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  The Pilot Penmanship..., August 31, 2013
The Pilot Penmanship writes a scratchy line. I don't like it nearly as much as the Pilot Preppy pens. I've tried several types of paper but the Penmanship writes too scratchy on all of them.
  This pen is basically..., August 24, 2013
By v_d...
This pen is basically the pilot plumix but with an extra fine nib instead of a medium one. The ergonomic grip is pleasant and smooth. My only complaint is that the nib is so fine that it is a bit scratchy when writing on paper.
  Along with Sailor and..., August 2, 2013
By kad...
Along with Sailor and Platinum's desk pens, this is one of the finest nibs you can find below about ~$120 or without getting a special grind by a nibmeister. It is remarkably smooth for the price point and teensy tiny size of the nib. It's not as smooth as my Mottishaw xxxf, but it's by no means scratchy.
I'm not fond of the ergonomic grip, but it is interchangeable with other lower-end Pilot pens like the Metropolitan, 78G, Plumix, and my favorite, the Prera. The only real problem with this pen is that the tip is so small if you remove the nib and feed for cleaning it's very difficult to place it back on the body in the proper position. If you put this nib in another body without the tripod grip section this is not an issue. Overall I can wholeheartedly recommend this pen.
  I use this everyday for..., July 29, 2013
By aco...
I use this everyday for taking notes (an everyday pen if you will) with nary a hiccup. I like that it has a clear body, so I can monitor the ink levels. I actually find myself writing more beautifully when I am using a fountain pen, than when I am using the good ol bic blue. I have to make a makeshift stand for this though, as it rolls off when it is capless.
  Oh my goodness, I can't..., June 7, 2013
By rahsyk
Oh my goodness, I can't believe how much I love this pen! I'm just starting to get into fountain pens and this was recommended as a nice starter. I bought it and put the Pilot purple ink cartridges in it because I thought that would be fun. I had originally thought to have it around to take notes. As an artist, I couldn't resist trying out some pen doodles with it. I was shocked at how smooth and neat the lines were. Such a lovely fine point and even flow. As soon as I'm able, I'm going to buy another to load black ink into and make it into my new sketching and inking pen. I'm very happy I bought this amazing pen. And for a great price, too!
  Absolutely amazing pen!..., May 24, 2013
By dea...
Absolutely amazing pen! I was a little skeptical at first, considering the cheap price of it compared to many other pricier models, but after reading many positive reviews, I decided to take the plunge, and was not disappointed! It writes superbly and the ink flows smoothly. I wrote an entire page with absolutely no ink skipping so far. Some have commented that it's scratchy at first and needs some time to 'break in', but I felt that it was only slight scratchy and it wasn't much of a problem for me. The design of it is also very nice, the clear barrel looks delicate yet sturdy. The cap is also a nice touch, and it being a screw-on ensures that it won't fall off by accident leaving the nib to be damaged. I'm pleased that I got this pen, as it's going to be my everyday-pen from here on, and I'll definitely be investing in a few more for 'back up', along with ink cartridges.
  As many of you, I don't..., May 7, 2013
By fto...
As many of you, I don't write reviews. So, I guess I'm a bit excited about this pen to feel like writing one now. Possibly too soon since I just got it last night.

I was hesitant to get it at first because of some of the issues mentioned by others and also not expecting much of it because of its cheap price/appearance. But because I've been searching for that EF nib that would lay thinner lines than the Germans' EF, I went for it with a "It-wouldn't happen-to-me" confidence.

I inserted the cartridge that came with it without paying attention to their instruction that recommended inserting it with the nib pointing up. What the heck! What difference would it make? I don't know if it made a difference but the pen refused to work and after a while the idea of the occasional "lemon" that others had mentioned crossed my mind.

I restrained myself from using forceful methods to make it work. Not pressing down, bending of the nib, no blades and no pin tips on the channel for me. All those would have defeated the purpose of getting a nice EF.

But I did the following and worked: I placed the nib under the running faucet to get the mantle(?) wet. I guess dipping the nib in water would had worked as well. Then I rubbed the channel side of the nib against a paper towel/napkin to absorb the water and in the process pull the ink in by capillary action. I kept touching it until the ink started to stain the napkin. After that, and after scribing a little, the ink went full strength and this pen has ben delightful. Amazing.

Together with it, I also bought a Tachikawa fine nib -which recommends inserting the cartridge upside down- and it turned out to lay lines even thinner than this Pilot Penmanship. I cannot imagine what their EF would do. But this one skips a bit. Maybe after some use it would get smother.

