Pilot Vortex Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Clear Blue

Pilot Vortex Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Clear Blue

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The Jetsons' flying car sound whirs through your head when you pick up Pilot's Vortex fountain pen. (We hope you know what we're talking about.) Resembling some object from the future or from space, the Vortex pen is quite advanced indeed. It proudly features a highly original and novel design. Visual highlights include a large clear cap with silver perforated trim, an aerodynamic-looking silver clip with a colored accent piece matching the grip, and a nib emerging from a sturdy transparent sheath as if set for take-off. The pen is lightweight and short when capped, which is great for portability. Thanks to the lengthy cap, it becomes a normal size for writing when the cap is snapped on to the back end of the pen. It is unusual to find a rubber grip on a fountain pen, but the Vortex has a textured one that improves writing comfort. The smooth nib also enhances the writing experience. Once you get a hold of this pen, you'll first become the coolest person in your office, and then you'll enjoy wherever the pen takes you and your writing.

Note: Ink is not included with the pen. Ink cartridges and converters are sold separately.

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Must agree w/previous...
January 31, 2014
Verified Purchase
Must agree w/previous reviewer. I own more than a fistful of Pilot FPs, and this one was a welcome addition. Number one "draw" for me? The Pilot (F)ine nib--essentially the same one as in my beloved Cocoons and Preras. Noticeably finer than typical with other pens, it writes perfectly, with no "breaking-in" or tweaking necessary. All-plastic, except for the clip and nib of course, it's *very* light. It's compact, at about a half-inch shorter than Pilot's Cocoon or Metro (those being the same pen, essentially), but fits well, unposted, even in my largish hands. Like the "click" securing the cap when posted, too, though I don't usually write that way. Only possibly downside? It'll only take Pilot cartridges --not the "short international" variety. It WILL of course take a Pilot CON-50 (or CON-20) converter though, so you *can* use bottled ink (yay!). I didn't want to dunk the soft plastic "grip" into an ink bottle, possibly staining it, so I filled my CON-50 converter FIRST (with a syringe) and snapped the pen onto the converter. Bob's your uncle, as they say. Plan on buying more in different colors.
This is a great pen in...
January 17, 2014
Verified Purchase
This is a great pen in addition to being reasonably priced. I'd never heard of the Vortex model and, frankly, the design doesn't do much for me. In fact, I'll admit that I think it's downright ugly, though tastes are subjective of course! But it's light and comfortable to hold, and the nib lays down a nice smooth line, glides easily across the page, and is just so reliable. I don't think I've ever had a problem with skipping, and it writes immediately even if it's been left uncapped for a moment or two. As with most Pilots, the fine point is narrower than it would be for other brands, which means it minimizes feathering and smearing. For me this is a dependable workhorse pen that, because of its price, I can take anywhere and not worry about something happening to it (though I'd hate to lose or break it), while at the same time knowing that I'll have a pleasurable writing experience. Whether you like the design or not, the Vortex is a good buy.