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July 25, 2011
I completely disagree...
Verified Purchase
I completely disagree with the comment below. This is the most amazing fountain pen. One I put in the cartridge, the ink flowed easily and freely. The ink is beautiful and vibrant. I bought a refill and now I\'m back to buy more because of how frequently I use this pen. I took it with me to a convention along with another bag of pens. This pen fascinated me so much I ended up blowing through 2 cartridges. This is a must buy. At the $, this pen is a great price and quality.

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February 27, 2011
A nice economical FP,...
Verified Purchase
A nice economical FP, writes very well with a smooth flow. If you don\'t write with it for a few days it does tends to dry at the nib but a second of scribbling brings it right back. Definitely recommended for a reliable everyday FP and as a great starting pen. For the $ this is a fine work horse. The purple is a very rich color, more on the violet side but still easy on the eyes.

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December 25, 2010
The barrel cracked along...
Verified Purchase
The barrel cracked along the seam within days of receiving one of these pens...Very poor quality plastic...but when these pens do not crack they are great, they have a very nice nib and are easily converted for barrel fill to use with Noodler's Inks...It would be great if the company that makes these would put more effort into the quality of the plastic especially at the seam.

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April 7, 2011
Even with the bad reviews,...
Verified Purchase
Even with the bad reviews, I decided to try this pen. Bought some Blue/Black refills to go with it. I figured at only $3.00 who cares if it isnt so great, right?

wrong. The problem is that with this pen it COMPLETELY frustrates you. It doesnt write to begin with, so you pinch and poke and coax the ink into coming out. It still wont budge. You get determined one afternoon, roll up your sleeves and attack it with everything you have! You get some ink to come out..... And then it stops..

I stored it tip down (Gasp!) for over a week, checking it daily, no, still wont work. Finally, it writes without a ton of effort to start it, but i store it upside down, and recap it when i pause to think what i am going to write next.

Is $3 worth the time and frustration to you? I say give it to a friend to get it started for you and then, just maybe it might be worth it ;)

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April 18, 2012
I bought this pen and...
Verified Purchase
I bought this pen and the blue one and the black one. it skips a lot at first but after a while it writes smooth. you kinda have to shake it a little bit to get the ink flowing. overall the ink flows well.

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August 19, 2010
I ordered this purple...
Verified Purchase
I ordered this purple for a different color from my usual blues and blacks. At first I was really surprised at its poor performance. My black preppy never acted up at all, but this had so much trouble starting I almost returned it. Finally it worked like my original preppy and I was relieved. I just picked it up after not using it for a few weeks and it started perfectly at the first letter. I love Preppy's - they are lightweight, extremely comfortable to write with (has the perfect girth in my humble opinion) and is a fantastic value.

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September 18, 2014
I like the feel of the...
I like the feel of the pen, and the flow of the ink is good. It writes smoothly if you hold it at the exact right angle, but if you hold it at all incorrectly, it scratches a bit. The ink is vibrant, and a nice color. I might buy another at some point, but it isn't a priority. It's okay, but not "recommend to everybody" material.

July 10, 2014
I didn't get this one...
I didn't get this one from JetPens, but from eBay. Regardless, it's the same product, so I thought I'd review here.

I love love love love this pen. It's a fantastic writer, though the violet ink it comes with is, to me, atrociously bright. Blech. That aside, I had no problems with this one in getting it started, or dryness. It always wrote smoothly and immediately, and the line was fine, if not as fine as I would have liked. It can take a bit of roughness, as it was dropped several times without damage.

Unfortunately, the cap did eventually form a crack after a nasty fall, and would never snap back on right. So I stole the nib out of this one and put it into another Preppy of mine that had a not-so-good nib. Still, for the price, this was a lovely pen. I was intending to convert this one into an eyedropper, but the cap died before I could. Alas.

To note, the nibs on these aren't flexible at all, so you'll get one solid line of the same width all the time. So this makes them good as outlining pens in sketches. Just be sure to get your own water/alcohol-proof ink if you're going to be coloring with markers as well.

January 2, 2014
The body is comfortable,...
The body is comfortable, the color is great...when it works. Do not waste the money on this pen. I'm sorry, but its bad.

September 18, 2013
This pen is one of three...
Verified Purchase
This pen is one of three disposable fountain pens that I bought as my first try at fountain pens. It was easy to attach the cartridge but I had a little trouble getting the ink to flow initially. I looked at the reviews on here and found the suggestion to shake the pen a bit to get the ink flowing and that worked. It is very comfortable in my hand and writes smoothly. Once the ink started flowing it was very consistent and didn't bleed through my paper. The line seems to be somewhere between fine and medium. Overall it seems to be a very nice pen, easy to hold and writes well. I can't address any of the issues of cracking as I haven't had it long enough. I do have pen/pencil cases that I keep all my pens in when they are in my work bag or book bag in hopes of minimizing broken, leaky pens.