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I have several of these,...
January 16, 2009
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I have several of these, since it is one of the few 0.4mm handles that I could find (in addition to Pentel PG1004) which are very comfortable for general writing of technical analysis notes and math, rather than drafting. It is comfortable because it doesn't have an abrasive knurled metal handle, is very light so it doesn't want to slide toward the paper, and has a little flare at the front which keeps my grip from sliding forward, despite the simple smooth plastic body (with very slight grooves).

The build quality is quite cheap, but it works fine. The only thing I don't like is that the lead advance is quite a large increment. I prefer very slight advances like many Pentel models. I often have to poke the lead back in and then advance twice again to get it just right. So I have to let it wear down very close to the tip or else the next click will make the lead too long. It also has a minor drawback that the eraser cap on some handles is very tight, and so it's very difficult to replace without clicking the lead forward.
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About as good as it gets...
September 4, 2011
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About as good as it gets for the price. Hard to find 0.4mm size. Has a wire pipe cleaner on standard eraser, extremely light. I am a fan of the Pilot S series, the S3 does not disappoint.
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Can you say CHERRY! as...
July 4, 2011
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Can you say CHERRY! as in Jolly Rancher (Yippie!)

Meet the Pilot S3 Drafting Pencil!

Top notch plating job on the metal parts

Super bright shiny "Candy Apple" plastic body that is feather light and has a pretty nice grip

Tight mechanics...no wobble here

A dream entry level pen that is superb for drawing, notetaking, and journal writing...

I have the set in a 122KCal "Carrot Orange" Roll Pencil Case...ready to go at any time!

Highly Reccomended ENJOY!! :)
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My old favorite was the...
June 27, 2013
Verified Purchase
My old favorite was the Pentel P205 for doing detailed math and circuit work. I like the thin body where you grip it, they aren't expensive and last forever.
I tried a .4 mm when I learned they existed because I break the .3 mm to easily and the .5 mm started feeling a little too thick and the .4 is perfect for me. I tried a couple of the Ohto's and the Pilot S-10 but the machined aluminum was too abrasive on my fingers. I tried this Pilot S-3 expecting junk because it is plastic. I was mistaken. This pencil is great for me. It's very comfortable and I can write with it for a long time without adjusting my grip. The lead advance is correct for me and the lead is held tightly. I even like the S-3 better than the S-5 because my fingers automatically adjust to the smooth plastic better than the rubber plastic of the S-5. If you want a general writing pencil with a finer line you can not beat this one. The only downside is the transparent plastic red body isn't my favorite style, it looks cheap but don't be fooled the performance is great.
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The pencil is fine, but...
February 24, 2016
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The pencil is fine, but I prefer something wider. Nice balance. There aren't a lot of options for 0.4 lead.
I really want to rate...
December 27, 2014
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I really want to rate this pencil higher since I like the overall design of it. Even though it's made out of plastic, it's sturdy and light weight. (: The only problem for me is when the pencil arrived the tip was bent which caused the lead to break everything I tried to write/ draw with it. I may possibly reorder this since I do like the pilot S3 series.
February 7, 2015
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