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May 16, 2011
Basically, it\'s the...
Basically, it\'s the same pen point as the Platinum Preppy, but in a much sturdier, fashionable body. The nib and feed are identical to the Preppy, but the cap and barrel are metal. The \'bottom line\' is, for some people who like the Preppy, but prefer more weight in a pen, the Plaisir may be worth the additional expense.
Since I haven\'t had any problem with my Preppy fountain pens drying out, in a reasonable amount of time, I feel that this pen was not worth the additional expense for that design element. After all, periodically, it is wise to clean any fountain pen, and I don\'t leave a pen filled for a year.
In Japan, the Plaisir pens sell for around 10 bucks! In the USA, for about a lot less $, you could buy a Preppy.
Another alternative would be the Pilot 78G which, for less $, is a terrific fountain pen with an extra-fine \"Japanese fine\" nib. Besides being able to use cartridges, the 78G comes with an aerometric converter for filling from a bottle. Although it does work well and is solidly-made, the converter for the Platinum costs more than a Preppy.

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October 7, 2010
nice pen, a little big...
nice pen, a little big but good weight, feel and balance ... and its a pen, so the most important part is that it writes beautifully... it might be the best writing fountain pen i have and i have about 10

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August 25, 2011
The lid snap is weak....
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The lid snap is weak. The lid easily falls off. My nib is falling out of the pen.

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August 25, 2011
Buy a pack of preppy...
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Buy a pack of preppy fountain pens. they are the same pen.

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