Platinum Pocket Brush Pen - Soft

Platinum Pocket Brush Pen - Soft

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Platinum captures the spirit of traditional Asian calligraphy with this unique art brush pen. Pen consists of artificial hair-like bristles that add authenticity to art and calligraphy work, while utilizing a high-tech cartridge system for easy refilling. Its large brush size make it better suited for bold artwork and writing. Unique body shape is designed for comfort and balance.

Conveniently refills with cartridges.

Customer Reviews

Beautiful pen, great...
July 22, 2009
Verified Purchase
Beautiful pen, great ink and wonderfully balanced in the hand. Personally not thrilled with the shape but it does give it a classic feel.

The ink is as advertised waterproof and very dark.

The brush is shorter and wider that the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen and therefore gives a wider line. Depending on what your style is like this is a benefit or a problem.

I personally prefer the Pentel, but since the ink was sold out I decided to give this a try. It may be that I need to get used to it, but so far I prefer the delicacy of the Pentel.

A great pen none the less and I can see this being better for calligraphers and artists that work larger or are looking for a bold expressive line.
Wow. This pen is great....
December 16, 2008
Verified Purchase
Wow. This pen is great. The bristles are durable so far, and keep a fine edge. The ink flows very smoothly and feels wonderful to write with.

I have not had the problem of the previous reviewer, even though I've been storing the pen upside down inside my leather coat. No leaks so far.. _^.^_ My only wish is that it had a nice cap--I would pay $5 more for a pretty cap, because I'm just that way.

In short: This pen is a blast to write with. Lots of fun, and great for artists or people who just want to try out a brush pen for something new! I may buy a few of these for presents this year.
Incredible, incredible...
April 23, 2008
Incredible, incredible pen - the bristles are durable, the ink is great, and it glides over paper as smooth as a baby's bottom. It's definitely a nice addition to the cartoonist's toolbox.
Good responsive brush...
March 19, 2008
Verified Purchase
Good responsive brush pen. Best features would be its dark waterproof ink and easy to control flexible brush tip. Discovered a drawback when I stored it the same way I store my Kuretake brush pen with the brush tip pointing down: ink leaked and pooled inside the cap. Just spilled some of the ink on my black shorts (at least the stain doesn't show) when placing the cap back on. Thus, it probably would not travel well in airplanes and would be likely to leak during air travel (Already tested the Pentel Pocket Brush pen and found them to perform well during flights). In short it's a fun drawing tool, but one must take care to store it with tip pointing up to prevent leaks.
Having tried this brush...
March 3, 2008
Verified Purchase
Having tried this brush pen for drawing, I recommend that everyone else looking for a brush pen also try it! Its white synthetic-hair nib is the same length of that of the popular Kuretake Brush Pen, but a little broader, translating into better ink flow and broader lines. I had found the long body and unattractive (to me) cap in the photograph off-putting, but the pen is extremely light and well-balanced, making it very easy to handle. The easy cartridge refill system is very useful; this pen is a great no-mess way to ink with a brush and has instantly become one of my favorites in my rather large collection of brush pens.