Platinum OLEeNu Lead Breakage Prevention Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Blue Body

Platinum OLEeNu Lead Breakage Prevention Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Blue Body

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The standard length of a pencil lead is typically around 60 mm. In a conventional pencil, the pencil is only able to clutch the lead core until the last 10 mm. The remaining lead then typically becomes unstable and unusable. This wastes almost 17% of your lead! The Platinum OLEeNU, on the other hand, can clutch a lead core until the very last 0.5 mm! That's an incredibly short piece of lead.

Note: for this mechanism to work and let you use your lead to the very last bit, an additional piece of lead must be loaded in the pencil body.

An ordinary pencil's clutch mechanism has an interspace that causes the lead to become weak and unstable. The OLEeNU addresses the issue of lead breakage through the implementation of four major features:

1. OLEeNU guard
In ordinary mechanical pencils, a gap exists between the mechanism that grasps the lead and the pencil tip, resulting in an unprotected lead piece that is easily broken from pressure or movement. The OLEeNU contains two additional clutch parts (blue and yellow pictured below) that hold the lead to avoid breakage.

2. Internal spring
An internal spring absorbs shock during writing to decrease lead breakage.

3. Sliding metal tip
The tip features a sliding metal sleeve that moves with the lead to give it extra support.

4. "Zero Shin"
Since the clutch of an ordinary mechanical pencil is located a slight distance from the tip, typically around 10-12 mm of lead is left unusable at the end (i.e. lead is too short for the pencil and must be thrown away). The two additional clutch pieces of the OLEeNU allow you to use lead up to 0.5 mm in length.

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BEST investment if you're...
July 13, 2015
Verified Purchase
BEST investment if you're a mechanical pencil user! This really does everything it boasts. I bought his pencil because I use the Uni cyan blue .5mm pencil lead as a non-photo blue under drawing for my sketches. I typically have problems with the lead breaking or losing those last few millimeters of perfectly usable lead, but this pencil does a great job at protecting it and using every last bit.

I carry this pencil around in a tin box everywhere I go. It gets knocked around and abused, but the body as well as the lead inside, has stood the test of time. I highly recommend this pencil if you're going to be using mechanical lead of B or darker. It's great for soft leads and totally worth the purchase.
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Breakage prevention mechanisms...
February 4, 2016
Verified Purchase
Breakage prevention mechanisms work perfectly!