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This product is a very...
August 7, 2012
This product is a very impressive size considering it fits 2 pens and 1 pencil and it's got a nice solid twist mechanism. Unlike the Cross Tech3, there is no notch in between tips to keep everything safely retracted (the Sharbo also lacks this feature). I actually love the clear plastic because it shows you how these kinds of slim twist multi-pens work. The bad part about the plastic is that the screw-on cap over the eraser can crack if it's tightened too much. The other bad part is that over time the ink may write on the inside of the barrel tip (which is visible because of the clear plastic), making it very unattractive.

The ink in these pens is actually quite good considering it's a regular ballpoint ink and not a hybrid ink like Jetstream. It's not super-black, but it does its job well. I would compare it quite favorably to a Zebra ballpoint. I love the 0.7mm tip on ballpoints, great balance between small text and readability. And it's a D1 refill, so you can use other D1 refills like the Zebra gel ones for the Sharbo line. I don't actually use the pencil, and my ideal multi-pen would be this size but just have three ink colors instead of a pencil, but apparently nobody in the world makes such pens, as far as I know. Highly recommend this pen for people who want an excellent multi-pen that's affordable and good-looking.
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LOVE THIS PEN, as I do...
March 14, 2011
Verified Purchase
LOVE THIS PEN, as I do all my JetPens purchases! Writes very smoothly and I like the way it holds while writing. LOVE that it has a pencil and 2 ink colors as well. Cuts down on the need to carry 3 separate pens. LOVE versatile pens!
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