Pilot S20 Drafting Pencil - 0.3 mm - Dark Brown Body

Pilot S20 Drafting Pencil - 0.3 mm - Dark Brown Body

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You may be drafting at the office but a piece of nature and tranquility is within your reach with the Pilot S20 drafting pencil. The pencil is exquisitely designed with a low center of gravity and a slim body to maximize comfort and stability. The wood of the body was polished to the point that it has a silky, almost velvety feel.

Each pencil features soft metal accents, a lead grade indicator, clip, and capped eraser labeled with lead size.

The pencil contains 2-3 pieces of Pilot Neox Graphite Lead - B.

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I'd originally intended...
February 23, 2012
Verified Purchase
I'd originally intended to purchase the Staedtler 925 85, the Regulator. I've used Staedtler pens and pencils for years. Generally, I find them to be reliable, high quality writing/drawing tools.

But, the Pilot S20 drafting pencil was so beautiful, I took a chance and I ordered it instead. The moment I held the S20, the instant I put the lead to the page, I knew I'd made a good choice.

The S20 is perfectly balanced and fits my grip like it was specifically made for my hand/fingers. Weight is just right, neither too heavy or light and the same for its balance. There are no rattles or unwanted flexing when pressure is applied; no distracting features whatsoever.

Simply put, the S20 is an elegant pencil that looks every bit as good as in the advertising photos. It performs beautifully, laying down a smooth application of lead to paper, almost as if the line is flowing onto the page. While it has yet to stand the test of time, it has the feel of an instrument that will.

This pencil is a keeper!
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This is wooden body pencil....
January 13, 2009
This is wooden body pencil. Inside barrel is plastic, with a nice brass precision mechanism. The tip and the clip are nice matt aluminium finish. This pencil is well balanced and wooden grip is excellent. There is no doubt that Pilot makes some of the best quality pencils. Get one while it is still there. You will love it.
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This is a great pencil,...
July 13, 2012
Verified Purchase
This is a great pencil, but it was too light for my liking. I had hoped there would be some more weight to it underneath the wood, but I was disappointed. I prefer the weight of something like a Rotring 600. I was also not a fan of the fact that the lead advancing button was flimsy plastic. The rest of the pen seemed well constructed.

To me, this seems like a great pen if you want the wooden body. If you aren't passionate about a good fit and feel like I am, you might really enjoy it.

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