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July 3, 2013
Terrific pencil. Perfectly...
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Terrific pencil. Perfectly balanced, aluminum lower with cross hatched grip for a confident but light hold. So many aluminum pencils have a sharp grip that is unpleasant whereas this has a softer more finished tooth to it. The plastic upper makes it feel light weight so if you carry it in your shirt pocket it won't flop around like heavy all metal pencils. Perfect for illustration and with the long pipe also a great technical drafting pencil. Nice bold lead grade on end jewel/tassie so you can easily ID the correct pencil in the cup. Might just be my favorite drafting style pencil.

December 8, 2010
The Pilot S10 is a very...
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The Pilot S10 is a very solid and well proportioned mechanical pencil. Its heft is well suited for its 0.9mm tasks. Its relatively long metal studded grip allows one to find a good finger positions for the particular objective at hand from dark heavy lines to shading to wide boundaries.