, and well worth the purchase.

For the price and daily utility, this pen is gold!

I just wish it had a clip to stay put in my lab coat (which is the reason why it was lost to begin with).

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  Ok, let me start out..., January 13, 2014
By jcclow
Ok, let me start out by saying this is my very first fountain pen ever and I went solely by the reviews here and the recommendation of JetPens here...

With that being said, I really like this fountain pen. The triangular shaped body is awesome and I wish more pens were shaped like this as it is just a dream to hold. Having held a pen like this, I don't want to go back to a round one. The black body of the pen is very nice, even though I feel the red fins on the cap are a little overstated (I'm more of a fan of the color blue).

As this is my first fountain pen, it took a bit of playing to get used to. You do not mash down on this pen as you would with a ballpoint or gel pen. I did that and ended up marring the paper on the upstroke. After just randomly doodling for about 5-10 min, I found the perfect pressure and the ink just flows freely and without skipping even across cheap paper. I'm looking forward to using the converter and trying other inks on better paper.

My only gripe and it has nothing to do with the pen itself...I wish I had gone with the slightly broader nib. The line out of this pen is extremely fine. Along the lines of my 0.4mm Hi-Tec-C, but way smoother of a line as you run it across the paper. I am, however finding that it is making me slow down and enjoy writing with it more and more, every time I use it.
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  I have two of these pens..., September 27, 2013
By noe...
I have two of these pens (one black, one clear), and I think they are the best balance of quality and price. The tip is finer than my Lamy Safari and my Sailor Candy, so the Pilot is the favorite of my collection. I will probably get at least two more for darker inks, that go really well with so delicate lines.

Right now I have the black with Stipula Calamo Sepia ink and the clear with J. Herbin Red Rose scented.
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  I use this pen for drawing..., January 23, 2013
I use this pen for drawing with the Platinum Carbon ink. The point is very fine, much more so than my Lamy Safari EF, allowing for great detail. The result is great. I will be buying more of these.
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  I have this pen in the..., October 12, 2012
By Tam...
I have this pen in the clear body and I absolutely love it. It writes smooth and even. I love the extra fine point. Not scratchy to write with but very fine. Comfortable grip.
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  Amazing pen at any price...., September 14, 2012
Amazing pen at any price. I have another fountain pen that I use only because I paid ten times as much for it.
After writing with it for a while all traces of scratchiness left. Comments about it being scratchy must be due it being brand new or to cheap paper — it is a very fine point. I don't know how Pilot does it.
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  I got this last week...., October 8, 2009
I got this last week. It had a hard time starting, so I changed the ink out. Still no luck. Got the flow better writing with the nib almost sideways. I was so frustrated I bent the tip slightly downward and widened the channel. I filed the tip a bit with a nail file and voila. It is finally working. It is still a bit scratchy, but that is to be expected with a tip this small. All in all, I am disappointed. The Platinum Preppy I got with my ink writes great with no modifications or tinkering. Maybe I just got a lemon.
  I've had this little..., September 21, 2014
By ebe...
I've had this little pen for years, and use it for fine-line ink drawings with lots of hatching and crosshatching. It is smooth and consistent, with no noticeable scratching of paper fibers. (If you have a pen that is scratchy or skipping, I'd contact JetPens for an exchange because that is probably a manufacturing flaw.) It's worked with a range of inks, from simple Watermans to Platinum Carbon Black, and never clogged unless I left it unused for a few months. I have been impressed with its reliability and smooth, easy feel when writing.

Quick note: I recently learned that the Penmanship nib and feed fit in the Pilot Metropolitan pen body. I had a medium nib Metropolitan that I never used, so I swapped in the extra-fine Penmanship nib and it works perfectly. I hadn't minded the black plastic body, but now that it's seated in a lovely Metro body, I love the nib even more.
  Really helps to promote..., April 4, 2014
Really helps to promote good writing grip. It's also very scratchy (obviously cause it's extra-fine nib), so if that's what you like, then this should be perfect. Only reason I'm giving it a 4/5 is because the ink seems to leak. If I move it abruptly in any direction, the pen flings tiny droplets of ink.
  This pen is wonderful!..., December 26, 2013
By jes...
This pen is wonderful! The fine nib is perfect for journaling. One thing I like is the Pilot Con-20 converter holds a good amount of ink and when firmly seated in the pen adds a very slight amount of weight. The grip does take some adjustment but over all the quality of this pen is quite astounding, especially for the price.
  I wish it had a clip,..., September 19, 2013
By lai...
I wish it had a clip, instead of the weird twist-off cap. However the cap does stay put if you put it on the back of the pen while you're writing.

An ACTUALLY FINE nib! I'd say it rivals Slicci or Hi-Tec-C 0.3-0.4mm lines - very precise.
At times it can get scratchy, but I've found that that only happens if I'm running low on ink (not empty, just low), and if I switch out the cartridge it resolves. This is kind of a waste of ink, but the cartridges are cheap enough and the pen uses so little ink that it's not economically prohibitive. I've been able to go ~a week on each cartridge, using this as my primary pen (I work in a hospital where we still use paper records, so I usually fill up at least 6 full A4 pages daily)
  A wonderful pen! It is..., August 23, 2013
A wonderful pen! It is extra fine, yet it feels very, very smooth on my Rhodia and Leuchturm notebooks. The cap easily posts to the tip securely. And the cap is a screw-on! I highly recommend this pen.

