Pilot S10 Drafting Pencil - 0.3 mm

Pilot S10 Drafting Pencil - 0.3 mm

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JetPens had heard about the S Series from Pilot (S5, S10, S20, etc) long before we first held one, and now we understand why people love them so much. The pencil features an interesting combination of plastic and metal. The top part of the barrel consists of see through colored plastic, but the elongated grip is made of a nice ribbed metal. The result is a pencil that has an excellent weight and feel to it. The pencil features a fixed sleeve, textured metal grip, lead indicator, and cap labeled with pencil lead size.

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This pencil was a very...
January 24, 2009
Verified Purchase
This pencil was a very pleasant surprise to me. I don't know why I expected it to be less of a pencil than it is but I did. This is my first pilot drafting pencil and is a pleasure to write with. It's bottom heavy due to the metal grip sleeve and end cap so it sets well in the hand. It has a nice girth and the fine knurling on the grip sleeve presents the user with a nice griping surface. The S10 has a very pleasing shape with a stylish pocket clip. Only the color is wrong! Why yellow for the 0.3mm size? Why couldn't it have been blue? Anyway the lead grade indicator stays in place by friction and believe me, once in place it's not moving unless you want it too. Lead is projected in a large enough increment that 2 clicks is all that's needed to produce enough lead to write with. All in all a very nice pencil indeed!
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Beautiful. Though somewhat...
September 24, 2016
Verified Purchase

Though somewhat of an expensive pencil, but I really love it. It feels very sturdy in the hand, and it holds its lead very firmly. I adore how its weight is more concentrated at its tip, which makes it easier to control.
Mr Hazelnut
I was impressed with...
May 23, 2016
Verified Purchase
I was impressed with the quality of the 0.5 mm version of the pencil and decided to buy the 0.3 mm version, and my thoughts are the same as with what I thought of the 0.5 mm version. A solid and wonderful pencil

(Sticks the review I did on the 0.5 mm over)

"A high-quality pencil I never bought before just because I made fun of it's dart design, but do not let the design fool you. One feel of the pencil and I can understand why this pencil has been getting very good reviews.

This pencil has a nice weighted feel towards the tip of the pencil, yet does not feel too heavy to write with for long periods of use. I thought it will have a translucent upper body but the amount of translucency is far more than enough for me to ignore. The knurled grip is probably it's best selling point to me, being how the knurling covers half the body and how the knurling is not as rough as pictured. It's more comparable to the knurling on the Graphgear 500 than on the Uni Pipe shift. Plastic body on the upper half feels solid, and the clip and lead sleeve part has a nice sanded finish that screams quality.

My only 2 gripes are:
- The cap feels loose, unlike the Pilot S2. I replaced the cap with a Pilot S2 Black Pencil cap that I had as a spare.
- The quality of the cap feels subpar, especially the "metal" part of the cap that twists around for indicating the lead grade (no it's not metal its cheap-ish plastic)

However, these factors were not so bad that it changes my impression of the pencil (well ,,, a bit but not too much). Nevertheless, this is an awesome pencil that anyone should get if they need a solid pencil that writes well. I would want to buy the 0.3mm variant but the yellow color isn't up to my liking."

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