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This ultrafine, water-based pigment ink dries fast and has a strong color. The ink is water resistant when in use and water proof when dry. The fade resistant, permanent ink is ideal for uses where you want your writing to remain for years to come. It can also be safely used for signing documents, contracts, etc.

Pigment inks are safe to use with fountain pens but do require reqular cleaning to avoid clogging. When using this ink, we recommend cleaning your pen every 4 weeks. See our cleaning guide for more information.

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This is an excellnt flowing,...
December 13, 2010
This is an excellnt flowing, beautiful deep blue ink that was previously difficult to obtain in North America. I use it in my eye-dropper converted Platinum Preppy, and it works well. 'Just be certain to flush your fountain pen periodically since, I believe, this fine-particled pigment (not dye)ink (like the Sailor Nano ink) could possibly clog the feed of your pen if the ink dries out. Thank you JetPens for making Platinum Pigment Blue available, but please make Platinum Pigment Sepia available, too.
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I love the color and...
February 18, 2012
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I love the color and durability. I use it in a Preppy pen and it works great. I tried it in some other pens too. It'd work for a bit, but apparently the pigment was separating(?) in the feed and I was getting some pale bluish liquid out of the nib. I will stick with the Preppy and continue to enjoy this ink.
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This ink has a soft,...
March 7, 2013
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This ink has a soft, blue color, slightly on the purple side but not too much. I would compare it to Montblanc or Waterman blue in terms of color. Do not be fooled by it’s delicate color and free-flowing properties: This ink holds onto paper with the tenacity of a pit-bull. Water, ammonia, nothing I could pour over the writing sample I made removed the ink—or even make the color run slightly. I have it loaded in a Platinum Preppy now, so I can see how well it washes from the feed after continued usage. Time will tell just how safe it is. Nevertheless, it acts just like any other well-behaved basic blue ink so far.
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Some do not like the...
May 8, 2015
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Some do not like the understated (surprisingly delicate) blue of this ink. I like it when I want something gentler than Platinum Blue-Black (my daily driver ink). I have used this ink in my Platinum Preppys without a problem -- I made a point of jotting something down each day -- and I like the fact that it is well and truly waterproof.
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