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   LOVE IT!! If you love..., July 11, 2012
By les...
LOVE IT!! If you love fountain pens, and love an extra fine line then this is the pen for you!!!!!!! As usual, my Jet Pens order arrived on the third business day!!!!!! It always seems that I place an order, turn around and there it is!!
Oddly enough the line quality of this pen (and the clear body which I also purchased) is like the Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.25. Seems like I'm always happy with a Pilot product.
This pen started up right out of the box (not really a box). It writes a smooth skip-free line.
I use this pen and my other fountain pen for drawing/sketching so they have to be able to make a line with all stroke directions - side to side, up or the usual down stroke.
Additional note for lefties:
I am ambidextrous, albeit right hand dominant. So, though I use most fine-point pens with my right hand I checked the writability of this pen with my left hand and it worked just fine.
  Writes a *very* fine..., May 31, 2012
By sop...
Writes a *very* fine line, which I love, just a hair thicker than my .3mm ballpoint. After flossing with a nylon quilting thread, it lays down a consistent line with Private Reserve Tanzanite. It has a little bit of a scratchy feel, but maybe that's because the nib is so fine. I use a con-50 converter in it. I wish I'd gotten the clear instead, so I could convert it to an eyedropper and see when I need ink. Maybe I'll have to buy one of those now.....
  This was my very first..., April 7, 2012
By jvs...
This was my very first fountain pen, and so it holds a bit of special place. That being said it is really a great pen, it has the finest line, if not a bit on the scratchy sound when writing. But the sound has no bearing on how well it writes, the line is extra fine and consistent as well. I bought this pen with the squeeze type converter, and I must say that it works really well. I also love that fact that it has the ergonomic grip so you have to write with the proper grip. I also like that the cap is a twist on one. I will say that it is meant more to be a desk pen, as it doesn't have a clip, which in my book would have made it even better. But not enough for me to knock off a star. All in all a great pen to start off your fountain pen collection.
  I thoroughly enjoyed..., March 5, 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed using this pen as my daily writer. I used it with both Pilot cartridges and the corresponding converter. It has an extra fine nib, and produces an extremely fine line. In fact, it writes a finer line than any other EF nib I have used. The pen writes relatively smooth considering how fine it writes. It is not incorrect to say that it is "scratchy" but that comes with the territory with such a fine nib. I find that it even writes well on cheap notebooks and the like, though occasionally paper fibers can get caught in the nib.

I carried mine in my pocket for months, and eventually it broke because of that. The plastic body isn't made to hold up forever. If you are more careful with it, you could get much more use out of it. Overall, considering the price, this pen is a great value!
  I've tried many a pen..., December 28, 2011
I've tried many a pen for quick writing and easy drawing and this one is unparalleled in consistency of ink flow, fine line and easy to manage.

I've made it one of my top choices and daily users.
  I bought one of these..., December 11, 2011
I bought one of these on eBay years ago and did not know it was called the Penmanship. I always referred to it as my "eared" pen. :-) I love extra fine lines but like them to be dark and my nib not to be dry. This fits the bill, and for an amazingly cheap price.

I love the "waist" on the pen too, otherwise called the shaped grip. The ears keep it from rolling off a desk, and the tiny cap seals out the air very well, so the pen stays wet. I don't know why I don't use this pen more. It is fabulous for writing on calendars or in datebooks or on any porous paper that won't handle a wet or vintage nib. The black and red minimalist look is very cool too.

I am coming back for a clear one for my spouse, who loves very fine black lines.
  The only incompatibility..., September 6, 2011
By the...
The only incompatibility I found with this pen is that it is uncomfortable for me to hold. My normal grip has the distance between my thumb and index finger and the nib tip measuring about 0.75 inches. The ergo grip of this pen increases that distance to more than 1 inch, which changes the dynamic of my writing (not for the better). I compensate by positioning my hand lower down at the very bottom of the ergo area where the plastic flanges out, which is not where my fingers are supposed to be, and my middle finger ends up being very sore after less than 5 minutes of writing. As a result, I won't be using it as often and for as long as I'd like to.

