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18 out of 19 people found the following review helpful
  Bought the pen because..., April 13, 2011
By hikky
Bought the pen because it was the only one that was 1. $3 and 2. had no negative reviews.
It came with a 2.25" ink cartridge it ran out after about 50 full pages of notes in 3 days for me because your hands never ever get tired... i don't know why...
never bleeds, never leaked, it gets dry if you leave it out uncapped for like a minute, but i'm guessing the drying issue is universal to fountain pens. I learned to just tap the table once before starting to write again and the dryness can be avoided.
Love the fine point; I can't imagine getting a european brand pen, and finding out that their "fine point" is really a "medium point" thickness... For this pen, it says 0.3mm, but realistically, it is about 0.5mm on paper, which is PERFECT.

Absolutely flawless.
Better than any pencil and pen I have ever used. (Dr.Grip, and alpha grip combined)
The fact that I have to change the cartridge frequently motivates me because it tells me that I'm doing a lot of work (unlike other ball point pens where the ink never, ever, ever runs out...)

Contemplating on whether to get a converter.
I absolutely love this pen, I am scared to get any other pens =\.
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  It writes like a dream..., January 24, 2012
By ran...
It writes like a dream but the barrel and cap are made from weak, brittle plastic. I've been very careful with mine and both the top of the body and the bottom of the cap have developed cracks. This is my second Preppy, which I got to replace the first one that had the same issue.

I know it's only a $3 pen, but I still expect it to not fall apart after a few months of easy desktop use, especially after buying the $8 converter. It's a shame too, because the fine nib writes like a dream, much smoother than many of my "real" fountain pens.
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  Not a fan. This pen..., March 11, 2012
By gmc...
Not a fan.

This pen really isn't that fine for a Japanese pen (not even close to a Sailor fine). It's a very dry writing pen, so much so that it skips or writes faintly on both inks I've tried (in fairness, neither were the cartridge that came with the pen, I've been eye-dropper-ing with Noodler inks). It was hard starting from day one. For $3 you can do better with a Pilot Varsity.

Your experience might be better with the cartridge ink than mine.
4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  Very good functioning..., February 21, 2013
Very good functioning pen. I've had it for a good while now, about 5 months. Everything works well on it, except the barrel and cap developed cracks quickly. Recently the cap finally cracked enough to stop clipping onto the pen. A shame that happened just after buying the converter for it. I am going to keep it around and see if there is a way to remedy the cracking, perhaps with some gorilla glue or more tape.
4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  After 6 weeks of only..., March 12, 2012
By bea...
After 6 weeks of only very occasional use, the cheap plastic body of this pen has developed very deep cracks rendering it completely useless in hand... Very disappointing.
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  Great pen but the ink..., August 3, 2011
Great pen but the ink is a little grayish
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  Having read high praise..., March 21, 2008
Having read high praise of the Platinum Preppy, I had high expectations for the fountain pen. When I got it (in black and pink), the light weight, comfortable feel, and snugly-fitting cap impressed me. Unfortunately, both pens were slow starters and the ink seemed to flow inadequately; writing felt dry and skipping occurred too frequently for my tastes. I tossed the black ink cartridge and used a Platinum Pocket Brush Pen refill cartridge. Now the pen is a dream, with a nice, reliable line. With its own ink, I would rate the pen at 3/5, but with the different ink, I would rate it at 5/5, hence the 4/5 average.
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  This was my first fountain..., August 6, 2012
By ale...
This was my first fountain pen. As a starter pen it serves as a inexpensive introduction. Its not bad on decent paper, and for the price you really can't go wrong.

