Pilot Petit2 Mini Sign Pen - Medium - 8 Color Bundle

Pilot Petit2 Mini Sign Pen - Medium - 8 Color Bundle

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This is a bundle of 8 Pilot Petit2 sign pens: Apple Green, Apricot Orange, Baby Pink, Black, Blue, Blue Black, Clear Blue, and Red. Read on to learn about Pilot's Petit mini pen collection!

The colorful array of Pilot's Petit mini pens offers you versatility, portability, and most importantly, fun! The affordable collection includes 8 colors and 3 pen types, for a total of 24 pens to choose from. It's a challenge to decide which ones you want! Colors range from baby pink to black, and the pen types are:
Petit1 - fountain pen
Petit2 - sign pen (felt-tip marker)
Petit3 - brush pen

Each pen comes with an ink cartridge that is very easy to install. Refills are available and are compatible across all three pen types. The ink is water-based and smudge-free.

The pen design is attractive and light, featuring a transparent body tinted to match the ink color. To add a fun twist, you could combine bodies and inks of different colors. The pen is compact and great for carrying, just 4.2 inches (10.7 cm) long when capped. When the cap is posted on the end, the pen ranges from 4.9 to 5.2 inches (12.5 to 13.1 cm) in length depending on the pen type, a comfortable size for writing. When posting, the cap snaps on securely, preventing any danger of breaking it by pushing too far onto the pen.

Note: Please remove the protective yellow tab from the ink cartridge before use.

Petit2 is a series of medium-point sign pens, which are felt-tip porous markers. They deliver consistent solid lines, great for writing and drawing.

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Not much good for "fine"...
April 16, 2015
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Not much good for "fine" writing, unless you like wide letters, but these are VERY cute & VERY useful for jotting quick notes--perfect size for stashing in your backpack or tote bag w/o getting lost.
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