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August 14, 2011
Nice color, dries quickly...
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Nice color, dries quickly on most papers, doesn\'t feather... what more can you say? I guess they are a little overpriced.

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January 16, 2013
These refills are great!...
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These refills are great! Like the previous reviewer said, they dry very quickly.

The blue-black color is an amazing color because it distinguishes itself from boring black, so you can subtly color-code your notes. However, it is still formal enough to not look strange like regular blue (or maybe this is just my personal opinion).

I must gripe about one thing, and that it doesn't last very long, especially in the fountain pen. I found that the ink flows out richly and beautifully, which is certainly a plus, but it lasts a couple of pages of notes and that's it. I'd say the cartridges are overpriced a bit because of their capacity, but hey, I can't stop using them!

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January 2, 2015
Love the convenience...
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Love the convenience of refills in 3 packs for the Petit1

November 8, 2014
They fit the feed tube...
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They fit the feed tube well and are easy to replace, though a little slippery, bare handed, in my experience. Using some grippy rubbery material, like shelf liner, makes it easy to install and remove without hard pinching.The included storage tube is a very nice and thoughtful touch, so you can always find and inventory them at a glance, at the desk or on the move. One caution, they don't like hard pinching. I pinched my first one a bit to fill the new feed, and it cracked and fault. They are strong enough in normal use. Incidentally, to quickly and thoroughly saturate a dry feed without cartridge-pinching, bottle feeding with the temporary use of a Pilot ink converter does a great job.

November 7, 2014
The tube is fun, the...
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The tube is fun, the cartridges are exactly what's right for the Petit pens.