It's too bad because I really like the XF nib and inkflow, which I have had no issues with. Depending on where you like to position your fingers though, the ergo grip may or may not work for you.

P.S. Jet Pens' service was awesome!
  The design is great,..., February 25, 2011
By lyn...
The design is great, but the function is lacking. I find this pen to be very fussy and would not recommend it. Half the time, it won't write at all and the other half, it barely produces a line. I am always taking it apart to clean the nib, which helps a bit. I ended up buying a Lamy Safari, extra-fine nib, which is a better fountain pen by far!
  This pen is not for lefties...., February 14, 2011
By ico...
This pen is not for lefties. Being ambidextrous, I was able to test it with both hands. From the left side the ergo grip doesn't hold the pen at quite the right angle for the best writing. It's more scratchy and less ink seems to flow.

From the right hand, its great -- incredibly fine tip and very smooth for such a low price.
  This Pilot PenManShip..., January 9, 2011
This Pilot PenManShip is Awesome! The lines it produces are extremely thin which is a good thing for me. It is scratchy at first but after the ink starts flowing, it will write really smooth. Overall it's a great fountain pen for taking notes or just everyday writing and the best part is the price. It's really cheap although dont let that throw you off, the pen is cool, above average writing, and its got style (thats the best part).
  Love this pen :D. It..., December 30, 2010
By spe...
Love this pen :D. It looks better in person, writes smoothly and produces very fine lines. I also have the clear bodied version but this black version writes better for some reason.
  The ink of this pen isn't..., December 4, 2010
By abl...
The ink of this pen isn't very black if you are writing lightly. the pen is quite small as well, but it is an overall great pen.
  This is the finest point..., September 25, 2010
This is the finest point pen that I've ever used. Ink flow is good considering the super thin line that the pen produces. Not very scratchy and the price is a bargain.
  Pros: price, very fine..., September 4, 2010
By Dan...
Pros: price, very fine tip, refillable, screw-on cap
Cons: ergo grip (unless you like these), may write dry depending on which ink you use, and no clip

I've had a chance to use Noodler's blue-black and bulletproof black with this pen and both worked great, but I do notice that the blue-black does flow much faster (in other pens as well). The tip is exactly what I would expect for an extra-fine from a Japanese manufacturer; a very clean line which is perfect for details. I've had minimal problems with scratchiness but do see it if writing with the nib on a pivot. I'm not crazy about ergo grips, but because of the benefit of price, nib, screw-on cap and converter, I am ordering more of these to experiment with different inks. Knock on wood, but no leaks so far.
  I write in Japanese often..., July 17, 2010
By oni...
I write in Japanese often and this pen works exceedingly well for writing complex Kanji without the character looking overly large for the composition. If you ever need a fountain pen to use effortlessly while writing Chinese characters, this is that pen.
  I've been drawing with..., July 12, 2010
By nimr0d
I've been drawing with a Rotring Artpen with an F nib, but the line is really thicker than I want. I was considering an Artpen with an EF nib or a Platinum Carbon when I found this little gem. It's very inexpensive, draws and writes very smoothly, feels comfortable in my hand, and makes a much finer line than the Artpen with the F nib. With the Con-50 converter, I can use the ink of my choice, and I get a line as fine as a Rapidograph 00. I may have to order another one of these.
  Received this pen and..., May 9, 2010
Received this pen and immediately checked it out. Love it. It writes very smoothly and I have no problems with scratching or dragging. Will get more of these with different color inks. Enjoy it. I love fountain pens and have had my share of duds so I am very glad that the four pens that I have purchased so far have been great.
  this is the first fountain..., February 18, 2010
this is the first fountain pen i have ever used in my life i love this pen so much (never going back to any other kind again) so i dont know much about fountain pens anyone know good ink or if i should even get a converter for it oh and the only trouble i have with it is that sometimes when i write with it some of the ink comes out of the little plit in the nib it usually goes away after a while o being stored nib up but any reason why this might happen and if it is bad for the pen apreciate any help P.S. sorry about the bad spelling
  Performance and beauty..., February 14, 2010
By Roy...
Performance and beauty for under eight bucks. Its kissing cousin, the transparent body Penmanship, is also a thing of wonder. I'm tempted to buy the converter (thanks for the tip confirming compatibility) and stave off buying another fountain pen. Ever.
  I wanted to add that..., November 7, 2009
I wanted to add that this pen, on top of being REALLY comfy to write with and having an EXCELLENT tip (the same as the MUCH more expensive Prera) works very well with the CON-50 converter.

