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8 out of 8 people found the following review helpful
  The Platinum Preppy is..., February 2, 2011
The Platinum Preppy is one of the first few fountain pens I've owned/used, and as cheap as it is... this is a great pen. I give it good marks for having a very buttery writing experience, as well as good flow even after you ignore it for a few days. The Blue-Black is somewhat light but I still like the slight variations in the shade of blue. If I have anything that I would improve in this pen... well I love fine lines so an extra-fine nib would be ideal, because for me the fine nib seems fairly thick almost like a .5-.7mm ballpoint/gel pen line. Also, probably attributed to low cost and being clear, the plastic in the cap and barrel is pretty fragile. The second time I used my pen, I slightly twisted the cap as I removed it. This cracked the barrel about 3 places, easily remedied with some clear tape... even If I got a defective barrel, I think a matte finished black body on these pens would not only help aesthetics but probably allow more durable plastics to be used. If I return to the Platinum brand on my next order, I might give their Plaisir line a go... they seem like a more robust version of these little beauties.

P.S. the coloring on my nib started coming off almost immediately, now I have a half blue, half silver colored nib... this did NOT effect performance.
4 out of 4 people found the following review helpful
  I have several Preppy..., November 28, 2011
I have several Preppy pens, and give them out regularly to friends and siblings. They are a really good pen for the price. I have had several for almost a year now and have only ever had one crack. The crack is in the cap and it only happened because I dropped my seven pound laptop on the pen. This isn't a pen that can take a lot of abuse, but at this price that's not really expected. They are well worth the price.
4 out of 5 people found the following review helpful
  Great pen for a great..., September 6, 2011
Great pen for a great price. I really like the blue black ink color and it flows very smoothly. The fine point is a nice true fine point
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  The pens writes fine..., January 26, 2012
By csc...
The pens writes fine for the price...But the ink color is terrible. It's so light and weak, I can't stand writing with it. It looks like it's been run under water and watered down. Not my idea of high quality at all. Maybe I'll order another color ink to see if it's any better. Black maybe?
2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful
  At this price, it's a..., December 15, 2011
By ela...
At this price, it's a steal; I have one of these and it works great. I just wish it was a little heavier.
  Great Reasonable Fountain..., July 31, 2014
By kiw...
Great Reasonable Fountain pen for my moleskine notes!
I love notebooks and pens, I may even say I am obsessed with them and have tons of different kinds of notebooks and pens, but just never got into Fountain pens because they are tend to be expensive and can be messy. Fountain pens also have bad rep when it comes to using with Moleskine notebooks which I love. I bought this pen just to try out for my moleskine notebooks and to my surprise! it writes so smooth, no skipping and best of all, ink does not go through to the back of pages which is a common issue with thin moleskine paper.
Blue black has a nice deep blue color and it dries quick with no feathering on Moleskine.
I may go back for other colors too!
  As usual with the Platinum..., April 2, 2014
As usual with the Platinum Preppy, I had a beast of a time getting the ink to start to flow. Once it did start, it writes decently smooth, though very stiff. However, the "blue black" ink is pretty much just blue ink. Nothing like the deep dark blue that comes in the Pilot Petit. There's also a significant amount of shading to the ink, which again, makes it look lighter than a true blue-black ink. For the price, it's fine, but I definitely prefer the Pilot Petit ink color and ease of use to this one.
  This is a great pen if..., February 9, 2014
This is a great pen if you're looking for a cheap but effective and fun writing instrument. I have a blue/black and a violet preppy for annotating on the margins (the ink stands out so I can easily identify my note). The design is attractive, the nib is smooth, the ink flows well, there's not much that can go wrong for a $3.30 pen. It is definitely a fountain pen you should try using at least once, fountain pen enthusiast or not.
Cons: While it feels great to write, I don't quite like the feel of it in my hand. It lacks the solid feel of a nice fountain pen and the nib feels a little flimsy. Combined with reports of the plastic cracking, I usually try to be very careful when writing as well as avoid snapping in the cap too often (to avoid drying, I would put on the cap but not snap it on completely, only doing so when I am done with writing and storing it in my bag). I am considering converting it to an eyedropper, but I have a feeling that I will be very paranoid about the ink leaking out or the body cracking.
  Not worth it wish I could..., January 29, 2014
Not worth it wish I could get my money back.
  I bought this pen as..., October 18, 2013
I bought this pen as a daily writer to use with a converter, and have not used the supplied cartridge. I should add that the converter cost more than the pen.

