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My favorite FP. Pocketable,...
April 23, 2016
Verified Purchase
My favorite FP. Pocketable, yet sturdy and reliable. This is my workhorse FP. Highly recommended. Get 2. You'll love them.
I love thin writing pens....
June 11, 2014
Verified Purchase
I love thin writing pens. Typically this excludes fountain pens. But this Pilot Prera puts down a very fine 0.4 line. It is smooth, fast and doesn't bleed or smear (as a lefty). I use the 01 OHTO Graphic Liner and the Hi-Tec C pens and they produce the same line/thickness as this Fine Prera. If you want and enjoy fine lines this is the perfect, lower price pens. The size, weight and feel makes it an all day, everyday pen. Well worth the purchase.
Richard Henning
This pen is the first...
January 3, 2013
This pen is the first fountain pen that I absolutely love from the start. Above all, the nib is really fine, so this pen is suitable even for microtip enthusiasts like me. The construction feels solid, it really is not a cheap plastic, the pen is a little heavier than it might look. It feels good in my hands both with and without the cap, whose mechanism seals the pen perfectly, I also enjoy the capping sound. The blue color shines, but if I knew I would be trying different inks, I would more likely choose a beige one. To sum up: A perfect pen that is going to be my sole writing utensil for a long time.
First, I love Pilot pens,...
October 17, 2009
First, I love Pilot pens, and this one's pretty good. It's extremely light, easy to carry, writes well. It's a bit 'slick' as far as finish, and overall it's on the small side. May be tough to use comfortably with larger hands. Being very light probably contributes to my initial feeling of 'whoa, this doesn't feel very durable'...however, the pen has stood up to use without any problem. Again, I'm a huge Pilot fan, but, while this pen performs well, it gave me the impression of being cheap. Just one opinion (btw, I'm about to order some new ink for it so I can use it again if that tells you anything..lol). Sort of a pen that I love despite the cons mentioned.
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