Pilot Young Rex Fountain Pen - Black - Gold Trim - Fine Nib

Pilot Young Rex Fountain Pen - Black - Gold Trim - Fine Nib

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On par with the Cavalier Fountain pen in terms of writing ability, the Young Rex offers a more subtle look with its glossy black finish and slim design. The fine nib writes beautifully, almost as fine as a Hi-Tec-C 0.5 mm gel pen (fine tipped Japanese fountain pens continue to amaze us.) Approximately 5.25 inches long.

Unit comes with one refill cartridge. You can find more refills and more refill colors here.

Customer Reviews

I found this pen in a...
November 7, 2013
I found this pen in a stationary shop in Okinawa, of all places, in late October. I wasn't planning on buying a pen on this trip, but after picking up some Japanese paper and notebooks, I decided to get it. It was quite reasonable. The woman at the shop apologized for it being a medium, but I happen to like Japanese mediums (like an American fine). She even gave me a pack of cartridges for free. I found it to be a surprisingly smooth writing nib, with a little bit of springiness that made it feel even smoother. It's light and it's made almost entirely of plastic, but that is no sin. The nib looks like it's gold plated, and the pen looks great. Very classy looking and writes very well. What more can you ask for? :-)
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Pros: -Writes smooth -Lightw...
December 21, 2007
-Writes smooth
-Grip that doesn't slip easily(Resin coating, not plastic)
-Can write thicker or thinner lines with change in pressure(to some degree)
-Not a bad starter pen
-Uses pilot fountain pen refills

-Sometimes the ink skips (when scribbling quickly,etc.)
-Maybe a bit too lightweight...
-Unlike most upper end Pilot fountain pens, the nib isn't gold(it's a special alloy,instead)

I'd suggest in as a gift for a pen lover/collector. If you like how it looks and don't care about the lack of weight, then buy it. It works dependably (as far as I have used it).
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Does anyone know if a...
September 7, 2014
Does anyone know if a pilot converter will fit in this pen?
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