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You will have a blast...
July 13, 2013
You will have a blast with these pens. And I say "these", because you will want them all! I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of these pens, the nib flow, the feel between my fingers and the panoply of colors available. There is one to match your every mood.

And Ladies, if you have a small purse but still want the luxury of writing with a fountain pen, this is it. Gentlemen, if you have limited space in your briefcase, or in your iPad or laptop carrier, this pen will be just the ticket for you. I highly recommend these products and plan to look at a few more for myself once I complete this review. You will have so much fun...I promise.
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First, the bad news:...
December 28, 2013
Verified Purchase
First, the bad news: When my red Pilot Petit arrived, I found its nib to be the scratchiest that I had ever found on an undamaged pen. Writing with it made me feel like a cat at a scratching post. And the ink was not really red but a revolting bright pink--at least, it certainly revolted me.

However, both defects are easily remedied if you have MicroMesh for smoothing the nib and an ink syringe for refilling the cartridge, after you have dumped out its useless contents, with ink of a more pleasing color.

Now the good news: The pen is quite comfortable to hold--not for long-term writing, certainly, but because of its ample diameter it is certainly the most comfortable to use of any miniature fountain pen that I have yet handled. The cap posts snugly on the tail to form an instrument that rests easily in the writing hand. What I find best about the pen, though, is that it is a ready starter. So far, it has started laying down ink immediately upon being uncapped and applied to the page, even if left unused for several days. I have not many pens of which I can say that!
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This is a really great...
December 2, 2014
Verified Purchase
This is a really great pen. It is small enough to fit comfortably in my shirt pocket but when you post the cap it becomes a normal sized pen. I have pretty large hands and I can almost use the pen unposted, which I do when I need to cross something off a to do list or something simple like that. Once it is posted, the pen feels like a normal sized pen and is pretty comfortable to write with. That being said, it is a plastic barrel pen so don't expect it to feel like spectacular.

The colors on these pens (I have the red, black, and light blue) are amazing. Very vibrant. I ordered the fine nib and am pretty happy with it. Depending on the paper, the ink line tends to vary widely in line size. They work great in a Field Notes, but somewhat more like a medium or a broad on standard printer style paper. These pens are refillable and come with a cartridge. You could probably fill the cartridges back up with a syringe if you wanted but a three pack of cartridges only costs about $2. That said, the ink on these pens will probably run out quickly due to the small size of the cartridge.

For the cheap price of these pens it is hard to pass up. I might buy several more of this so that I can give them out to other people who want to try fountain pens.
Outrageously GREAT! Why...
March 29, 2014
Verified Purchase
Outrageously GREAT! Why you say?

1) Fun looking, cute pens
2) Super compact for your pocket or purse
3) Long enough when posted to comfortably write with
4) Very decent nib that flows well
5) Easily made into an eyedropper for less ink reloading
6) You won't lapse into a deep depression if you lose it or it starts to crack

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