I have read on a blog that the nib in the Penmanship can be put into the Pilot Metropolitan. I'm thinking of giving it a try.
   Along with Sailor and..., August 2, 2013
By kad...
Along with Sailor and Platinum's desk pens, this is one of the finest nibs you can find below about ~$120 or without getting a special grind by a nibmeister. It is remarkably smooth for the price point and teensy tiny size of the nib. It's not as smooth as my Mottishaw xxxf, but it's by no means scratchy.
I'm not fond of the ergonomic grip, but it is interchangeable with other lower-end Pilot pens like the Metropolitan, 78G, Plumix, and my favorite, the Prera. The only real problem with this pen is that the tip is so small if you remove the nib and feed for cleaning it's very difficult to place it back on the body in the proper position. If you put this nib in another body without the tripod grip section this is not an issue. Overall I can wholeheartedly recommend this pen.
  Perfect. Cheap, reliable,..., July 24, 2013
By bog...
Perfect. Cheap, reliable, works, feels great in my hand.
  The nib is nothing short..., July 17, 2013
By wht...
The nib is nothing short of perfect. I just wish it wasn't so aesthetically challenged.
  I have to say that I..., July 3, 2013
By mon...
I have to say that I love this pen. Especially since I replaced the ink in the cartridge with that Carbon Ink. It is easy to hold, it writes very well, doesn't snag the paper which is awesome considering how fine the point is. Since I replaced the ink I've been using it all the time.

I also like the fact that it will slip into the ring binding on my notebook and doesn't fall through because of the red things sticking out of the lid... but also doesn't have a clip on it that makes it hard to pull out of the notebook when I need to use it, nor does it snag or pull on the rings. I know it's a stupid little design feature, but I like it!

The body shape does require you hold the pen one specific way, but that way will improve your penmanship. I know my handwriting is better when I use this pen because I'm not contorting my hands when I hold the pen.

The ink in the cartridge that came with the pen I think is junk. I used it up then refilled it with Carbon Ink and now it's perfect.

  I am very picky with..., June 12, 2013
I am very picky with my stationary, especially pens. Ordered this one just for fun. Boy, it was a surprise. It turned out to be the best extra-fine nib pen ever. It has almost no weight in my hand, which makes me to write more. It writes smoothly and consistently. With this price, I highly, highly recommend this pen to all.
  I am truly impressed..., May 7, 2013
I am truly impressed by this pen. It is so cheap, but it is much, much better than that $150 Cross pen I was using. I like its light weight so that I can concentrate on writing. It becomes my daily pen now. In the meantime, I am ordering one more for a back-up pen.
  This pen is super awesome...., April 9, 2013
By le_...
This pen is super awesome. It's cheap so I can buy a lot without feeling guilty. The line quality is fine and smooth. The grip is firm and fits my tiny hand. I've got a lot of compliments on the sleek design. Plus it's great for writing in Japanese, lettering, or drawing!

Now for the downside, it might be kinda small if you have big hand. Not good for lefties (verify by my lefty friend). Converters are pricey. And it takes sometimes to break in. It'll be scratchy and not so smooth at first. Just give it a little time and it will write smoothly!

I like it so much I bought 6 of these. I'm thinking of getting one for my sister and my best friend too!
  Buyers should be aware..., November 22, 2012
Buyers should be aware that all fountain pens take a page or two of writing before it writes completely smoothly and has totally smooth ink flow.
The simplest way to get the pen moving again if it's gotten a little dry by not writing with it at all for 30 min to one hour (depending on the humidity and brand of ink used) is to open your ink bottle, even if you're using a cartridge, and simply dipping the tip of the pen in the ink for about 10 sec. If it's still skipping by not getting a steady flow of ink, then use the nails of your thumb and middle finger to gently scrape off any paper fibers that could be damming up the ink flow. This only happens when writing on cheap'o paper, like most of us do, such as regular notebook paper or the cheap stuff used in copying machines and the paper most of us use in our printers at home.
Even pens with an extra fine nib write flawlessly on vellum or paper with a high rag content. This pen will write nearly flawlessly on the cheap stuff. It is that good. I was given one by my brother last Christmas with a fine nib, but I want one with an extra fine nib. Otherwise I usually use a 3x0 drafting pen. I write extremely small and I am always writing organic chemical reactions or writing quantum mechanics. A writing instrument that puts out a very fine line is very important in my work.
  It is my 3rd kind of..., October 18, 2012
By err...
It is my 3rd kind of fountain pens, I never ordered from this site before and was pleased with it, I will be ordering much more from now on.
About the Pen:
There's not much I can say, other than that is a relatively well made pen. It is plastic so it scratches easily. I also worry about the screwing parts, since they made of plastic I worry about over turning it and breaking it. The delivery was very quick 2-3 days, to US (Florida). Nice stylish pen, writes very thin and fine lines. I've also ordered a converter that was mentioned above, it is very helpful! Ink I'm using is "waterman-serenity blue" very nice color, if you slightly mix it with "waterman- audacious red" it gives your purplish color!