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4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  I draw for a living,..., June 3, 2009
I draw for a living, and I love trying new pens, so I gave this one a shot. I assume that this would probably be a good pen for writing Japanese characters, but it's far too soft to use for inking drawings. The tip is one solid mass, not bristles like a true brush pen, and when you apply pressure, the entire tip has a great amount of give. It feels almost "mushy", it's that flexible. Fun to play with, but very hard to get any real precision with it.
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  I love how it feels,..., September 7, 2010
I love how it feels, it would be perfect if it were waterproof.
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  As I continue to use..., July 22, 2010
As I continue to use this pen,...I'm learning to appreciate it more. This is really a wonderful tool that seems to be flying under the radar. A really nice and juicy line too and a Xfine line can be accomplished with a little bit of effort. (I must raise my previous grade up a notch)
3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful
  Not a bad pen for larger..., July 16, 2010
By dolces
Not a bad pen for larger scale sketches or for quick sketches at a comic con or something of that nature. Nice juicy line and pretty nice control. A pleasant surprise from Pilot. A little too thick though for any intricate detail in my experiences with it.
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  Absolutely in love with..., July 24, 2014
By rai...
Absolutely in love with the feel of this pen. Works well for playing around on paper mostly -- which is what I bought it for. The tip is flexible (keep in mind that if you're looking for an actual 'brush' tip, this one is exactly what it says, soft!) and has (like someone else said) a 'juicy' effect. It will get full with ink which I like.

While I wouldn't use this for lining or precise work, I love this pen. Will probably buy another in the future.
If you're looking for a brush pen that doesn't have the squish of this tip, go for the 'hard' option instead (I have both and I love them aha). While it doesn't have the capability to have as wide strokes as this pen, one may prefer it's easier to control tip.

: )
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  I ADORE this pen. Out..., February 27, 2013
I ADORE this pen. Out of the few I've bought and tried from this site so far, this has been the clear favorite. As has already been noted, it isn't waterproof, which was distressing the first time I tried to watercolor over a drawing done with this pen. Oh well, lesson learned. Seems to work fine with my copics. Lovely lines. The best non-bristle brush pen I have ever used.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  This is with out a doubt..., June 3, 2009
By leigh
This is with out a doubt the best brush pen I have found so far bar none. The felt tip is smooth and soft. It always leaves a sharp clean line and the springs back to its straight self after every stroke. If you are after a rough 'brush' look or tiny compact marks, this isn't for you. If you like the streaky marker style run off on the end of a stroke and rounded starts and run offs, this isn't the pen for you. If you want a sharp clean consistent line (with obvious weight variation), this is the best I have found on the market so far bar none.

For examples of the pen's abilities (and my art) simply view the gallery on my website: as it is the pen that I almost exclusively use.

Please Please Please get more in and never be out of stock again! :)
  I love this pen and the..., February 8, 2014
I love this pen and the Hard version (blue exterior). It works perfecting for signing prints on matte paper (not glossy). It doesn't dry up the tip on the paper which is why I like it. Most pens that aren't brush pens would dry up after a few signatures. I also use this for inking art and it's also superb. My only quarrel is that it isn't waterproof and the ink is not pigmented which it's safe to say may change color in the future (not archival). If it were to be archival it would be the perfect pen. It does tend to smear on less porous paper, too. If you are able to keep your hands away from the ink until it dries it works great.

My work can be seen at:
  Now that I have found..., November 17, 2013
Now that I have found a reliable way to make these pens refillable,.....they are perfect! The line it produces is amazingly close to that of a real brush; which is quite a feat for a felt tipped pen! The point always snaps back to a nice crisp one and it always remains juicy wet when producing the heaviest of lines! It's incredible. You can get a real fine line if you treat the pen with care. It's wonderful now that it can be refilled with any ink that I want!
  I've never used a brush..., March 27, 2013
I've never used a brush pen before, and I don't know how I ever managed without one.
  I just got this pen today..., December 25, 2012
By dtpm98
I just got this pen today and I really like it! The nib is really flexible and allows you to move it quickly across the page. The ink is very black and flows magnificantly. This brush pen has more of a felt tip, which is why the ink doesn't skip when you work with it. You can go as fast as you can without any interuptions. On the side of the pen is a little window, where you can see the ink, but it may be hard to spot at first glance, for it blends in with the black body of the pen. This is convenient, so you know when it is almost out of ink, because having a dry pen can ruin your drawing, but thankfully, this pen lets you know how much ink you have left. The only negative thing (to some people) is the sound of this pen. It makes a slight sqeaky noise when you draw with it, usually when you go really fast with it. I dont find this annoying, which is why it gets five stars, but it might differ for others.
  best "pen" i have ever..., November 27, 2012
By mte...
best "pen" i have ever used.
It has the ability to be super fine, or quite thick.

  One of my favorite pens..., August 18, 2012
One of my favorite pens to draw with! I wish i had a never-ending supply of these guys!
  i was extremely resistant..., July 19, 2012
i was extremely resistant to inking with a brush until trying this pen. it has opened up an entirely new and wonderful world of line to me. cartooning has never been more pleasuarable.
  I got this pen recently..., March 3, 2012
I got this pen recently and it's really unique. I've never experienced such a soft and flexible nib that wasn't faux bristle. I really love the solid ink and color it provides and it's nice for doing line work as well as solid fills. I wish it were a little bit easier to tame. The one thing I find with it that I have an issue with is that the very tip tends to curve a little bit after a lot of use, which doesn't allow it to be as precise as I'd like it to be for more fine work.
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