This pen plus a CON-50 AND 2 bottles of Noodler's Eternal can cost less than a SINGLE Prera ($40 vs $42) and give just as good a line and performance. I load my CON-50 with Noodler's Heart of Darkness and it works so well. If you are kind of hesitant about fountain pens in general and need an easy to use and very excellent pen to get started on, get the Penmanship Package (CON-50, any 2 bottles of Noodler's @$12.50 ea) and then check them out.

I went ahead and got the Prera anyways (^_^)/
  This is a good quality..., October 8, 2009
This is a good quality pen for the price. The pen is light and its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use. I was surprised at how fine the nib was but it's great for tiny writing and when you don't want the ink to bleed through the page. Please restock!
  The stylish and sleek..., July 3, 2009
The stylish and sleek design as well as its affordable price was what got me to purchasing this fountain pen. After my travels in France and testing out a myriad of different fountain pens, this one isn't too bad, but it's not too good either, at least to write with on a daily basis. It's quite scratchy on paper and is not very smooth but at $7.50 price it's a good buy, especially with the extra fine nib which can be useful when writing in asian characters ! (
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  I ordered a black pen..., September 13, 2013
By sun...
I ordered a black pen after getting a clear one..the clear penmanship was/is great...however, the black model arrived with a cracked barrel. How disappointing. I hope it is just an abberation. The clear pen also seemed to be of a higher grade of seemed flimsy in comparison. Well let's see if JetPens provides me a replacement....I've grown somewhat tired of JetPens lack of customer are there any humans working at JetPens or just the automaton Elizabeth? In fact I've grown tired of Internet shopping altogether...oh well...

I wish I lived in a real city where there were actual stationary stores and you could go and test a pen or at least look at it in person....South Florida is sorely lacking in anything approaching a real stationary in NY, Chicago, LA or SF..and any other US city that has over 100 years in existence...have to move back to Brooklyn...(: in the digital age sometimes sucks.
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  If you are looking for..., February 17, 2011
By cin...
If you are looking for a cheap, worth the buck fountain pen that produces thin, fine lines, look no more!! The Penmanship should make you very happy. However do not expect an exceptionally smooth nib, or a wet line, cause this pen is inevitably a bit scratchy and the nib is a bit dry.

Right now the only problem I have with this pen is that it cannot produce a horizontal line from left to right without fading to almost nothing - I hope it is not because of my receiving a defective unit. Otherwise this pen has been good enough for the money. I am glad overall that I purchased it.
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  One of the ... Sorry,..., December 5, 2009
One of the ... Sorry, The best pen out there. ( Agree, Carbon, & Sailor are comparable.)
Try to refill Pilot petit after removing cartridge and ink into barrel... the genius pilot design is made SO THAT air compression and decompression of Petit WILL expell ink out... so that we'll have to BUY more cartridges. (Refill the cartridge itself!!) The screw on Penmanship eliminates this pressure jump problem... After the cartridge is over... You can use the whole reservoir without CARTRIDGE. Writes amazing. NO LEAK. If by mistake yours leaks, use shrink-wrap plastic as sealant. Enjoy 50 pages of refill free writing.
All you Pen-O-philes... get a Maltesear cobalt nail-file and file the tips (not too much) to the perfect precisions and smoothness!!!
God Day Good Luck...!!