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The beautiful black glossy body and gold accents exude sophistication and portray the high quality of Platinum's meticulously-designed 3776 Century fountain pen. The pen has a resin body and a 14-carat gold nib.

In 2011, as an early celebration of their 100th anniversary, Platinum (founded in 1919) launched the 3776 Century fountain pen in this black color, called "Black in Black." A key innovation is the "Slip & Seal" mechanism in the screw-on cap which drastically delays ink dryout. Whereas dried ink causes problems for typical fountain pens not used for 3-6 months, the 3776 Century pen can withstand longer periods of not being used. The carefully engineered pen achieves sleek design, a comfortable writing balance, and smooth ink flow.

This pen is based on Platinum's original 3776 fountain pen which was designed by Haruo Umeda ("Mr. Fountain Pen") and Platinum designers who strove to incorporate all of the ideal qualities of fountain pens to create the highest-quality pen. Their aspiration is reflected in the name "3776," which represents the elevation (in meters) of Mt. Fuji, the highest peak in Japan. The pen launched successfully in 1978, and Platinum has improved the 3776 collection even further since then.

The 3776 Century pen (black version) ranked 4th in the 2011 3rd quarter Nikkei Consumer Watcher, a list issued by Japan's Nikkei newspaper which ranks products based on appeal, ease of use, technology, quality, and other desirable elements. The pen ranked among Mazda and Honda automobiles, outranked the Apple MacBook Air, and was the only writing instrument ranked in the top 20. The Bourgogne (Burgundy) version, launched in 2012, won an ISOT 2012 prize. This prize is awarded to the top ten new products at the annual International Stationery and Office Products Fair Tokyo, a leading stationery trade show.

The pen comes in a gift box with one blue black ink cartridge. It accepts the cartridges and converters listed under Recommended Refills/Parts.

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