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Unbelievable for $4!...
January 24, 2013
Verified Purchase
Unbelievable for $4! Small, but thick enough to be comfortable for smaller hands like mine. The back end of the barrel has small bumps that help the cap to click firmly when you post it, so the cap sits very solidly to make the pen feel longer and solid when you're writing.

I can't say anything about the ink because I threw the cartridge in the drawer immediately. I slopped a bunch of silicone grease on the threads between the section and barrel and filled the whole barrel with ink, which has 2 oz capacity. That'll write for quite a while with the wet fine nib in the pen.
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I wasn't expecting much...
June 20, 2013
Verified Purchase
I wasn't expecting much for under $4 but I was pleasantly surprised. Right from the start when I put the cartridge in I was excited to watch the ink get sucked right up into the nib. Then to find that actually writing with it was very comfortable and smooth. This really is the little pen that could and I would highly recommend it to folks who are trying to entice family and friends into the world of fountain pens. :)
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Given the price, I wasn't...
February 25, 2013
Verified Purchase
Given the price, I wasn't expecting much, but this pen is really nice to write with. The ink is a good colour that dries quickly, I've had no skipping or poor starting from the pen, and it's a good width for my hand. The nib writes smoothly and is not scratchy at all. Very pleased!
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Lefty safe! admittedly...
April 1, 2014
Verified Purchase
Lefty safe!

admittedly my first fountain pen ever so i have nothing to compare it to but even so, if it writes smoothly and has fast-drying ink doesn't leave me with streaky hands, it's already got three stars in my opinion. Additionally, it's rather comfortable to hold, doesn't catch if you're using the right paper, and the apple green ink in particular is some of the best green ink i've used. a common problem with green ink is that it's too bright to even be useful as a writing pen, but the apple green that comes with the pen is dark enough to be seen easily and bright enough to be eye catching. I'm very pleased with my purchase and at $4 a pen, I can see myself buying many more, should I need to.
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I really really enjoy...
October 3, 2013
Verified Purchase
I really really enjoy this quick, and cute fountain pen. The ink life is fairly decent, I use it as often as I can and still have not had to change the cartridge once. The color is nice, the design is nice. You can quite frankly see how small the pen is in the picture compared to a penny...yes...it's SMALL. BUT that's one of its redeeming features, I promise! Worth the cheap price.
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I bought this pen because...
June 20, 2014
Verified Purchase
I bought this pen because a.) it's adorable, b.) it's mini-sized for on-the-go, and c.) it's cheap enough that if I lose it while travelling, I won't be heartbroken. What I didn't expect, is that this is a great little writer! It writes more smoothly and fine-lined than some of my more expensive, fine nibbed pens! (Which makes me disappointed in buying those other pens... Eek.) i'm officially obsessed with the Pilot Petit1, and will soon be getting all the colors for making a nice little travel sketch set. The functionality of this pen is perfect, from writing to ink flow to how the cap snaps on and posts. Such a satisfying click!

The green ink itself is a bit too bright for regular writing, however. I've been using it as a highlighter, and it works out wonderfully. When the cartridge is empty, I'll convert this one to an eyedropper and use my bottled inks. <3 I can't wait to try the fude version as well!
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I was a bit disappointed...
February 16, 2014
Verified Purchase
I was a bit disappointed with these pens; I had bought colored pens for the first time a few years ago, opting to purchase Staedtler's colorful ballpoint pen set on Amazon. I never use the green or the orange in that set because they're so light that it makes them hard to read from a distance. These Pilot pens are much more legible from a distance (2 ft away) but they aren't as saturated as I would have expected--although more saturated than the coordinating Staedtler colors. I suspect that this is a problem inherent to the color, not to the pen or ink. However, the colors on the Jetpens example are deeper than the actual output. The pink that I bought matches the example, but the green and the orange are not an exact match--looks like the contrast was bumped up or something.

I will not be refilling these colors once they run out. Possibly the other colors perform well, but the orange and the green aren't dark enough to make useful pens. The pen itself, though, is really nice quality pen for how cheap it is! I expect that I'll probably just refill it with different colors in the series in the future.
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The first pen I purchased...
June 15, 2016
Verified Purchase
The first pen I purchased from JetPens was a Petit1. I have used the proprietary cartridges on that pen and cleaned and refilled them with other colors. I'm a fan of green inks so I thought I'd try this one. The pen hasn't been used long enough to be as smooth as I'd like but I expect it to reach that point.
Perfect for Everyday...
June 10, 2016
Verified Purchase
Perfect for Everyday Work

This is my second fountain pen in what I think will be a growing collection (and my second pen from Jet Pens). The first fountain pen I have owned in a long time was the Pilot Metropolitan pen with a Fine nib. The Petit also possesses a fine nib, but I feel that this nib is slightly wider writing than the Metropolitan. Whether this can be explained by the newness of the Petit over the Metropolitan, or by manufacturing variances does not matter. The Petit is easy to hold in the hand, although people with larger hands, especially men, I recommend you place the cap on the back end to give some extra length to hold. I have slightly smaller hands for a man, so I find the miniature size of the body to be a good fit especially with my small and compact writing style.

When I received the pen, I immediately removed the ink cartridge that was in the body of the pen (the ink cartridge came without being installed) and placed it in my pen case for emergency use. A suggestion from Jet Pens to help seal the threads of the pen body is to use silicone jelly that you can find at a home improvement or automotive store. I opted to use Teflon tape, the kind that you wrap around pipe threads for use in piping water mostly. I wrapped the threads about 2 and a half times, and pressed down firmly on the tape to keep it from sliding when screwing the halves together (the first time I did this, the tape was not pressed down well and slid off the threads when the screwing action began). I filled the body with the Iroshizku Chiku-Rin ink using an eye dropper, and then reassembled the pen. The ink flowed through the pen quickly and writing has been very smooth. This is my new go to pen along with a new Midori notebook for my daily work (design engineering). I still use the Metropolitan for my planner, but this pen will be the go to in my pen case.
A perfect fountain pen!...
April 10, 2016
Verified Purchase
A perfect fountain pen! Convenient size, comes in a fun array of colours, and to my experience, has never stopped ink flow. - I love taking notes and writing in my journal with these pens.
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