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April 4, 2014
Really helps to promote...
Verified Purchase
Really helps to promote good writing grip. It's also very scratchy (obviously cause it's extra-fine nib), so if that's what you like, then this should be perfect. Only reason I'm giving it a 4/5 is because the ink seems to leak. If I move it abruptly in any direction, the pen flings tiny droplets of ink.

December 26, 2013
This pen is wonderful!...
Verified Purchase
This pen is wonderful! The fine nib is perfect for journaling. One thing I like is the Pilot Con-20 converter holds a good amount of ink and when firmly seated in the pen adds a very slight amount of weight. The grip does take some adjustment but over all the quality of this pen is quite astounding, especially for the price.

September 19, 2013
I wish it had a clip,...
Verified Purchase
I wish it had a clip, instead of the weird twist-off cap. However the cap does stay put if you put it on the back of the pen while you're writing.

An ACTUALLY FINE nib! I'd say it rivals Slicci or Hi-Tec-C 0.3-0.4mm lines - very precise.
At times it can get scratchy, but I've found that that only happens if I'm running low on ink (not empty, just low), and if I switch out the cartridge it resolves. This is kind of a waste of ink, but the cartridges are cheap enough and the pen uses so little ink that it's not economically prohibitive. I've been able to go ~a week on each cartridge, using this as my primary pen (I work in a hospital where we still use paper records, so I usually fill up at least 6 full A4 pages daily)

August 23, 2013
A wonderful pen! It is...
Verified Purchase
A wonderful pen! It is extra fine, yet it feels very, very smooth on my Rhodia and Leuchturm notebooks. The cap easily posts to the tip securely. And the cap is a screw-on! I highly recommend this pen.

I have read on a blog that the nib in the Penmanship can be put into the Pilot Metropolitan. I'm thinking of giving it a try.

August 2, 2013
Along with Sailor and...
Verified Purchase
Along with Sailor and Platinum's desk pens, this is one of the finest nibs you can find below about ~$120 or without getting a special grind by a nibmeister. It is remarkably smooth for the price point and teensy tiny size of the nib. It's not as smooth as my Mottishaw xxxf, but it's by no means scratchy.
I'm not fond of the ergonomic grip, but it is interchangeable with other lower-end Pilot pens like the Metropolitan, 78G, Plumix, and my favorite, the Prera. The only real problem with this pen is that the tip is so small if you remove the nib and feed for cleaning it's very difficult to place it back on the body in the proper position. If you put this nib in another body without the tripod grip section this is not an issue. Overall I can wholeheartedly recommend this pen.

July 24, 2013
Perfect. Cheap, reliable,...
Verified Purchase
Perfect. Cheap, reliable, works, feels great in my hand.

July 17, 2013
The nib is nothing short...
Verified Purchase
The nib is nothing short of perfect. I just wish it wasn't so aesthetically challenged.

July 3, 2013
I have to say that I...
Verified Purchase
I have to say that I love this pen. Especially since I replaced the ink in the cartridge with that Carbon Ink. It is easy to hold, it writes very well, doesn't snag the paper which is awesome considering how fine the point is. Since I replaced the ink I've been using it all the time.

I also like the fact that it will slip into the ring binding on my notebook and doesn't fall through because of the red things sticking out of the lid... but also doesn't have a clip on it that makes it hard to pull out of the notebook when I need to use it, nor does it snag or pull on the rings. I know it's a stupid little design feature, but I like it!

The body shape does require you hold the pen one specific way, but that way will improve your penmanship. I know my handwriting is better when I use this pen because I'm not contorting my hands when I hold the pen.

The ink in the cartridge that came with the pen I think is junk. I used it up then refilled it with Carbon Ink and now it's perfect.


June 12, 2013
I am very picky with...
Verified Purchase
I am very picky with my stationary, especially pens. Ordered this one just for fun. Boy, it was a surprise. It turned out to be the best extra-fine nib pen ever. It has almost no weight in my hand, which makes me to write more. It writes smoothly and consistently. With this price, I highly, highly recommend this pen to all.

May 7, 2013
I am truly impressed...
Verified Purchase
I am truly impressed by this pen. It is so cheap, but it is much, much better than that $150 Cross pen I was using. I like its light weight so that I can concentrate on writing. It becomes my daily pen now. In the meantime, I am ordering one more for a back-up pen.