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16 out of 16 people found the following review helpful
  Excellent pen, and I'm..., May 25, 2011
Excellent pen, and I'm glad I bought it from JetPens three weeks ago. I've been using Pelikan Royal Blue ink in it, with the CON-50 converter, and everything works great. The converter seats well, and there is no leaking. The grip is very comfortable for those who hold their pen the right way (as taught in school). Most important, the nib writes an extremely fine, clean line remarkably smoothly for a needle-point -- consistent ink flow, no skips in the line, and no problems laying down ink from the first stroke even when the pen has been sitting a few days unused. I like that the cap posts; unposted, it is hard to spot on my desk because it is small and transparent. I like the slightly purple-tinted, clear plastic -- pretty, and it lets me see how much ink is in the converter. With the very fine line and large capacity of the converter, one filling from the ink well writes a long time. This pen is a very good deal! I am thinking of buying more.
15 out of 15 people found the following review helpful
  Sorry, forgot to add..., May 25, 2011
Sorry, forgot to add that other reviewers were right: this pen may need a brief breaking-in period before it writes smoothly (as is true of many fountain pens). Initially, I thought the pen wrote a bit dry and scratchy. I put it aside. Wrote a few more times a few days later. After writing the equivalent of a page over several days, I suddenly realized the pen was feeling very good to use -- it was writing very smoothly! My point is, don't judge any new fountain pen too quickly.
9 out of 9 people found the following review helpful
  I loooooove this pen!..., June 9, 2009
By sandi
I loooooove this pen! It is very comfortable - not too thick or thin. I love the fine tip, it is superfine but is also smooth - doesn't skip or snag. I like it better than the V-pen fine point or the Platinum fountain pens. It is really solid construction too and I love the screw-on cap which really stays on. I am definitely going to buy more of these.
5 out of 5 people found the following review helpful
  I've always had trouble..., August 31, 2012
I've always had trouble with fountain pens laying down too much ink resulting in bleeding and feathering. Not the case with this extra fine nib. It write well even on cheap notebook paper. However, it really shines on higher quality paper. The pen is decent enough. The construction is fairly solid. It's about the same as the Plumix and I've been using that for a few years now without issue. The pen is somewhat irrelevant for me though. What I really wanted was the nib. I get what looks to be about a 0.4mm line width compared to how my 0.4mm Zebra Sarasa. Works great to use as a nib swap for a nicer pen such as the Prera.
5 out of 5 people found the following review helpful
  I love this pen!!!! After..., May 25, 2011
By cho...
I love this pen!!!! After reading the reviews, I was a little hesitant to buy it, but I am so glad I did! The extra fine nib is wonderful to work with, the ink flow is perfectly even, and very little to no scratchiness, even on notebook paper. I am left handed and the grip doesn't bother me at all. This is my favorite fountain pen of all time; I think I will buy another.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  Iam avowed fountain pen..., September 25, 2012
Iam avowed fountain pen junkie. A ex trashed my favorite one years ago and I've been looking for a replacement ever since while months ago at a local store I found a pilot plumix I was unable to find ink for it so I sadly tossed it. Then I found and rebought that pen as well as this one.

I LOVE IT! I've only had to start writing and with in seconds and it writes beautifully it doesn't skip and the ink flow is excellent as well I would highly recommend it to anyone!
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  After reading all the..., January 19, 2010
By ton...
After reading all the great reviews I thought I would buy this as an all-purpose pen. It's really pretty (except for when ink splats on the cap) and the nib looks so elegant. It writes SO fine and seems to variate on its own (like insta caligraphy!) but sometimes the line is too thin, meaning I can barely see it and gets scratchy! It takes a long time to reboot after being stored. When you first start writing it skips and stops and makes super thin lines mixed with much thicker lines. After a while, it gets back to normal and has a really delicate variation of lines and writes really cleanly, turning into the perfect pen I've been hearing about. It is prone to splattering ink when handled too roughly so take care! Overall a nice fountain pen for the price!
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  A joy to use. If this..., February 27, 2014
By bob...
A joy to use. If this pen had been available in the 1930s, the ballpoint would never have been invented. It writes so smoothly, you'd think you were writing on wet glass. I measured the line width (on Rhodia paper) using a pocket microscope, and it's 0.22mm. This puts it in the same league as the finest rollerballs, like the Slicci or the Hi-Tec C. It never skips, and yet I can rest it point down on a piece of paper and no ink blob forms. It has only happened twice that the nib dried out overnight, and all I had to do was touch it to a wet paper towel to get it going.

