Pilot Prera Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Ivory Body

Pilot Prera Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Ivory Body

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Imagine, a fountain pen in a variety of lush colors! The Pilot Prera has a clean and simple look and writes luxuriously. The body comes in 6 elegant colors decorated with metal trim. The pen feels very well made and has an ergonomically light weight. And of course, the fine tipped nib is delightfully thin enough that you can use it for every day writing.

Conveniently refills with ink cartridges (black, blue, and blue black, green, purple, and red color cartridges available), so no more messy hands! Weighs 0.6 oz including cartridge.

Size: 4.75 inches (12 cm) with its cap on and 4.25 inches (10.75 cm) without cap (5.3 inches or 13.5 cm when capped on back).

It can also use a Pilot CON-20 or CON-50 converter.

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This is a very nice pen....
August 24, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is a very nice pen. The fine nib is VERY fine--was almost concerned that it was too scratchy, but the ink flow is smooth and reliable and this pen is a delight. The fine nib requires very little pressure, but is fine/sharp enough that it works on pressure sensitive paper. The construction of the pen is very nice--I bought Ivory, and it looks very sophisticated. The clip works well, is secure; good secure *click* with the pen cap. This pen is a good value.
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-Nicely made barrel &...
July 10, 2013
-Nicely made barrel & cap.

-Smooth, almost 'extra-fine' fine nib; excellent ink flow.

-Nib and feed are 'force-fit' and easily removable for thorough cleaning or for nib adjustment.

-Note that the nib & feed are identical to what are found on the Pilot Penmanship and Plumix series of fountain pen.

-Nib and feed are also identical to what are found on the Pilot 78G fountain pen (nib is gold-toned on the 78G).

-'Military-style' clip; pen sits low in the pocket.

-Cap snaps onto barrel securely.

-Cap posts well; with the cap posted, the pen is nicely balanced and a good size for the average hand.

-Works well with the CON-20 aerometric converter, newly re-designed CON-50 piston converter (with sliding weight).

-Works well with Pilot proprietary cartridges.

-Preras are overpriced, in my opinion, in the $50 to $60 range. In Japan, this pen is priced at around $30.

-Price aside, this is a nice, every day fountain pen that should provide excellent service with careful use.

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This looks like a great...
October 31, 2012
This looks like a great pen, but I want to add to the review above that Pilot fountain pen ink is the best. I've tried numerous brands and Pilot flows very well, doesn't clog, and is, of course, very black. The nib looks extremely sharp for a fountain pen. I got the finest platinum nib for my Mont Blanc and it's just not fine enough. I'm hoping this will be better without being scratchy. By the way, the Mont Blanc ink was not as good as the Pilot ink.
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First of all I just want...
December 9, 2013
Verified Purchase
First of all I just want to mention that the colour is not as light as it appears in the photos. It's more of an Ivory colour, not so white as in the pictures.

I had trouble as first using the Pilot Con-50 Converter thinking that it wasn't working and not filling up, but it seams I just had to repleat all the steps various times until all the air was removed and then I could fill it up with ease.

It writes like a dream. It is just as fine as my Cavalier and I would actually say it is even smoother. My Cavalier was very scratchy at first, took me a long time to break it in. This one wrote smoothly from the first moment it hit the paper.

I'm using it with the J. HERBIN 1670 red ink which is lovely, but I can't quite get the nib to stay clean on the front. It's continually stained which I don't like. Perhaps with time it will not be like that.

That's just a little quirk of mine. As far as the pen is concerned, it is very elegant and most importantly, it writes like a dream and I'm a left-hander!!!

The service was wonderful again as always. Thank you Jet Pens!
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Just came in the mail...thank...
August 23, 2012
Verified Purchase
Just came in the mail...thank you, Jet Pens!

One word...PENGASM!

This pen is classy. Has the lines and appearance of a pen costing much more. Reminds me of a Pelikan.

When capping, it seems be tight enough (air wise) that it slows you down and the cap gently glides into place.

Buttery smooth nib. Japanese fine, so it puts down a very, very fine line for a fountain pen.

I'm in love with this one.

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