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This waterproof, lightfast, pigment-based carbon ink is highly sought after by artists. Each bottle is filled with 60 cc of lush, black liquid ink made from the famous Platinum Co. of Japan.

Please note: This ink is safe to use in fountain pens, but regular care and cleaning should be done, as carbon ink can be damaging if allowed to completely dry up inside the pen. To be safe, we recommend cleaning your pen every 4 to 6 weeks, or if you don't plan on using the pen for a week or longer.

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Fantastic ink!!! One...
January 7, 2009
Verified Purchase
Fantastic ink!!!
One of the only truly waterproof inks on the market. Noodler's claim is not exactly correct about their bullet proof inks. Though the parts of the ink that have bonded with celluloid are waterproof the other dye resting on top is not waterproof, don't be fooled. If you are doing watercolor washes over noodler's a a slightly gray wash will result! Carbon ink is the only fountain pen ink that is truly waterproof!

Feeds and works perfectly in my Pilot VP and even in all my cheap fiber feed pens like the petite and varsity.

Not as black as noodler's but is still very black, this ink is well into the black, black range even in a fine point pen.

It is also the smoothest ink I've ever used, the carbon particles lubricate the point very well.

Just don't let this ink dry out in your pen use it once or twice a week and don't store the pen with the ink in it. Heck if you let any ink dry in a good pen or store any pen with ink in it you've done a no,no.
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I've been using this...
February 27, 2010
Verified Purchase
I've been using this ink for about a month now in my Lamy Fine Point Safari. This pen travels with me everywhere, so the ink never gets a chance to dry up in the pen. This a very smooth black that, once it dries, stands up well to my watercolor washes without any smearing. I prefer Platinum Carbon to the Noodler's Bulletproof Black that I used to use.
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I'm a long-time user...
December 29, 2012
I'm a long-time user of Cabon and other pigmented inks in my fountain pens. I keep Platinum Carbon in my Pilot Vanishing Point (F), which is my daily-carry pen, as well as my Pelikan Souverän M1000 and Omas Ogiva fountain pens. The Pelikan and Omas have customized extra-fine nibs and optimized feeds for those nibs, but Carbon flows just as freely through them as any Noodler's, Omas, Iroshizuku, or Pelikan inks I've used in them. I've had Carbon sit idly in my Omas for weeks at a time and had no hard starts nor feeding issues with it.

Bear in mind that I'm rather meticulous (feel free to call me anal retentive if you want) when it comes to cleaning my pens: I flush with cool, clean water until it runs mostly clear; flush with a mild amonia solution two or three times; soak the entire nib and feed section (yes, I disassemble my expensive, piston-fill pens too) in the same kind of mild amonia solution overnight; flush three or four times with cool, fresh water; leave nib and section to dry overnight.

Using that procedure, I've never had flow nor clogging issues.

In terms of the properties of this particular ink, it is quite completely waterproof AFTER IT'S HAD A CHANCE TO DRY FULLY. If you're going to be going over the lines with a wash or markers, I'd strongly suggest giving it a full hour to dry even though if you've only done line work with Carbon it ought to be dry enough after five or so minutes (tops).

The color is rich and dark enough, depending on how "dry" or "wet" your feed is. This is not an ink intended for use with dip pens (although I've used it with pointed pens after mixing in some gum arabic with excellent results). I will say that with my drier pens, the color isn't quite as saturated as a few of Noodler's blacks, but to my eye it seems at least as dark as Noodler's most popular "Bulletproof" black; and without the smell of his "Bulletproof" inks!

As I mentioned before, I always keep my daily-carry pen filled with this Carbon ink and plan on continuing to do so until Platinum stops making it, which I hope never happens in my lifetime.

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The ink is indeed waterproof....
January 23, 2011
Verified Purchase
The ink is indeed waterproof. It also dries quickly. BUT it is not very dark (more greyish than black), it tends to spread and feather on even good quality paper, and I would hesitate to call it fountain pen friendly. I filled a Lamy Safari I didn't care much for with it, and I used it every day for about two weeks. The ink stained the converter, and flushing it from the pen is proving to be quite a task. I will settle for using disposable drawing pens from now on. I just hope this ink hasn't totally destroyed my Safari.
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I use this for sketching...
July 29, 2016
Verified Purchase
I use this for sketching and inking drawings. Write smoothly through my Pilot Kakuno and it's waterproof as advertised.