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June 15, 2009
I really like sketching...
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I really like sketching preliminary lines with this pencil, when I'm still feeling out the shape of the drawing. It's smooth, light, and very slender. I have very very slender hands, and some overuse problems, so the light, balanced weight of this pencil suits me perfectly. There's enough of a grip near the tip. And I have to admit I really, really love the color! *laughs*

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September 16, 2013
A very well balanced,...
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A very well balanced, ultra-light pencil, and economically priced. I've been drawing cartoons and illustrations for 37 years, and because I work fairly small, the .3mm is perfect for the job. Unlike heavier pencils which can isolate the artist's hand from the paper texture/surface, this pencil communicates the surface as effectively as a wooden pencil. The mechanism in all 4 of the pencils I purchased worked flawlessly. The easily removable clip gets out of the way. There's no flat spots on the pencil which can reflect drawing lamp light up into the eyes. Overall, a great, economical pencil for the professional. Large lead capacity, too. You can easily stuff 12 leads into the chamber.

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December 9, 2012
This pencil is perfect....
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This pencil is perfect. It advances just the right amount of lead, and it has a good grip. Definitely buy this if you're looking for a good drafting pencil! :)

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December 27, 2014
I prefer this over the...
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I prefer this over the Pentel Graphgear 1000 in 0.3 mm to be honest. Just the overall feel of the smooth grip and the sturdy structure of the pencil keeps me coming back for more. The lead that comes with it is pretty durable also, but I live by my 2B lead for 0.3 mm pencils haha. (: I'd definitely would recommend this pencil to anyone that's in need of a excellent 0.3!

November 23, 2012
works great! the lead...
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works great! the lead is really hard and thin, great for detail. However, when I use it for a long time my fingers hurt from the grip, so it's better to put a cushion where the grip is :)

February 13, 2012
I really like this pencil...
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I really like this pencil I used to have this pencil before but I lost it it was red and also .3 it was my first time using a .3
pencil before I loved It.
But now going back to the red .3mm pencil i dont know why but in japan they have this pencil in many colors my sister has a pink version of this.

I use this pencil for drawing and writing and stuff like that I hold my hand very close to the top so it is really easy to get good control and very precise lines

bottom line best/cheapest .3 mm pencil

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December 2, 2007
Sharp-looking futuristic...
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Sharp-looking futuristic pencil makes a nice addition to my collection. Light enough for a field skething tool, but it would probably be best to carry it within a cushioned case or pouch to protect the tip from bending. Given the small diameter of the lead, it works better on smoother heavier papers. On rougher surfaces, the tip tends to snag and skip. Ridged grip is fair, but can easily become slippery under humid conditions. Thus, it's probably best to use it as a specialized drafting tool within an air-condtioned studio.