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Obviously these fit some...
March 23, 2011
Obviously these fit some people's writing style, but for me, they're too broad and wet---so wet that I have trouble with feathering and bleed-through on some papers where drier pens work fine. As one other minor nit, the inkview window is almost useless; there's only a window on one side, and with no way for light to come through, you can hardly see anything (not that I would mind this if I liked the ink flow, but it's just one more thing). I will give them that they're fast and smooth and don't tend to skip or dry out, but for the same price I would recommend the Platinum Preppy instead.
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I must say I am very...
September 28, 2010
I must say I am very pleased with my results. The ink is a excellent dark and rich black. I really enjoy writing with it whenever I get chance.
The line is approximately 0.7mm thick. I'm not a fan of thick lines (0.5mm is my friend!), but if you enjoy bold and disposable fountain pens, picking this up would be an excellent idea.
And let me tell you, these pens last a LONG time. I used one for seven to eight months. Don't judge the ink by the clear window on the side! Even if it looks empty, there's a good month left in the pen.
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This is a great pen for...
June 3, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is a great pen for the price. . . actually, better than some I've paid much more for. It writes a smooth and juicy line, does not skip. I'm very pleased with it.
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Write very fast, very...
December 27, 2010
Write very fast, very wet, very thick. My favorite pen. In a blind pen test I would pick these cheapo pens over pens 10x the cost. Plus you can actually refill them by using padded pliers to pull out the nib/body. And there's nothing to cry over if you lose them.
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I really like this pen....
December 28, 2011
Verified Purchase
I really like this pen. It is the first fountain pen I have ever used. I really enjoy writing with it. I plan on buying another the next time I order something from Jetpens.
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Very smooth and dark...
December 10, 2009
Verified Purchase
Very smooth and dark ink. It almost feels marker-like over the paper...not scratchy. It's a touch broader of a stroke than I'd like for regular writing, but that's my only beef with it.
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You get what you pay...
February 9, 2015
Verified Purchase
You get what you pay for. Mediocore-quality, but definitely the best in it's price range. If I were to buy again, I'd pick up a finer nib, Medium nibs don't suit my small font style well, this nib is great for those who right at a normal to large size. Doesn't really bleed ink that much, smudging happens on bad paper just as all pens. Honestly it is a good pen for beginners, I wouldn't reccomend anything else under $
I enjoy using the disposable...
December 18, 2014
Verified Purchase
I enjoy using the disposable fountain pen, but I do keep forgetting to put the cap on. I use it everyday at work, testing to see how long my ink will last.
As a left-hander, one...
November 11, 2014
Verified Purchase
As a left-hander, one of the few fountain pens I have been able to use that has smear-free
delivery of ink for me and delivers a consistent, smooth flow. I love the medium nib for calligraphy. Wish that Pilot would make this refillable - more environmental friendly!
I found one of these...
July 30, 2014
I found one of these babies laying in the driveway of an abandoned house. It must have been laying there quite a good time since the outside has quite an amount of scratches. The inside however works like new. I love this pen, it holds a special place in my heart right next to my Parker Jotter. It is utilitarian, never leaks, looks a lot classier, and writes with a lot more character than a regular ball point. It often surprises folks when I hand it to them to sign things. It writes very smooth and very wet, no skipping at all. On that same page, or maybe a different page. (haha) As with any liquid ink pen that writes wet, you will have to consider paper choice when writing. Thinner lower quality paper will bleed and feather badly. It will be replaced when it runs dry. (or I may try to refill it as another user cleverly suggested)
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