Pilot Presso Side Knock Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Pink Body

Pilot Presso Side Knock Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Pink Body

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The Presso Side Knock Mechanical is uniquely designed to optimize the amount of pencil lead and eraser that can be fit in one mechanical pencil body. The pencil was designed so that the lower half is just the right length to fit pencil leads, while the top half is entirely filled with an extendable eraser. It makes so much sense when you think about it, because in normal pencils the top half of the pencil body is wasted empty space.

The side button is located higher up on the pencil body so it doesn't interfere with your grip of the pencil. Presto! You can extend lead with a convenient click of a side button. Plus, the pencil comes in six beautiful see-through colors including green, blue, orange, pink, soft blue and yellow. To refill pencil lead, pull off upper white portion of body.

Customer Reviews

I have ordered alot of...
March 30, 2011
I have ordered alot of pencils and I usually go right back to this one. It holds up really well and since the eraser is a twistie, you can use it for a while. I like the fact that instead of having to remove the eraser to replace lead you just take the whole top off. The only problem I have had with this is the last one I ordered the little tip came off! It didn't break and I put it back on but it came out again pretty soon. I still plan on ordering another because that pencil was about 2 years old.
I was excited to get...
March 5, 2010
Verified Purchase
I was excited to get this mechanical pencil only to be disappointed.

The tip fell off when I first started to use it, plus the leads kept breaking every time I started to write. I love the grip and wish I didn't receive a broken one. :(
this is so cute it is...
February 25, 2010
Verified Purchase
this is so cute it is pink omg awesome i like when the clicker is out more and it is ummmmmmmm cute
I just got this pencil...
March 12, 2009
Verified Purchase
I just got this pencil for my neice and she absolutly LOVES it, and she is PICKEY. The eraser works great, better than any other. She is tough on pencils and she says that she has only broken the lead once or twice.I would definatly reccomened this pencil to anyone and everyone.