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I was very impressed...
June 28, 2013
Verified Purchase
I was very impressed with this pencil, one of my top five for sure.

I have a smaller hand in addition to a preference for 0.3 lead, so I often have to turn to drafting pencils since they com in 0.3 sizes much more frequently than regular mechanical pencils do. That being said, the entire S line of pencils are fantastic. I own the S3, S5, and S10 all in 0.3. While the S10 in 0.3 is my go-to drawing pencil, this S5 is my writing workhorse.

The S10 is clearly more solidly constructed, but I actually prefer the S5 for both extended writing sessions and everyday carry (especially over the S3). The S5 is more weighty than the S3 with a much more comfortable grip to boot. It's stylish and substantial, and at half the price of the S10 I worry less about it bouncing around with my other pens when I'm on the go. The yellow orange is very good looking, and the muted orange on the grip is actually less muddled than I thought it would be. The weight towards the tip of the pencil is fantastic, and a great balance gives this pencil and excellent feeling. It's a pleasure to hold in my hand!

The grip is actually very, very nice--it looks underwhelming, but it's soft, smooth, and the little indents give you a great grip on the pencil. The knurled grip on the S10 is also nice, but as someone with art callouses the grip on the S5 is a clear winner.

Another reviewer mentioned problems with lint sticking to the grip, so I was worried that I would have a lint magnet of a grip on the same level as an Alpha Gel grip. Fortunately, that's not the case! While lint does stick to it and get into those indents, compared to an Alpha Gel it's hardly noticeable lol. But if you can't stand stuff collecting on your pencil grips, I find the best way to clean them off is with a piece of tape. :) I have also never had any problems getting the lead to advance on any of my S series pencils, unlike the previous reviewer.

All said and done, the S5 is a fantastic pencil; A great alternative for the more expensive S10 and still of surprisingly better quality over the S3.
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I really love this pencil....
October 29, 2015
Verified Purchase
I really love this pencil. The color is great and it seems to be well made.
Exactly what I'd hoped...
June 30, 2015
Verified Purchase
Exactly what I'd hoped it would be. Hefty, solid, writes constantly. Easy to find on my desk, too! I love the grip.
I like the feel of the...
October 25, 2011
Verified Purchase
I like the feel of the rubber grip, but it does attract a lot of lint. The diameter is about 10mm, which I prefer. I don't like my pencils thinner than 10mm, it's uncomfortable after long use. I use the Uni-ball Hi-Uni Hi-Density Pencil Lead HB lead and this lead significantly reduced lead breakage. The S5 series is very "clicky". On several occasions, I had to click about 20+ times for the lead to come out. I had to push the lead from the point, which is the opposite. Maybe it's defective? Regardless, I like this pencil very much. Drafting mechanical pencils write much better than cheaper mechanical pencils.
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