Platinum MWBM-1500A 2 Color 0.7 mm Ballpoint Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Gun Metal Gray Body

Platinum MWBM-1500A 2 Color 0.7 mm Ballpoint Multi Pen + 0.5 mm Pencil - Gun Metal Gray Body

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This beautiful and sleek multi pen is an amazing device! Combining elegance with pure WOW factor it is a multi pen that must be savored.

The barrel contains three writing instruments: a black ballpoint pen, red ballpoint pen, a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil and eraser. The name of each is lightly printed on the barrel. Just hold the pen horizontally with the desired instrument name facing upward and click. Internal weight mechanisms change the pen setting automatically! No need to fumble to an unknown writing device during meetings. The movement is so cool you'll want to share it with all your co-workers. They'll be boggled as to how a single click device can be a multi pen.

Another fine multi pen from Platinum Pen Company. Made in Japan.

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I was tempted by this...
October 29, 2011
Verified Purchase
I was tempted by this many times and never got one until now. I am thoroughly impressed. Slimmer than I expected, precisely 9.5mm for most of the body, then slightly widening to 10.3mm at the tip. The grey body has a finish that is very slightly iridescent depending on the angle you look. It is also a bit easy to scratch. But nothing's perfect. It's also not priced too high. Love it.
this is the best multipen...
July 10, 2010
Verified Purchase
this is the best multipen for the money it is professional and very nice to write with. Buy it even if you have doubts
This pen is amazing with...
March 10, 2010
Verified Purchase
This pen is amazing with the Hi tec refill. My only problem and the reason I gave it 4 stars rather than 5, is because the weight of then multi pen is so light. I wish it was a little heavier.
This is an awesome pen....
October 7, 2009
Verified Purchase
This is an awesome pen. Feels really sturdy. It's not too light but not too heavy. The switching mechanism is awesome and really smooth. My only complaint is that you can't switch out the pencil for another pen. I have another multipen that I got while in Narita Airport that looks almost identical to the one sold by Jetpens except it holds three pens and only costs 10 dollars. I wish Jetpens carried that pen xD. Ah wells this one is great too and looks better than my ten dollar one!
This is a very cool pen,...
August 26, 2008
Verified Purchase
This is a very cool pen, with a great switching mechanism. For my taste, this pen could've stood to be a bit heavier weight (I'm not always easy on my pens), and somewhat more solidly made, but the body IS solid metal, and the switching mechanism is really the most innovative I've ever come across.

As far as refills go, being an artist I like to have a wide selection of colors available to me. For this pen, you'll be hard-pressed to find many refills that are not what seems to be the standard 0.7mm multipen refill size. The ballpoint refills that fit this pen are, of course, the ones made for it, Hi-Tec-C SLIM refills (and no other Hi-Tec-C refills), any refills made specifically for the Cross Tech 3 multi pen, or any other multi or mini pen refill that measures 2 5/8" long by 1/16" wide/high/across. Monteverde refills that will fit this pen ARE available at colorado pen, and in a GREAT selection of colors (purple, red, pink, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, blue black, black, AND brown) and two tip widths (medium, which is approximately 0.7mm, and broad, which is probably 0.9mm). If you're looking for fine point refills, Levenger also offers multi pen refills (which they've since renamed "mini pen refills") that will fit this pen and other multi pens. You're stuck with black, red, or blue ink with them, but they do at least offer medium AND fine point refills that will work beautifully with this pen.

If you're looking for a great, all around go-to pen for both drawing and writing, you really can't beat the cool factor of this one with the weighted switch mechanism, and the low price!So whaddaya waiting for?! ; )..