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really really weak ink good...
March 1, 2016
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really really weak ink
good color but really weak
like color and good ...
November 27, 2015
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like color and good price
Nice brown ink!...
June 12, 2015
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Nice brown ink!
Perfect brown color....
February 16, 2015
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Perfect brown color.
Gorgeous brown! Fairly...
January 31, 2013
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Gorgeous brown! Fairly gold/orange brown. Writes well, regardless of paper. Would buy again.
I love this ink. Its...
May 12, 2012
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I love this ink. Its well behaved, but the color and the shading are incredible, especially in a flex pen. My Noodlers flex is my go-to ink testing pen, because it always brings out all the qualities of the ink, with flex or no.

Whereas most shading inks shade with two shades, the common shade and the darker shade, you can get three with this ink! The common shade is an earthy brown, the dark shade is well, darker, and then theres the light shade, which is a light orangey brown. A bit lighter than sienna.

I never thought a boring color like brown would end up being one of favorites. If you want it in a bottle, according to Platinum Co., its the Platinum Mix Free Earth Brown, but if I look at swabs of the colors they look different, but who knows.
This ink is a really...
August 11, 2011
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This ink is a really pretty sepia colour, especially on cream coloured papers. These cartridges fit in a cheap Platinum Riviere I purchased from Daiso.
I think the "brown" ink...
April 28, 2011
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I think the "brown" ink in Platinum cartridges is a lovely, warm shade of brown and might be considered a type of sepia. Many will be pleased with this ink, and it can certainly be used in either the Platinum sign pen or in any of Platinum's fountain pens.
Found this ink to be...
August 9, 2010
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Found this ink to be a little too yellow. More like tarnished brass than a rich brown.
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