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  I love this pen, with..., June 22, 2010
By kat...
I love this pen, with its extra fine nib, especially on very smooth, high quality paper. Unfortunately, mine has developed a persistent leak where the nib is inserted into the body. I'll order another, but I'm a little disappointed in the quality. Then again, I've crammed this pen into an over-stuffed bag and taken it on several flights, and it may not have been designed for that kind of abuse.
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  I like this pen for very..., May 31, 2010
I like this pen for very fine writing. It will scratch Moleskinne paper is definitely better suited to nicer, smoother papers. If you favor small, precise writing, it is a nice pen with the right paper.
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  I'm a bit disappointed..., May 12, 2010
By auz...
I'm a bit disappointed with it, the ergo grip is great but the fineness of the nib causes it to skip almost every time I write.
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  the best pen ever made...... ..., May 6, 2010
the best pen ever made......
ive just recived my 8th pen and i love it just as much as the 7 others, i find ways to use them every day, just fo feel them glide across the paper.
it is the smoothest pen i have ever used and combined with noodlers inks it is in a word sublime....
love it love it love it.
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  I like how fine this..., April 19, 2010
I like how fine this pen is and the way it feels when I hold it. The cap is a screw-cap but it lacks a clip. My major problem was the re-usable pilot cartridge converter works poorly with this pen. I will end up trying to refill the cartridge it already came with and reinserting it with the open side facing up to prevent spilling.
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  Save your money and get..., March 28, 2010
Save your money and get something like the pilot petit 1 or platinum preppy, they both cost wayyy less and write Much better. The design is ok, but the extra fine nib skips, ans is worse than writing with a tack. For the same price, a chinese made fountain pen will be more bang for the buck
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  Scratchy and dry! I suppose..., March 19, 2010
By pau...
Scratchy and dry! I suppose I got a bad one, based on the other good reviews here. I have both nice (Namiki vanishing point) and cheap (Sailor ink-bar) fountain pens, which are wonderful, but this Pilot Penmanship is the worst pen I have ever used. If I took a straight pin and dipped it in ink, it would still produce a more useful line than this pen.
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  bought and compared to..., February 15, 2010
bought and compared to the platinum preppy - sturdy and attractive body, the nib appears more flexible (pro) but feels more scratchy (con). i like that it is a dry writer with a fine and sturdy line - no feathering or smearing. However, i dislike that you have to tediously screw the cap on instead of just popping it back on when finished - so, if you are switching between pens you are more likely to leave it uncapped, and so its more likely to dry out and skip (ive had to dip the pen in water to get it going again). A good pen but not as dazzling as the preppies.
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  Thought I would try this..., September 25, 2009
Thought I would try this one just for fun though wasn't expecting much for the price.
What a wonderful surprise to find that it writes well. Thin, thin line and very trustworthy.
Doesn't skip. It's fun to write with and I find myself using it more and more. Very glad I bought it!
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  Of all the fountain pens..., August 29, 2009
Of all the fountain pens I own, this is my favorite.
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  very nice pen. it is..., August 13, 2009
very nice pen. it is extra fine nib, but you will get used to it soon. it makes me keep writing!!!
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  Just received the pen..., August 3, 2009
Just received the pen and love it so far. It is light. It is good looking. And it writes very well. The nib is extra fine. Hope pilot will release fine nib version soon.
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  Very nice fountain pen!..., July 8, 2009
Very nice fountain pen! My order took only a day to arrive! This pen color is the better option in my opinion because it is clear and allows you to tell when the ink it running out.
The nib is extremely fine- I compared it to another pen which was marked as a .005mm and this pen writes in an identical line width- So this pen would be great for detailed drawings!
thanks Jetpens!
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  Really love it. That..., April 13, 2009
Really love it. That extra extra fine tip is fantastic. Got the clear pen just a few days back. Came back to get 2-3 more. Really bummed to see the SOLD OUT.
PS: does it come in any other colors.
  Finally gave this a try,..., August 24, 2014
By zam...
Finally gave this a try, had it sitting around for a couple months. On my first write, it took a while for the ink to run through completely, a problem I didn't have with my Preppy and Plumix, those two flowed right away. That's not a big deal, it works and that's all that matters. It writes well, no skipping, nice spidery lines and saves a lot of ink. It is however, a bit scratchy. For the whole time i used it, it scratched, which is annoying but it never skipped or anything.
Overall, it's a nice little pen but should be a couple bucks cheaper. I recommend it though, good little lines come out of this.
  Amazing fountain pen!..., July 25, 2014
By emi...
Amazing fountain pen! Great value too. The clear body allows me to see clearly how much ink I have left and when I use colored ink, it lets me show it off a bit more ;)

For some users it might be scratchy because the nib is so pointy, but since I use it when I write Chinese characters and other journal entries, the precise nib is perfect.
  This fountain pen lays..., July 22, 2014
This fountain pen lays down the finest line I have ever seen made by a fountain pen. I love it! I was originally intending to make this into an eyedropper, but the threaded section is too short for me to be comfortable with that. It would likely leak everywhere.

But the cartridge it comes with is open enough that you can simply use an eyedropper or pipette to fill it with your own choice of bottled ink, no converter needed (except for flushing the pen clean).
  This pen is awesome!..., April 2, 2014
This pen is awesome! As expected, pilot's quality is superb. I have yet to purchase one of their pens and be disappointed. The nib never clogs. You don't have to worry about evaporating ink or ink spillage, due to the screw on cap. The extra fine tip is exactly as described. It is very fine! I love using this pen for detailing and fine work.
  I absolutely adore this..., March 26, 2014
By the...
I absolutely adore this pen. It has quickly become my standard writer.

