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I absolutely love the...
April 1, 2013
Verified Purchase
I absolutely love the look of this pen; it's tough to find a fountain pen this unique!

BODY: The orange is a bright neon like the picture, and the body is all plastic except for the rubber grip and metal clip and accent at the base of the cap. The plastic is light and is definitely on the cheaper end of the material spectrum, compared to something like the Monteverde Artista Crystal which has a very substantial-feeling plastic. There are also slight imperfections visible from manufacturing, such as seams in the plastic and some nubs from where the plastic was poured, though most are smoothed off.
The rubber grip is a very nice addition, and I like that it goes far up the pen body. The rubber material is a bit more smooth than the Lamy Nexx's grip, which has more of a tacky/grippy feeling, however the ribbed texture makes up for it.

CAP: The cap screws on and off, and clicks on securely when posted. This is a well-balanced pen when posted, and is a bit too short to use comfortably when un-posted. The clip is springy but not too stiff.

CONVERTER: I purchased the Pilot CON-50 converter with this pen, and it fits securely. I do not use cartridges so unfortunately I cannot comment on how those behave. I also fill my converters with a blunt syringe so I don't know how well it draws up ink through the feed, but the converter fits snugly so I assume the suction is more than enough.

NIB/FEED: The nib is inflexible and of an average smoothness - not buttery but not scratchy. It uses the same type of nib as the Pilot Metropolitan, though the Metros use a medium width. This is pretty close to a "true" fine, around a 0.5 mm width, whereas the medium is around a 0.7 mm. The fine nib does not show shading of inks, so I would suggest using a dark/saturated, non-shading inks. The medium nib will probably allow for more shading. The fine nib is better for smaller or more precise writing. The feed is reliable and isn't too wet or dry - just right for normal writing.

This is a great starter pen if you like the sci-fi look that it's sporting.
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The styling is very distinctiv...
October 9, 2013
The styling is very distinctive. I have few compact fountain pens; I have biggish hands and like a substantial feel. The circumference and length of the pen when it's posted are comfortable. The ribbed grip feels good, the cap is solid feeling plastic, the clip is well attached and shaped, the metal ring is stylish and winds up at the midpoint of the pen when it is posted, so it is a nice balance point. I didn't have any problem with the cartridge; I haven't tried a converter yet. The nib is smooth enough, finer than I expected and not overly wet. If you like a heavy line this is probably not going to work well for you. I'm not sure how durable this is going to be, but I like it so far.
I was excited about this...
April 23, 2013
Verified Purchase
I was excited about this pen - mostly because of its looks. Unfortunately this pen is a total dud. What a disappointment. I never succeded in getting the converter to fit. Insertnig cartrrdges was a no go.

This pen stinks! Stay away from it.
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