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The Pilot Prera Fountain...
February 9, 2015
The Pilot Prera Fountain Pen is light, smooth, well built pen and quite sturdy. It may have the same nib as the Pilot Penmanship, but that's where the similarities end. Unlike the Pilot Penmanship, Pilot Prera is made of a more sturdy plastic than its brittle $8+ brethren. Prera comes in a variety of colors, has a classic, elegant look to the body, clips and posts beautifully making for a well balanced fountain pen.

I'm almost annoyed by how well this pen writes in comparison to some of the other, more expensive, pens I own. Almost reluctantly, I continually find myself reaching for this pen. It's wonderful for lengthy letter writing and everyday usage.

Not only is this a wonderful beginner's pen, but it's also a great pen for seasoned fountain pen users too.
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I am very, very happy...
November 11, 2013
Verified Purchase
I am very, very happy with this pen. I was really pleased with the ink flow on the fine nib. Other pens I've owned with fine nibs tend to be a bit scratchy, whereas this pen is smooth enough that I want to use it all the time (please note that I have always preferred finer tips in all types of pens, so I think I have a 'lighter' hold on the pen when I write). I would have preferred something just a bit heavier -- the pen really has no heft, but other than that I have no complaints. This is a great pen for the price.
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This pen has a nice,...
September 19, 2009
Verified Purchase
This pen has a nice, deep brown color that is quite attractive. The pen is well balanced and writes very, very well. I'd say the line is about 0.3 to 0.35mm. The ink that comes with the pen is not a bit waterproof, but it writes smoothly and without skipping. I got the CON-50 converter with this and filled it with Noodler's Manjiro ink and it writes a thin, purple, gorgeous line very consistently. Remember that most Japanese fountain pens are a half size finer than their US or Euro counterparts. A medium Pilot is a fine US/UK nib, it seems.

The only bad things about the pen are:

1. The tip is EXACTLY the same as the $7.50 Pilot Plumix pen. You will pay almost 4x as much for this pen to get the same tip. The only reason to get this pen is if you love the concept of using a converter and your own choice of ink.

2. The converter takes some tries to get right and filling the pen by dipping it is quite messy if you are not skilled at it. Air bubbles in the converter will make the pen skip if you don't fill it correctly.

3. Pigmented inks might be too thick for this thin-spaced nib. It sometimes takes a little bit to get the ink flowing, but once it's active, the pen is good all day.

In short, only get this pen if you want the excellence of the Plumix nib with the option of your own ink. I rate this three stars because it's way too expensive for what is essentially the Plumix nib if all you want is a cartridge writer.

I love mine, though, and will write that entire bottle of Noodler's out with this pen alone. I am dedicating the Noodler's to it.
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I ordered this exact...
August 16, 2009
Verified Purchase
I ordered this exact Pilot Prera from JetPens.
1) The order was shipped extremely quickly; it arrived via USPS (first class) within 2 days.
2) I am very happy with the speed with which the order was fullfilled and shipped.

Previously, I ordered an Ohto Tasche and found that it skipped a lot. However, this pen is a dream to write. I am simply amazed at how well the ink flows.

1) The length of the body is not as long as I'd like; I feel the need to use the cap on the end to give it the required length and "balance".
2) The Fine Nib is extremely _nice_. It draws fine lines, and characters come out in a flourish. Those of you who grew up writing with fountain pens will appreciate the quality of a fine line that comes out of a well made pen.
3) The cartridge fits quite well (snug fit)
4) I have used other fountain pens - Ohto Tasche, Waterman and Parker. This one is hands down the _best_ fountain pen I have ever used.

I highly recommend this particular fountain pen.
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I really like the size...
September 22, 2015
Verified Purchase
I really like the size and style of the Prera, and the color is a nice rich brown. Fine nib is fairly smooth for a fine nib, nice for small handwriting. Body seems to take pocket wear and tear well enough. Love the snap cap.
I bought a brown Prera...
April 7, 2010
I bought a brown Prera then followed by a white Prera.
The brown one shows smudge (from finger grease / perspiration) quite clearly and requires more frequent cleaning to clear the visible smudge prints. It also makes any dust that is on it, appear visible. The darker brown attracts more heat if the pen is left under the Sun, therefore causing more ink evaporation within the pen cap.
The white one does not show the smudge, though they are there. Any dust on the white surface is hardly noticeable. The white surface does not attract as much solar heat.
Verdict : I prefer the white Prera more than the brown one.
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Ah, there's no way to...
September 19, 2009
Verified Purchase
Ah, there's no way to amend my review.

I made a mistake. The nib on this is the same as the PENMANSHIP pen. Not the Plumix, which I have never tested.

My bad. Rating still stands. 3 stars.
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