The extra fine nib writes really smoothly, like a dream. Some people have mentioned it as being too fine--I suppose it depends on how tiny you write. I have small handwriting, and this pen allows me to compress it while still being perfectly legible and crisp. The line is smooth and consistent, with no variation. I've only experienced occasional scratchiness when I'm writing really fast. It's definitely not loud scratchiness, either. The nib is also easy to pop out and clean if necessary. Finally, ink lasts much longer in the Penmanship than it does in my Plumix, due to the extra fine nib. It makes it an ideal candidate for situations where you might have to work on cheap copy paper.

The body is light plastic. I love the clearness coupled with the Con-50 converter. You can really see how much ink you have left. The lightness is also a pro for me as I have small hands. The triangular grip is very comfortable, and I have had no trouble taking hours of lecture notes without any hand strain at all.

After trying out this pen and the Pilot Plumix, I have decided to get a Pilot Metropolitan to try out a medium nib. I would highly recommend this Penmanship to someone trying to decide if they want to get into fountain pens, though. It's half the cost of the Metropolitan, works great even on crappy paper, and you can always use it for nib swapping if you decide you want to continue in the hobby.
  This is an absolutely..., March 3, 2014
This is an absolutely amazing pen. By FAR the thinnest line of any of my pens - exquisite! Good ink flow (I am using Noodlers Black Eel and now Diamine Burnt Sienna). Super nice pen.

Some people don't seem to care for the very small screw type cap, and maybe I am just used to this setup by now (which is the same in the Plumix), but I think it adds to the distinctiveness of this pen.

However, I also have several Pilot Metropolitan pens, and as you may know, they are ONLY available with a medium nib. But the Metropolitan, the Penmanship and the Plumix share the same size nibs, so I turned my Penmanship into a donor pen for my Metropolitan (and of course, planted the M nib from the Metro on the Penmanship).

Awesome product.

  At first its a bit scratchy..., January 8, 2014
At first its a bit scratchy and I thought I was one of the ones who got a crappy pens. BUT, I cleaned it thoroughly and took the nib out, air dried everything. Reloaded it up, and Wow! It works. All it took was a good clean, and I works very well. It writes smooth now and the ink doesn't clog. The EF is truely an extra fine. I am considering getting another one. It
  the pen itself was of..., November 23, 2013
the pen itself was of good quality, however the nib seemed too thin for my personal preference.
this pen is good if you want to write small and squeeze in letters or if you want to draw in details in a drawing.
  Okay, I just got my Pilot..., November 14, 2013
Okay, I just got my Pilot Penmanship and after using it for some notes today, well let's just say this pen is reporting for heavy duty. I am going to have to buy a couple more simply to put some other inks in it for visual notetaking purposes. Yes, I still love my Hi-Tec-C Coleto and Uni-Ball Signo UM-138 and UM-131 0.4 mm, but for an inexpensive fountain pen, well, this definitely works.
I will see what happens when I put in the converter and use my Herbin and Diamine inks, but as for now, this is a great entry level pen...or for me, a great daily pen without the nervousness of losing an expensive pen or one of my students (I have an increasing number of pen geeks around me) deciding to "find" my pen.
  I love fountain pens..., October 31, 2013
By gre...
I love fountain pens that write with a very very fine line that to me is very beautiful. I've discovered that other brands have so-called EF (extra fine) nibs that are what most people would consider a medium (M) line. This brand's EF produce what to me is a truly extra fine line. EF lines are great for making notations in a manuscript. You fit so much more into a margin - and it's all legible. To me, the EF line also is so much more elegant than a thick line - but I know that's a matter of personal preference. However, another benefit to EF line fountain pens is that your ink lasts longer - you are using so much less of it! I have 5 of these Pilot fountain pens that I use with various ink colors. I purchased the accompanying converter for each and can refill my pens with my fave premium inks. These are probably my fave writing pens. I like my Pelikan (my most costly pen) but its "fine" line is (see above).
  I'm so happy with this..., September 9, 2013
I'm so happy with this pen! I got the EF and it is truly the finest line of ant FP Ive used. Not that Im a FP afecionado. I use the pen for sketching in a journal and I was pretty unhappy with the EF version of the Lamy Safari. Not having done sufficient research on the differences between European nibs and Japanese I learned EF in Germany is like Medium in Japan..but EF in Japan is like a crow quill nib dip pen! Really fine, just what I wanted.
I've had the pen for 3 hours so can't report on the durability but for starters I installed the sample cartridge and it wrote beautifully immediately. Perfect, no skipping, botching, etc., Ive only tested it on good Bristol so far but I'm pretty sure the ink in the Pilot cartridge will perform well on lesser paper. no bleeding, feathering so far. Dries really fast.
For this price?..I'm amazed. Ordering a few more.

Read other reviews here about scratchy nib..well, the is definately feed back from the nib but, it's still very smooth, writes perfect in all directions..punching, pulling, sideways..I'm use to dip pens so scratchiness is not an issue for me. In fact Infeel that you get better control with the scratchiness and that is perfect for drawing, inking lines.
Totally recommend this pen.