Pilot Prera Clear Body Fountain Pen - Clear Black - Medium Nib

Pilot Prera Clear Body Fountain Pen - Clear Black - Medium Nib

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The Pilot Prera Clear, also known as the Prera Iro-Ai, has a beautifully clean look and writes luxuriously. The acrylic body is accented with tasteful pops of transparent color, and the light weight is easy on your hand. Every last detail of the pen is well-made, down to the cushioned click you feel when closing the cap. Fill the pen with the ink of your choice using the pre-installed converter, or insert an ink cartridge. The transparent body lets you admire the ink and monitor remaining ink levels. The pen feels very well made, has an ergonomically light weight and of course, the alloy nib is delightfully thin enough that you can use it for everyday writing.

This pen comes with a black ink cartridge and a CON-50 converter pre-installed.

For help with using a converter, see our blog post.

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I have a Metropolitan...
August 19, 2013
Verified Purchase
I have a Metropolitan from Pilot and I love the way it writes as a medium point it's very smooth and clean. I bought this pen thinking it might have a nice medium point as well. Well, it says "M" on it along with Pilot Super Quality. I have another Pilot pen with the same nib and I hate the pen, it's so scratchy and skips like crazy. Well, this pen is pretty much the same, very scratchy and skips. I'm disappointed with Pilot. My $15 Metropolitan beats this pen, hands down.
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Received this pen three...
November 21, 2011
Verified Purchase
Received this pen three days ago. Jet Pens priced this pen very competitively and their free delivery was fast and accurate. This pen has the same high quality, from nib tip to clip my previously purchased solid color Prera pens did. Box included both a converter (clear corkscrew type, not the squeeze-bag) and an ink cartridge, which was very nice.

I regret buying this pen. The <M> medium nib writes much broader that the previous medium nib solid color Prera pens I've bought from JetPens.com so Pilot has really confused me. I don't know whether or not to purchase a <F> fine point, because I don't know if Pilot has changed that nib as well. JetPens.com has great descriptions and photos for all their products. I just wish Pilot had made this change in nib public before I spent the money.

Thank you JetPens, but goodbye Pilot. I've about had it with your company.
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