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June 12, 2013
I am very picky with...
Verified Purchase
I am very picky with my stationary, especially pens. Ordered this one just for fun. Boy, it was a surprise. It turned out to be the best extra-fine nib pen ever. It has almost no weight in my hand, which makes me to write more. It writes smoothly and consistently. With this price, I highly, highly recommend this pen to all.

May 7, 2013
I am truly impressed...
Verified Purchase
I am truly impressed by this pen. It is so cheap, but it is much, much better than that $150 Cross pen I was using. I like its light weight so that I can concentrate on writing. It becomes my daily pen now. In the meantime, I am ordering one more for a back-up pen.

April 9, 2013
This pen is super awesome....
Verified Purchase
This pen is super awesome. It's cheap so I can buy a lot without feeling guilty. The line quality is fine and smooth. The grip is firm and fits my tiny hand. I've got a lot of compliments on the sleek design. Plus it's great for writing in Japanese, lettering, or drawing!

Now for the downside, it might be kinda small if you have big hand. Not good for lefties (verify by my lefty friend). Converters are pricey. And it takes sometimes to break in. It'll be scratchy and not so smooth at first. Just give it a little time and it will write smoothly!

I like it so much I bought 6 of these. I'm thinking of getting one for my sister and my best friend too!

November 22, 2012
Buyers should be aware...
Buyers should be aware that all fountain pens take a page or two of writing before it writes completely smoothly and has totally smooth ink flow.
The simplest way to get the pen moving again if it's gotten a little dry by not writing with it at all for 30 min to one hour (depending on the humidity and brand of ink used) is to open your ink bottle, even if you're using a cartridge, and simply dipping the tip of the pen in the ink for about 10 sec. If it's still skipping by not getting a steady flow of ink, then use the nails of your thumb and middle finger to gently scrape off any paper fibers that could be damming up the ink flow. This only happens when writing on cheap'o paper, like most of us do, such as regular notebook paper or the cheap stuff used in copying machines and the paper most of us use in our printers at home.
Even pens with an extra fine nib write flawlessly on vellum or paper with a high rag content. This pen will write nearly flawlessly on the cheap stuff. It is that good. I was given one by my brother last Christmas with a fine nib, but I want one with an extra fine nib. Otherwise I usually use a 3x0 drafting pen. I write extremely small and I am always writing organic chemical reactions or writing quantum mechanics. A writing instrument that puts out a very fine line is very important in my work.

October 18, 2012
It is my 3rd kind of...
Verified Purchase
It is my 3rd kind of fountain pens, I never ordered from this site before and was pleased with it, I will be ordering much more from now on.
About the Pen:
There's not much I can say, other than that is a relatively well made pen. It is plastic so it scratches easily. I also worry about the screwing parts, since they made of plastic I worry about over turning it and breaking it. The delivery was very quick 2-3 days, to US (Florida). Nice stylish pen, writes very thin and fine lines. I've also ordered a converter that was mentioned above, it is very helpful! Ink I'm using is "waterman-serenity blue" very nice color, if you slightly mix it with "waterman- audacious red" it gives your purplish color!

August 22, 2012
This pen is amazingly...
Verified Purchase
This pen is amazingly fine and amazingly smooth for how fine it is -- and cheap. I have no idea how Pilot does it. Reviews that downgrade this pen indicate to me that every now and then there's a lemon. In my opinion it would be worth taking a chance on having to sending it back for exchange.

July 11, 2012
LOVE IT!! If you love...
Verified Purchase
LOVE IT!! If you love fountain pens, and love an extra fine line then this is the pen for you!!!!!!! As usual, my Jet Pens order arrived on the third business day!!!!!! It always seems that I place an order, turn around and there it is!!
Oddly enough the line quality of this pen (and the clear body which I also purchased) is like the Pilot Hi-Tec-C 0.25. Seems like I'm always happy with a Pilot product.
This pen started up right out of the box (not really a box). It writes a smooth skip-free line.
I use this pen and my other fountain pen for drawing/sketching so they have to be able to make a line with all stroke directions - side to side, up or the usual down stroke.
Additional note for lefties:
I am ambidextrous, albeit right hand dominant. So, though I use most fine-point pens with my right hand I checked the writability of this pen with my left hand and it worked just fine.

May 31, 2012
Writes a *very* fine...
Writes a *very* fine line, which I love, just a hair thicker than my .3mm ballpoint. After flossing with a nylon quilting thread, it lays down a consistent line with Private Reserve Tanzanite. It has a little bit of a scratchy feel, but maybe that's because the nib is so fine. I use a con-50 converter in it. I wish I'd gotten the clear instead, so I could convert it to an eyedropper and see when I need ink. Maybe I'll have to buy one of those now.....

April 7, 2012
This was my very first...
This was my very first fountain pen, and so it holds a bit of special place. That being said it is really a great pen, it has the finest line, if not a bit on the scratchy sound when writing. But the sound has no bearing on how well it writes, the line is extra fine and consistent as well. I bought this pen with the squeeze type converter, and I must say that it works really well. I also love that fact that it has the ergonomic grip so you have to write with the proper grip. I also like that the cap is a twist on one. I will say that it is meant more to be a desk pen, as it doesn't have a clip, which in my book would have made it even better. But not enough for me to knock off a star. All in all a great pen to start off your fountain pen collection.

March 5, 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed...
Verified Purchase
I thoroughly enjoyed using this pen as my daily writer. I used it with both Pilot cartridges and the corresponding converter. It has an extra fine nib, and produces an extremely fine line. In fact, it writes a finer line than any other EF nib I have used. The pen writes relatively smooth considering how fine it writes. It is not incorrect to say that it is "scratchy" but that comes with the territory with such a fine nib. I find that it even writes well on cheap notebooks and the like, though occasionally paper fibers can get caught in the nib.

I carried mine in my pocket for months, and eventually it broke because of that. The plastic body isn't made to hold up forever. If you are more careful with it, you could get much more use out of it. Overall, considering the price, this pen is a great value!