The big caveat is that when you move to something more refined it will feel like going from a tricycle to Formula 1 racer.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Smooth writing with great..., October 6, 2011
By the...
Smooth writing with great inkflow, but not fine enough a nib for my taste - my Sailor Inkbar still wins in that department.
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  Great pens for a great..., September 10, 2011
Great pens for a great price. I bought this in several colors then went back and bought some for my son. A pleasure to write with. They have a nice fine line. I hadput one of them up for several weeks and when I got it back out it had not dried out. The ink comes in nice colors they are not very deep but still nice. I like the blue black best. The purple was too pink for me. Still how can go wrong for this price.
1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  I had used disposable..., January 29, 2008
I had used disposable Pilot brand "varsity" fountain pens for several months. The ink didn't last me more than a couple of weeks. I thought to myself," I wish these were refillable." Then I found this site with economy refillables. I recieved my Black Platinum Preppy pen just about 1.5 days after I bought it. Kudos on the fast shipping,..Wow! It works beautifully, and the ink seems to last much longer than the Pilot's. As far as the rattling noise, it is the plunger for the refill. Unless you're writing like a maniac, you wont notice it during normal use. It is noticeable if you pick it up and shake it like spray paint. Overall this is an awesome pen. Very tight Nib. My Pilot's were always breaking down, and needed constant cleaning. Anytime I jotted something down on heavy paper, they would get a tiny paper fiber stuck between the nib. Either it wouldn't write at all, or was intermitent. Possibly the most annoying thing ever. The Platinum Preppy however, has a better quality nib, and does not get paper stuck in it. Writes smooth. I like it, and will definately order more, probably a couple of the more high end pens also. Nice to see this kind of economy pen come through with so much quality! All straight from California, keep up the good work guys!
  I received this pen as..., September 9, 2014
I received this pen as a handout during an event at the Embassy of Japan. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it and found a fountain pen, not the cheap ballpoint I had been expecting. Let me just say that whoever's idea it was to hand out these pens should get a promotion because I am hooked. This is the nicest pen I have ever had the pleasure of using. It writes very smoothly, has never clogged, and lasted through half a semester of heavy use and five final exams.
  This is a great first..., August 21, 2014
By thu...
This is a great first fountain pen for anyone curious about them, especially since it's just a few dollars.

The nib feels sturdy and requires little pressure to write. It feeds ink consistently, although it took a couple of minutes to get it started when I first used it; I haven't used many fountain pens and worried there was something wrong with it, but after the initial wait it works fine. The ink dries almost immediately, which is fantastic if you're left handed. It doesn't bleed through the page, either.

The only problem is the body, which feels very cheap. The plastic feels brittle, and it's light which some people might prefer, but I like a pen with more weight to it. For me the quality of the nib/ink make up for it though, and it's great for everyday use. All things considered, I would recommend it.
  I didn't get this pen..., July 10, 2014
I didn't get this pen from JetPens, rather I got it free with a bottle of Noodler's ink from ebay. But it's exactly the same product, so I figured I may as well express my likeness for this pen here. :D

It's not a perfect pen by any means, but for the price, it's a great beginner pen! This black one in particular had some starting issues, but it must have been in the nib, because my violet Preppy worked like a dream (until the cap broke). Needless to say, I traded nibs. Otherwise, the nib wrote finely once I was able to get it to start--usually by doing some margin doodles--though not as fine as the Pilot Petit fountain pens (which I prefer for a cheapie pen).

