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I've bought the S10 and...
June 10, 2011
Verified Purchase
I've bought the S10 and the cheaper pilots. They are all great. Something about the shape that make them feel good in the hand. The S10 is obviously heavier and a high quality item. They also have a real neat look to them. I think it is the cool clip that really sets them off. If you want a nice pencil but don't want the look of a machine shop...This is a good choice. The plastic upper body has been said to make it look cheap...I disagree. A nice mix if color and metal. I also like the cap on the top. It will accomodate a pencil arrow cap eraser and wont wobble because the cap has a long stem. Some other caps fall off easy and wont handle the added eraser. I like to putt the cap eraser on because I need a quick eraser for everyday use. It does however make the lead hardness indicator useless. I don't use it anyway. Strange that these are not available many places except for JetPens.

Oh by the way. How do these guys ship cross country so fast??? Great service. They must know that pen and pencil people are geeky and like their stuff fast!
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As a professional home...
April 22, 2015
Verified Purchase
As a professional home designer, I am working with this drafting pencil sometimes up to 10 to 12 continuous hours a day, creating sketches for my clients. I have found this pencil to be one of the most comfortable in the market. It has a fantastic weight and balance to it. With the widened metal barrel, it is easy to grip and I find that it doesn't fatigue the hand. Great product.
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