The only negatives are that the pen looks cheap (although it is actually fairly sturdy), it has no pocket clip, and that the grip keeps my fingers a little too far from the point for my liking. But those are minor quibbles compared to how well it performs. For eight bucks, it's a steal.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  For drawing/sketching..., January 18, 2014
By nph...
For drawing/sketching very fine lines/details, this pen would be great. As many reviewers have indicated, the nib can be quite scratchy -- especially if you're not holding the pen at a particular angle. I suspect that the scratchiness might go away with use over time.

For everyday writing, I would NOT recommend this pen. I grew up writing with fountain pens -- all either Japanese or Chinese made -- and have always preferred a fine/extra fine nib on my fountain pens. The Pilot Penmanship has a needle-point thinness. As some other reviewers, I've never come across a nib this fine. Being that fine, writing with it is challenging as it is very scratchy unless one writes slowly. I prefer a wetter -- and especially, smoother -- line that what I've seen so far with this pen. As for smoothness, the Fine Nib Platinum Preppy is far smoother. (To produce a finer line, I write with the nib upside down). The other advantage of the Preppy is that you can vary the thickness of the line as well by rotating the barrel slightly.

One last thing, I also did not find the triangular grip on the Penmanship very helpful. I've always gripped pens the way one's supposed to. But I find the indented grip of the Penmanship makes the grip diameter too small for comfort.

I hope that helps someone trying to research for a suitable pen -- like I have :). Good luck with your search!
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  LOVE IT!! Great price! I..., July 11, 2012
By les...
Great price!
I bought the black one also. Both are great and write a superfine skip-free line.
I think that I should stock up on a them.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  I have yet to find another..., March 31, 2012
I have yet to find another fountain pen that writes as thin a line as this pen (I'm not saying there isn't one, and my search has not been exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination). Maybe its my fault that I write too small, but this pen works great for me. Be sure to fill it with a fairly dark ink, since it writes so thin, you won't hardly be able to see any light colored inks.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  I really like this pen:..., March 31, 2012
I really like this pen: great value for the money. The extra fine may seem scratchy, but that's not aytpical for extra fine nibs, especially since this one is stainless steel. My one issue is the ink seems to spatter from the nib into the cap. Perhaps that's typical of all pens, but it's really noticeable in a clear pen like this.

1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Love this pen. Writes..., March 22, 2012
By Jan...
Love this pen. Writes smooth and is very fine
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  This pen is great. I..., February 26, 2012
By Jan...
This pen is great. I love a very fine line in my writing and this pen has it. The purple ink is very beautiful and the pen writes extremely smoothly. I am left handed and the pen fits my hand perfectly.
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  I simply love this pen!..., January 31, 2012
By win...
I simply love this pen! I have very small handwriting and have searched for years for such a fine nib. I settled for pigma pens and gel pens, and used other fountain pens upside down, but longed for a fountain pen's expressive ink flow. Finally found it- love at first stroke! The clear body pens write better than the black body pens for some odd reason. And The CON-50 converter is ok, but I found the nib too fine for the CON-20 to be able to draw in enough ink. In the end, because I use it daily, I stick to the proprietary ink cartridges and save my other thicker tipped nib pens to indulge in ink variety.

Only minor flaws to note: the screw top, which disrupts quick jotting of ideas or pictures. And if you drop the pen, the ink drops will show inside the clear cap. But these are minor things in a pen I enjoy using very much.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Very nice pen. I use..., January 6, 2012
Very nice pen. I use this pen every day I have many vintage pens but I grab this one. I love the ergonomic design of the barrel. And with a little pressure the nib does give a little flex. Over all the pen is good for everyday writing and the nib is so fine that I can even do some of my crosshatching work with it. Very nice pen worth 9 dollars
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  This pen has its faults...., December 14, 2011
By arl...
This pen has its faults. Yet I keep coming back to it, because it's a cool and comfortable design.

The point is scratchy. One should expect a superfine nib to be scratchy, and this one is very, very fine. But my next finest pen, a Sailor HighAce Neo, is worlds smoother. It's also prone to skipping and slow starting when using a less-than-sturdy writing support, like a folder. I assume that's mainly due to the fineness as well, and it's flawless on a desk surface.

