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January 24, 2009
This pencil was a very...
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This pencil was a very pleasant surprise to me. I don't know why I expected it to be less of a pencil than it is but I did. This is my first pilot drafting pencil and is a pleasure to write with. It's bottom heavy due to the metal grip sleeve and end cap so it sets well in the hand. It has a nice girth and the fine knurling on the grip sleeve presents the user with a nice griping surface. The S10 has a very pleasing shape with a stylish pocket clip. Only the color is wrong! Why yellow for the 0.3mm size? Why couldn't it have been blue? Anyway the lead grade indicator stays in place by friction and believe me, once in place it's not moving unless you want it too. Lead is projected in a large enough increment that 2 clicks is all that's needed to produce enough lead to write with. All in all a very nice pencil indeed!

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