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I don't use any other...
October 16, 2012
I don't use any other pen now. When I found this open a few years ago I don't use any other pen at all. I have this pen throughout the house, office, car, and my purse. And when the ink starts getting low " Pilot Precise V5 Pens " go on the shopping list. There is no other pen for me to use. I also have some as backup, just. In case the store quits caring them. No other pen feels this good or writes this good for me.
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luscious 1mm velvety...
July 10, 2015
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luscious 1mm velvety glide
so smooth and i just...
January 2, 2015
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so smooth and i just love using them!
This is the best-writing...
February 1, 2014
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This is the best-writing refill that I have found. And it's the same dimensions as the Pilot G2 refill. So it fits any pen body that the G2 fits -- but it writes a LOT better than the G2. Also, the price is a bargain.
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