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I purchased this pen...
February 5, 2014
Verified Purchase
I purchased this pen in July of 2012 and have used it as an every day pen since. This is the first fountain pen I have ever purchased.

I loved the packaging. I am not sure that it's packaged the same way anymore. Generally the pen writes very well

My only complaint is that the finish, after much use, is wearing off and showing the copper metal color of the body. While it doesn't effect the writing of the pen, it makes it look very cheap and/or used. This is the reason for my 4 star review.

I also purchased a fine nib for this pen. If you're ordering for daily writing, I suggest the medium nib. I barely use the fine nib.

Another suggestion I have is that you should always, ALWAYS, leave the pen retracted when not in use! Even if you're just shuffling some papers to continue writing. The nib will bend easily.
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My first gold nib pen...
August 10, 2015
Verified Purchase
My first gold nib pen and I absolutely love it. Feels great, the clip placement not only doesn't bother me, it helps with my grip. Design is stunning. My only complaint is that I bought this with a medium nib because I heard it writes more like a fine. I have to say I am inexperienced when it comes to fountain pens but I would have preferred a fine nib. The pen however is so great, I may just keep it and choose my next pen with a fine nib! Amazing service and pricing from JetPens as always.
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The fountain pen body...
October 11, 2015
The fountain pen body is matte black, looks amazing. I originally bought a fine nib, but went back and bought a medium nib instead because I write with heavier pressure. I liked the medium nib at first, it's good when it works well. But.. sometimes the ink doesn't flow well and I'd get empty lines. Wonder why the ink flow is not consistent, maybe a bad nib....? I am using the pilot black ink cartridge with this pen. :(
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