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This pen far exceeded...
December 5, 2011
Verified Purchase
This pen far exceeded my expectations. At the price how can you go wrong? That's exactly how I felt about this pen when I bought it, but I was surprised at how well it wrote with the default cartridge, especially it having such a fine point. It is light and ergonomic, well-balanced in weight distribution, and made of thick plastic with a hexagonal design inside the barrel which seems to reinforce the structure. My only complaint about the construction of the Preppy would be the clip, which is loose and shallow; it doesn't grip my pocket enough to keep itself from falling out.

The ink flows well and isn't particularly dry or wet. It writes smoothly and with no skipping, delivering a thin line with minimal scratchiness. It is a very vibrant pink, and stands out quite a bit on the page.
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Great quality pen, but...
February 21, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great quality pen, but the body cracks so easy, ugh.
Tohru Adachi
Wow. I love this pen....
April 2, 2014
Verified Purchase
Wow. I love this pen. I love this color. I love the price. What more is there to say? Stop contemplating and get one! :D
I love this pen and used...
January 10, 2011
Verified Purchase
I love this pen and used mine every day for several months. The only downside is the barrel cracked after only a month of use. I wrapped it up with some cello tape and it's fine again. This is a fun pen, great for everyday use, and inexpensive both for the replacement cartridges and the pens themselves. I will definitely be adding to my collection.
Love this pen! Nice dark...
August 5, 2010
Verified Purchase
Love this pen! Nice dark pink ink. Writes very smooth. No bleeding or feathering.
Pretty and basic, really...
January 19, 2010
Verified Purchase
Pretty and basic, really nice! The pink color is my favorite! I have two of these now and my first one was really nice! No skipping, no trouble of any sort, really smooth writing and almost no bleeding or feathering. The newer one I just ordered doesn't work for long periods of time and is a bit scratchy to boot! I'm working on getting it to work as well as my first one but this seems to be a rare case since the other new ones I ordered worked GREAT!
This pen is such a fun...
July 20, 2009
Verified Purchase
This pen is such a fun little thing to write with, I love the shade of pink that's used. And the nib being the same color and the ink is so cool. The problem I can see with this pen, for me, was that I bought a cherry pink Pilot Petite1 at the same time as this, and their ink colors were almost identical. But that's not a bad thing really, just for me. Overall though, this pen is a steal. I totally recommend it.
hi! i cant figure out...
February 11, 2009
Verified Purchase
hi! i cant figure out how to work this pen...i pushed in the ink but it is not working.....
thanks 4 any help!
This pen is amazing,...
April 3, 2008
Verified Purchase
This pen is amazing, i love all fountain pens but this is one of my fave brands! It writes really smooth and comes in a bunch of differnt fun colors. I like the pink pen best. Easily refillable! Highly recomended!
By far the worst fountain...
December 10, 2010
Verified Purchase
By far the worst fountain pens I've ever tried. I turned mine into eyedroppers, and they leaked all over from the nib and then the barrels cracked after two days... of sitting on my desk. Not recomended at all.
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