Platinum GSP-80N Gel Pen Refill - 0.5 mm - Black

Platinum GSP-80N Gel Pen Refill - 0.5 mm - Black

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One 0.5 mm gel roller refill for the Platinum Modern Maki-e Gel Roller Pen. Black, blue and red refill colors available.

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If I can give this a...
April 8, 2016
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If I can give this a "No or zero star" rating, I would. I have a total of six (6) of these refills (4, I bought extra and 2 I got with the pens since I bought 2 pens). Of the 6 of the refills, 4 have gone bad. For 3 of them, it's like the roller ball tip disintegrated through use and then the only thing left was the metal tip that houses the ball for the ink to run on, so you literally can't write because it scratches the paper and the pen doesn't want to work anymore. The last one that went bad, the ball disintegrated and the pen started leaking everywhere! All of these that went bad didn't even go through half the ink inside them so lots of ink wasted since I have to toss them. It's not worth returning them to get replacements. I will not buy anymore of these refills. BUT, I love the feel of the pen, so I now have to search for a refill that will fit the SBTB-100H body. This will be a project in itself. If I could attach a photo of the defective ones and the ink the bag has collected from spillage, I would. Buyer beware.