After 'running in' the nib, I find it writes at the level of far pricier pens.

The perception of others is also that actually it is a far pricier pen.

All up, very happy - probably really a 4+, but the value for money aspect warrants the 5.
  I was very hesitant when..., October 18, 2013
By lyn...
I was very hesitant when I purchased this pen, because I thought the ink would not transfer very well, and due to the nib being so thin; I thought I was going to break it in a couple of minutes. After 2 months, I would say this pen has survived many lectures, and study sessions. The ink is very smooth and consistent. The design itself looks very attractive. If anyone plans to buy this, and plan on using this for note taking, or heavy-duty writing. I suggest buying the extra cartridges, because it only lasts for no more than a month (one and half if your lucky).
  The Platinum Preppy pen..., October 3, 2013
By rdi...
The Platinum Preppy pen is great. But I have tried the Platinum black and blue-black inks and they are terrible inks. They are pale and dry uneven. I have heard good things about turning it into an eyedropper. I decided to just clean out an old cartridge and put in some Sailor Nano Ultra Black, now my Lamy Safari sits in my desk drawer. This really writes significantly better. The cap is also spring loaded and keeps the nib from drying out.

Another negative, besides the bad ink, is my cap split down the side. The cap no longer worked. I super glued it, and held it together with tape overnight. It now it works, but looks bad. For the price I will not hesitate to buy a couple of new pens when I run the Sailor ink dry.
  This is the best inexpensive..., September 24, 2013
This is the best inexpensive pen I have used in a long time. I did have to rinse the nib under running water after installing the ink cartridge. I then stored it cap down in a pencil can over night to get the ink to flow into the nib. After I did this, it work perfectly--even when it sat in a pencil can with the cap end upright for weeks at a time without being used... I would pick up the pen and it would work immediately! I have a whole collection of antique fountain pens and am used having to "fool with pens" to get them to work. I would recommend this pen to a new fountain pen user or someone like me who wants a reliable and usable pen for everyday use--my hand writing is better if I use a fountain pen.
  I purchased this pen..., August 8, 2013
I purchased this pen along side a Pilot Vpen thinking that it'd be a cheap start to writing with fountain pens.

It was a brilliant idea on my part, I think.
The Pilot Vpen writes a bit more on the smooth side, compared to the Platinum Preppy, but it's still pretty smooth on paper.

It's ink is dark enough, and it took me a moment to figure out how to snap the ink in. The refills for the pen are pretty cheap too!
Of course, you could also just buy another pen. That works too.
  I find that, in general,..., June 21, 2013
By ekw...
I find that, in general, I prefer a medium nib, but this fine nib works really well for me. This almost feels like a midpoint between a fine and a medium.
Platinum paints the top of the nib with the ink color that is provided with the pen; that paint will almost certainly deteriorate and flake or peel off.
I have given many of these away as gifts to like-minded pen enthusiasts, and they always report positive reviews and favorable impressions.
  It is a good pen and..., June 13, 2013
By joest4
It is a good pen and writes well. I thing the ink color could be more blue or more black, its is to washed out. A great pen to get started with or bring to class. I makes a nice wet line as it writes.
  I really wanted to like..., February 18, 2013
By amy...
I really wanted to like this pen, given the previous reviews and the price. I've had it for a few days now, and tried writing with it many times on several types of paper. Every time, the nib is scratchy and dry. Even after I finally get the ink flowing, it often stops before the end of the sentence. When it does write, it writes well. But given the constant scribbling, I think I'll be tossing this pen soon.
  I love this pen for it's..., February 14, 2013
By aus...
I love this pen for it's flowing writing experience. it took a day to "break in" but then the writing was nice. I was disappointed by the line thickness though, it wrote like an 0.7 or 0.8 gel pen. This was my first fountain pen though, so I guess I just wasn't used to the difference between fountain and gel pens. overall i give preppy thumbs up for it's affordable cost, nice nib, and smooth writing, but don't be expecting an 03 line!
  Not the smoothest fountain..., December 21, 2012
By rad...
Not the smoothest fountain pen, but it's smooth enough especially for the price. You can always throw it away if you don't like it. Had trouble getting the ink started at first but once it did start it flows very well. The blue-black is a nice color that doesn't bleed through paper.
  Smooth writing, though..., October 8, 2012
By may...
Smooth writing, though the ink may skip at times. Works better than Lamy Vista F. My only concern is the nib can't be changed. Great pen for the price
  High quality pen inexpensive..., September 25, 2012
High quality pen inexpensive price, I am quite impressed with this pen the ink flow it good even after not being used for several days being properly stored in my pen cup. Comfortable in the hand smooth writing qualities on a wide variety of papers I would recommend this pen to any one from a novice fountain pen user to a fountain pen junkie like myself, way to go
  This is a great pen,..., September 7, 2012
This is a great pen, especially for the price.