Also, these pens are perfect for turning into eyedropper pens if you write all day every day, like me. They will hold a LOT of ink. A gargantuan amount of ink. So heavy writers will enjoy that aspect of the Preppy after a little modding.
  I bought several Preppys..., June 11, 2014
I bought several Preppys at the same time. It seems like the darker the ink, the better they write. I love both the 03 and 05 blacks. They start up immediately even after sitting for a couple of days. They feel smooth and are very good for music writing. The purple is nice as well. The green and red that I received suck however, being very inconsistent. For the price, I'm not too broken up. I plan on converting the ones that don't do well to dropper fills anyway, so no big deal.
  Overall I really enjoy..., January 27, 2014
Overall I really enjoy this pen. I've only had it for under a day so I can't really attest to how fragile the plastic barrel and cap are, but everything else is great. This is my first fountain pen and I had no clue how to put the cartridge in (I was afraid I would break it!) but I figured it out. Unposted, the pen doesn't seem as balanced to me. However, the balance is perfect when it is posted. Also, I have large hands so I need the extra length posting it provides. I think the only complaint I have is that the 03 nib is more like a 05+ nib. As I said before, this is my first fountain pen so I have nothing to compare it to, but I do believe it's a great pen even with the large nib.
  I was skeptical buying..., December 17, 2013
I was skeptical buying this---I mean, a $3 fountain pen?! At the same time, I figured "What can I lose?" Well, I am pleasantly surprised. Although it costs but a fraction of the price of my other fountain pens, this is my everyday use "fine" size nib fountain pen. I love the feel of the nib---smooth with just a tiny bit of feedback from the paper. FP users have different tastes but for me it is perfect. It gives a nice thin very consistent line. And it's one of my most reliable pens. Even after sitting for a few days it starts right up and it has never skipped or clogged. Furthermore, I carry it about in a pocket and after several weeks hard use it has never leaked nor has the cap come off. Hats off to Platinum and to JetPens for selling them, this is a fine reliable pen at amazing value.
  This my first fountain..., September 17, 2013
By acr...
This my first fountain pen, and I've been enjoying it thus far. Like some other reviewers have said, it's definitely a pen which needs some breaking in. When I first used it, the Preppy was scratchy and skipped often. The ink also had some initial trouble with coming, but that was fixed when I reinserted the cartridge back in. Now it's been two weeks and I've become obsessed with writing with it! I've used drawing dip pens before, and they've always nicked and dug into the paper, so I'm quite impressed by how smooth the writing experience is.

Black ink is more of a grey, but I'm not too bothered with it when using it for regular writing. I bought some Platinum Carbon Ink refills to use in this pen. Once the cheap black ink runs out I will be replacing it with that ink and start using it for drawings.
  writes smoothly, no skipping,..., September 4, 2013
By drl...
writes smoothly, no skipping, nice line, even when I vary the angle at which I hold my pen. Writes better than some more expensive fountain pens I have. Worth more than its price.
  I've owned some very..., September 1, 2013
I've owned some very expensive writing instruments and dollar for dollar, you cannot beat this is pen. Using it daily for the past eight months, I have not experienced any problems at all. It is a true joy. With all of the elitism at my firm, I have grown accustomed to the raised eyebrows of those who crave status over thrifty practicality. I have two words for them; and it's not a holiday greeting.
  Amazing, I'm buying all..., June 8, 2013
By ped...
Amazing, I'm buying all the colors. You can't go wrong with this pen. Do yourself a favor and buy it.
  What can I say about..., May 10, 2013
What can I say about a pen that already has almost 200 reviews?

Well, I would agree it's a great little pen, perhaps most suitable for beginners, or maybe children, as a first fountain pen (the demonstrator aspect really helps with this as well). Or maybe just as a fun pen, or a little variety in the pen stable, a la Pilot Varsity.

One thing that should be noted, is that my copy was not at all Japanese Fine. With the shipped ink, I would say it's a touch thicker than a Pilot Medium nib, except when it feathers excessively (which it does on quite a lot of less-than-great-quality papers), in which case I find it unusable. Could be a real issue for someone switching from rollerballs who typically uses the cheaper office supply notebooks. Something to bear in mind.

Overall, hard to go wrong at this price. May not be suitable for everyone in every situation, but it's still a great little pen.
  Very fragile. And the..., April 28, 2013
By roqz
Very fragile. And the nib is actually a medium nib. You can do many interesting experiments with it, or is just what is needed when learning to write with a fountain pen (The Lamy Safari would be better for that purpose).
  Quite nice!..., April 28, 2013
By yom...
Quite nice!
  This was my first fountain..., March 9, 2013
By aew...
This was my first fountain pen, overall it works really well! Very glad I started with a simple yet functional pen. A few downsides though: sometimes it takes a while to start up, even if I was just using it and stopped for a minute. Also, the black ink isn't really black, more of a dark grey which I have grown used to after a while.
Overall writes very well and just made my second order from JetPens. Very excited to see what this new order brings :)