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  I love the raw wood texture..., April 22, 2011
By mhawel
I love the raw wood texture of this pencil, it's very easy to grip, and the satin silver finish against the red stain look amazing.

The top of the pencil can be rotated when removed to display different lead hardnesses. It just needs to be removed, and with one hand, you hold the base, and with the other hand you spin the top until it displays the desired lead hardness. There's HB, F, H, 2H, and 2B, in that order.
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  Top, top quality working..., January 12, 2012
By sha...
Top, top quality working tool. This pencil is distinctive and elegant, but don't let that fool you. It takes care of business. I have a lot of pencils that are beautiful, and a lot of pencils that get the job done - none does both better. The S20 is a pleasure to hold (I also have the 0.5mm for less detailed work) - the wooden texture is smooth but won't slip, and the grip design lends itself well to both drafting or writing. You could comfortably use the S20 all day. All this in a pencil you would be proud to show off. The eraser, however, is for emergencies only (I recommend the black Boxy from JetPens for office situations). This pencil is an excellent value for the money.
  Love the feel of the..., July 8, 2014
By yksohn
Love the feel of the wooden surface - notwithstanding, it breaks the lead inside somewhat frequently. As such, generously giving three stars.
  I admit the main reason..., July 2, 2012
I admit the main reason I bought this was that it's gorgeous. It writes really well, though it is (for me) a bit on the lighter side. Feels very well balanced and comfortable.
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  Pros: Solid, Beautiful,..., February 9, 2011
Pros: Solid, Beautiful, Wooden design and color.
Cons: Tip can EASILY be bent, the cap only displays one lead grade and thats B. Also the ring encompassing the pencil around its center has the company name and manufacturing location on it but it wears off really quick.
Overall: 4/5 good for occasions, wouldn't recommend as primary unless your confident you won't drop/bed the tip. (.3mm pencils all share this problem ussually)

purchased this pencil back in 2010 around October-November used about 4-6 hours total writing time.