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Platinum ZeroShin Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Black - PLATINUM MZ-500A 1
SO NICE to have this solid pencil.

I'm an artist and I use mechanical pencils (0.5) all the time. At first, I used the Kuru Toga pencil so I wouldn't have to stop to click and advance the lead, however Kuro Togo basically works when the lead is lifted and placed back on the paper -- which happens less with drawing versus writing. Then I moved to a shaker system, so I can advance the lead with just a flick of the wrist instead of stopping to click it with my thumb.

However, in all cases one thing that irked me was the loss of lead / breakage. And THAT was the real loss.

The ZeroShin is a great solution for lead loss/breakage. It holds the lead VERY close and uses a LOT more of the lead right to the end (well, there's a little bi...

About Platinum

Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. was founded in 1919 by Toshiichi Nakata to build fountain pens. In 1949, Platinum Pen received first prize in the first international pen exhibition in Japan. In 1957, as a forerunner in the industry, Platinum Pen started selling a type of fountain pens that is refillable with an ink cartridge, called the "Platinum Honest 60". In 1958, the company sent testers to try this fountain pen in the Himalaya Mountains and proved that the ink does not leak despite the low atmospheric pressure.

Today, Platinum Pen's cartridge refillable fountain pens are some of the most popular in the market place. At, even fountain pen novices are eager to try out the super affordable and extremely practical Preppy fountain pens.

Platinum Pen continues to push the envelope, recently developing a cap for the Plaisir fountain pen line. This cap prevents ink from both drying and evaporating even with no pen use for an entire year.