Essentially, I've found the EF nib that I wanted for drawing/sketching and at a great price.
  I really love this pen!..., May 6, 2013
I really love this pen! It writes very fine, but I had no problems with scratchiness for either of the instances I bought. I have not tried the ink that came with the pen though.
  I've had this for a few..., April 15, 2013
I've had this for a few months now. It writes pretty well, not that scratchy (though some scratch is to be expected for such a fine tip). It writes like my ballpoints and other pens. This was my first introduction to fountain pens, and I think it does pretty well. You get used to the grip, and I find that it is helpful. I had one leak in my pocket once, but I think that was my fault. Occasionally ink gathers in the cap, but that doesn't really happen too much after I stopped carrying it and kept it tip up.
  I just got my pens in..., March 13, 2013
By Kri...
I just got my pens in today......Love them....especially the clear one with the extra fine nib. I have a feeling I have found another favorite pen.
Thanks for the fast shipping. Sometimes it is just nice to sign a card for someone with a real nice pen.
  I always keep my doubts..., February 25, 2013
I always keep my doubts on cheapper pens for a journal or daily use. Affortunatelly, I was wrong with this pen. Lighter, comfortable on hand, smooth on any paper, great ink flowing and very thin lines on the writing. His qualities makes this pen in a special category. Pilot brand always keeps people in mind. They do not sacrifice quality for price. And that is great.
  A great recent purchase..., January 2, 2013
A great recent purchase from JetPens. The pen feels nice in the hand and the grip is indeed very comfortable. The line is lovely and thin. To echo other reviewers I do think it needs a slight breaking-in period. Initially it wrote with a slight bite but after using it on and off for a few days is became very smooth. Personally, I like the cap design and it's size but it's not for everyone. I'm going to use this pen mainly in my work 2013 diary which has cheap paper but I've experienced no bleeding or feathering. I purchased a CON-50 to go along with this pen but I'm considering just converting to eyedropper. Definitely reccommended.
  I just got a couple of..., December 26, 2012
I just got a couple of the pilot penmanship pens. I purchased them based on other reviews. They are an excellent pen, however it depends on your use. I purchased these pens for highlighting and notes for Bible study. Bible paper is very thin and requires a very fine ink line without a lot of ink. These pens do put down more ink than the Bible paper can handle and the ink does bleed through. I found that the very fine Lamy Safari pen used with Pelikan ink works much better for my purposes. All this aside, the Pilot pens are an excellent pen and I will find other uses for them. I'm not sorry I got them, I was just disappointed that they didn't work out for my intended purpose.
  This pen is really, really..., November 28, 2012
This pen is really, really fun to use. It's my first fountain pen and the only fault it has is it isn't one of my smoother pens. That said they are supposed to wear in so it might be temporary.
  This pen is a wonderful..., November 8, 2012
This pen is a wonderful writer. Very, very thin line with great ink flow. And you can't beat the price!!
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  I had the same problem..., July 27, 2011
By ang...
I had the same problem as another person as the nib was too scratchy. Right now I can't even use it because the ink has clogged or the tip is bad.
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  I was a little disappointed...., June 2, 2011
By chaseg
I was a little disappointed. It feels a little cheap and the Nib is extremely scratchy. It writes OK on cheap-o printer paper, but forget about it in a journal or notebook. I'm going to convert it to an eye-dropper and use some Noodler's ink from the Eel line. I'm hoping this will help. For the price, I'd say buy 3 or 4 Preppys or Ink Bars. I'm switching back to the trusty Safari until I convert.
  Just got it today and..., March 27, 2010
Just got it today and not at all impressed. I bought this pen, the preppy and pilot petit. This pen is scratchy, the line is too light and it is messy. I should have paid more attention to the reviews but thought maybe I would give it a try...
  I have a broad range..., March 19, 2010
By s.s...
I have a broad range of pens from extremely inexpensive to high end...this pen writes terribly, is an exploding mess and writes worst then the disposable pens you can get from regular office supply stores...this pen looks good, but is bad, bad, bad.
  One of the ... Sorry,..., December 5, 2009
One of the ... Sorry, The best pen out there. ( Agree, Carbon, & Sailor are comparable.)
Try to refill Pilot petit after removing cartridge and ink into barrel... the genius pilot design is made SO THAT air compression and decompression of Petit WILL expell ink out... so that we'll have to BUY more cartridges. (Refill the cartridge itself!!) The screw on Penmanship eliminates this pressure jump problem... After the cartridge is over... You can use the whole reservoir without CARTRIDGE. Writes amazing. NO LEAK. If by mistake yours leaks, use shrink-wrap plastic as sealant. Enjoy 50 pages of refill free writing.
All you Pen-O-philes... get a Maltesear cobalt nail-file and file the tips (not too much) to the perfect precisions and smoothness!!!
God Day Good Luck...!!
  California to Virginia..., December 3, 2009
By fuzz
California to Virginia 3-7 day standard shipping arrived in 4 days, did not expect it to be so prompt, very pleased. Had a great time admiring the nib compared to the Plumix, extra fine is amazing in looks and writing. I've had the Plumix for about 2 weeks and am almost out of ink, penmanship shouldn't run dry as quickly but it'll last long enough for spare cartridges to be needed. It looks like these cartridges could be refilled fairly easily, but I don't have any experience there.

If you think you want it, get it. You'll be glad.
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  I got this pen recently..., November 29, 2009
I got this pen recently when I ordered some Noodler's Ink. I thought I'd give one of these a try since it was so reasonably priced for a fountain pen I could experiment with.

I have to say that I am totally amazed by it's quality, both the body of the pen and the extra-fine nib. I have never seen a nib that writes so fine a line. Now I can't wait until I empty this cartridge that came with the pen so that I can put some of the Noodler's Ink I bought in to try those colors out.

Thanks for offering such an excellent pen!
  I have been checking..., August 27, 2009
I have been checking out JetPens for a while, but never ordered anything until this week. The delivery was quick, especially since I’m on the other side of the country. This pen writes really nice. I love fine points but wow! It is super, extra fine! The pen is really lightweight and I like the grip. It’s very comfortable. I can’t wait to find more things to write so I can use my pen. I bought a converter to use with my bottle inks. I haven’t used it yet, but I can’t wait. The only thing I’m going to have to get used to is a screw on pen cap. Maybe to protect the extra fine nib? I don’t know, but I like this fountain pen a lot, and I have tons of fountain pens!
  This is the first fountain..., June 30, 2009
This is the first fountain pen that I could stick in my pony tail. It writes well and I can use it as a hair stick too.

I just wish that it came in more colors!!!!! So that I can have one to match every outfit.
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  This pen was worth waiting..., June 10, 2009
This pen was worth waiting for! Only problem was I enjoyed writing so much...I ran out of ink in a week! The clear body is so cool; it is comfortable; and I really like the extra fine nib (I did not think I would, being extra fine and all). Definately worth the price. Now where are those refills??????