Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen - Super Fine + 1 Carbon Ink Cartridge

Platinum Carbon Desk Fountain Pen - Super Fine + 1 Carbon Ink Cartridge

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Your customers will be surprised when they discover this distinguished and elegant fountain desk pen. The pen features a gold plated, stainless steel nib in a fine point and a gorgeously elongated resin body. The pen weighs 0.4 ounces, measures 18 cm long and has a maximum diameter of approximately 11 mm.

For the complete look, set it in the Platinum desk pen stand.

This pen uses Platinum Carbon Ink Cartridge - Pack of 4 - Black as its ink refills and is also compatible with the Platinum converter.

Note:The carbon ink that comes with this pen contains pigment particles, which can cause clogging if allowed to dry out inside of a pen. When using this ink, we recommend giving your pen a good cleaning every 4 to 6 weeks, or if you don't plan on using the pen for a week or longer.

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A desk pen is not mobile...
August 18, 2009
A desk pen is not mobile and must be kept upright at all times. Getting a nice cup to hold the pen up in or the desk holder (available from Jetpens, too) is a MUST. The cartridges seem a little pricey compared to normal fountain ink, but there is where all comparisons end.

These pens write a fine line with excellent control. The tip writes fluidly and can keep up with even fast writing. The ink is a nice, dark black (although not as dark as some gel inks); it IS waterproof and the carbon will resist chemical attack, as well. Please keep in mind that this IS a "waterdripping" pen that relies on ink flow, gravity and a watery ink to work. This means that if you use uncoated paper or thin, cheap paper, you WILL get some feathering and bleedthrough. So be sure to pair this excellent pen with excellent paper to get the most out of it.

This pen is pure joy to write with! I use mine daily and often. I write letters, pen notes, make sketches and whatever else I can do just to feel the smooth nib gliding across the paper.

I've used the Sailor desk pen, as well, and I can say that, in my opinion, both pens have high quality. I prefer the Platinum ever so slightly (because of the ink), but not by much.

As a quick warning: The carbon ink is NOT made for ordinary fountain pens. This desk pen has a specially widened channel in the feed to accomodate the ink. Putting the carbon ink in a normal pen risks clogging. PLEASE use the right ink with the right pen with the right paper and you will NEVER be disappointed.
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This is a terrific pen....
November 7, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is a terrific pen. The nib is super-fine, almost a needlepoint, but it still manages to be much smoother than a nib of that size has a right to be.

This pen will work with regular bottled fountain pen ink, but it's really designed to be used with Platinum's pigment-based carbon ink. This ink is waterproof and will resist bleach and other chemicals commonly employed by check forgers. The carbon ink is even more water-resistant than my other favorite, Noodlers Bulletproof Black. (Unlike the Noodlers, the carbon ink doesn't leave a layer of dye particles that washes away and smudges ever so slightly when the paper gets wet.) For instantly waterproof lines, this is the ink to use.

The nib is a delight, really. The pen is super-responsive on just about any paper. I find that I have more control with this pen than any other writing or drawing instrument I own. It has rapidly become my favorite pen for writing and sketching.

The cartridges will last a very long time--the nib is very sparing with ink, yet it flows instantly and never skips. The only drawback to the carbon ink is the fact that it thoroughly stains the plastic of the cartridge wall on the inside, so it's just about impossible to see how much ink is left in the cartridge. But I'm still on my first cartridge since buying the pen three weeks ago, and I probably write 3-6 pages a day.

The pen holder for this pen is a handy way to keep this on your desk. It looks nice and eliminates the need to uncap the pen before use. It's not strictly necessary to keep this pen upright, though--I take it along with the cap when I do work outside the house, and I've had it sitting in my bag for a day or two over the weekend without drying up or hard starting.

A super pen for water-proof writing and drawing at a bargain price. If you like super-fine nibs, you'll love this one. It feels good in the hand and is a joy to use.
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August 21, 2012
Verified Purchase
FANTASTIC PEN FOR COMIC BOOK DRAWING AND ILLUSTRATION! Handles very similar to-- if not exactly like-- the Sailor Desk Pen. Super-fine to medium lines are possible. flexible for variable line work. Along with the Sailor, it has become one of my favorite detailing pens.
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The Platinum Carbon pen...
July 30, 2009
The Platinum Carbon pen allows you to use the waterproof Carbon Ink in a fountain pen. After having used this pen for a while, I can recommend it.

I also own the Rotring Art Pen, which is a similar concept. The Rotring uses typical fountain pen ink, which washes away with any water-based media (like watercolor). I also found the Rotring to have flow issues (it was difficult to get it started). If you left it unused for a while, forget about using it without some maintenance.

The Carbon pen seems to address these issues. Plus, it's cheap. I don't think you'll find a better deal on a waterproof ink-based sketching pen. I'm really pleased with this find. Maybe now I can stop lugging bottles of ink with me when I vacation!
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I don't use this pen...
April 25, 2012
I don't use this pen every day but have had it for quite a while. I decided when then original cartridge was finished, I would buy the carbon ink. I still am using the original cartridge. The line is so thin that the cartridge lasts a long time. Some day I will get to buy the ink bottle. Anyway, my point is that even though the cartridges may seem expensive, they last a long time.
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