I get a lot of nib creep, to the point of having a few tiny ink spots in the cap. This isn't a real problem, but it's also not present on many other pens.

In any case, the shape is really as awesome as it seems it might be. The three-sided grip part is smooth and comfy (for a lefty, no less) and it's just an interesting pen. I'll be interested in how the black body compares, but IMHO this pen is worth the price.

1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Agree with the other..., December 5, 2011
By sch...
Agree with the other reviewers to allow this pen a breaking-in period. At first I hated it; it was scratchy with stingy and uneven ink flow. But after a few days of writing, deliberately applying writing pressure to flex the nib, and writing on scratch paper (maybe the rough tooth of the paper helped) it really smoothed out and opened up. It's now my favorite pen. It writes with a very consistent and fine line, it weighs next to nothing, and the triangular grip is very comfortable.
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  This pen is pretty scratchy..., December 5, 2011
This pen is pretty scratchy and I've been using mine for at least half a year now. Also converted into an eyedropper and tried Quink and a Waterman ink and both weren't as good as the stock cartridge. It does produce a nice fine line and I like the grip and design. All in all though, I prefer my Platinum Preppy.
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  This is a fantastic pen..., November 3, 2011
This is a fantastic pen for sketching and drawing. The ergonomics of it and the smooth flow of ink make it my favorite pen. It's replaced the place of my old rotring sketch EF, which use to be my default pen. I'm going to get the next knib up to see if I like it more for writing correspondence.
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  This pen was leaky and..., March 8, 2011
By s.s...
This pen was leaky and really crappy...I was excited to get it, but it was horribly made. I\'ve had better luck with the disposables or the Peppy (or is it Preppy?) pens. Not worth your $
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  This is one of my favorites...., October 5, 2010
By Roy...
This is one of my favorites. I've noted the same difference bewteen this and Penmanship with the black body: the two feel different, and the writing is scratchier. this should not make any difference, of course, since it's just the nib, but my experience jibes witheveryone else's.

I love this pen, and I love how others envy it ;). I think I'm going to convert one of my Penmanships, though a $20 kit for a $7 pen is a bit hard to stomach.
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  Excellent pen for the..., September 10, 2010
By gwe...
Excellent pen for the money! I find the "ergo grip" a little slippery in the clear plastic, at least compared to the similar grip on the matte black Lamy Safari (haven't compared it to the opaque Penmanship.) I like the slightly scratchy nature of this Extra Fine nib: it has more of a fountain pen feel than the wider Lamy Extra-Fine, meaning that it provides enough resistance that you can vary line width & darkness to a certain degree by varying pressure & speed in order to get a degree of a quill or calligraphy look. Otherwise, it writes a super-thin line, similar to a rollerball 0.3/0.25, at least when using Noodlers' Ink in a Pilot Con-50 converter.
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  1st of all, one must..., August 1, 2010
By nna...
1st of all, one must remember you\'re paying not much for this pen. This being said it is the thinnest nib I have ever encountered. Though plastic, it\'s a hard plastic with a solid construction. The ink has yet to chunk up - but I\'ve always used Pelikan ink in all my pens. I\'ve experienced no leaks (yet) like others and it\'s hung out in my purse being relatively abused and flopped around. It is so thin I did notice that it is a bit scratchy on most pieces of paper - but considering it\'s finer than my gel ink Pilot RT which is at .38MM, I can\'t complain. The ergonomic grip is the basic triangle grip on many other pens - you can check out if you like it. I\'m left handed and I find it very comfortable. Overall, for the price you can\'t beat what you\'re getting.
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  I recently got the black..., July 17, 2010
By nimr0d
I recently got the black Penmanship, and I liked it so much that I decided to get a clear one as well. While the transparent body with its internally molded facets is quite attractive, overall, I don't like this version of the Penmanship as well as the black.

First, the cap and body do not thread onto the grip as well-- this is something to do with the plastic. The parts are "draggy" and squeak when they are threaded together. I found this so annoying, I finally wiped a little silicone grease on the threads.

Second, the nib on this pen writes dryer (the black ink looks gray) and is more scratchy. This is a very fine nib, which I like, but the "writing feel" of this pen is distinctly different from the black version.

And finally, one reviewer mentioned a leak where the nib unit joins the grip-- I can see ink right on the verge of seeping out here on my pen. Of course, I can't say whether the black pen has this same problem, because the plastic isn't transparent. No ink has actually seeped out yet, but I've only been using the pen for a day.