While it's not my favorite pen or perfect or anything, I can't complain much about it. The weight is great - due to hyperflexibility, my hand tires easily when writing and even a small amount of metal or enamel can be too heavy for me, but this one is almost as lightweight as an inexpensive ballpoint, which is very nice. It was also easy to load the cartridge and the cap fits well - I bought an extra pen for a brand-new-to-fountain-pens friend, and it looks like a fantastic starter for her.

I do think the ink description is a little bit off. It's a lot more of a grey-blue than blue-black. I expected a dark blue, but it's more of a regular blue, just not a bright cobalt or sapphire or something. It's not a bad color, but I prefer super-dark blues myself. It's made to look even lighter at times because the fine nib doesn't lay a lot of ink out, so writing swiftly makes for thin color.

Of the two pens I've used, one had trouble getting started. I'm not sure if the error was on my end or just slowness of the pen itself, but I had to pry at the nib to try to separate it a bit and also run it under water for about 30 seconds before any ink would flow (just the water didn't work the first time). On the other hand, the second pen (the one that was a gift for my friend!) started writing immediately, as soon as she fit the cartridge in, and after I warned her of the trouble I'd had!
  I found this pen a "mas..., August 29, 2012
I found this pen a "mas o menos" (more or less) product because its just so AVERAGE. But for this price you can't really complain... I'm just sad I invested in two of the replacement inks even though I hate the color of the ink!

> EXTREMELY cheap, refillable fountain pen -- This happens to be my first because of this
> Stands out in America -- No one uses fountain pens at my school, I feel special using it. C:
> The nib is BLUE -- It's so pretty and fun to use

> The line is thicker than I expected
> The ink is not at all like the picture, its like a watery blue black -- It makes me feel depressed because its so gray

I use this pen on papers that I turn in to the classes I really don't care about just for the fact that its fun to write with but is ugly. I write with my nicer pens during my higher level classes.
  I was surprised at how..., July 26, 2012
By may...
I was surprised at how well this pen performs. At this price, I assumed it would be just meh. I like the color of the ink. It's not as bright as some of the other blue pens, so it stands out nicely on my page. The ink bleeds far more on a crappy steno pad than other inks I've used, but I don't regularly write with a fountain pen on a cheap steno pad! I just tested the pen on all of the papers that were on my desk. Oddly enough, it writes the worst on a post-it note. I never tried a fountain pen on a post it. The other good quality papers were mixed, but the pen also writes nicely on regular recycled copy paper. This really surprised me. It also makes me happy because I can mark up copies with this pen, and the nice blue color will contrast with the black print without being a disruption. I am extremely impressed by how well it writes on my "Hot Chocolate" notebooks from Staples. I picked these up on clearance for $1 each. This was my first time using one of them, and wowzers, there was zero bleed. I can write on both sides of the page with this pen! I then discovered I can write on both sides with a LOT of different pens.

I love this pen, and it has a very inky flow that I appreciate after using my sailor candy pen (ugh). The only reason my new platinum preppy fine nib pen didn't get the highest review is because it's not a fine point pen. It has a thicker line than the medium point pens that my office keeps in stock! I prefer fine points, but this pen is so comfortable to write with that I'm happily keeping it. I will be purchasing another pen and some refills on my next jetpens order!
  For the money these pens..., April 13, 2012
By ryl...
For the money these pens can not be beat. They write just as well as some of my more expensive pens. They also have a decent size and weight to them. AND, contrary to the reviews of the converter, these pens can easily be cleaned WITHOUT the converter. Since the nib and feed can be easily removed from the pen you can then just run water through the nib section and wash it out very quickly. As for the eyedropper mod I'm a little skeptical. I tried it with both my pens. One did just fine. The other one however did not. The O-ring broke and there was a bit of leakage. I deconverted back to the cartridge for both.