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Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen - 03 Fine Nib - Red Ink

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Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen - 03 Fine Nib - Red Ink - PLATINUM PPQ-200 11
  • Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen - 03 Fine Nib - Red Ink - PLATINUM PPQ-200 11
  • Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen - 03 Fine Nib - Red Ink - PLATINUM PPQ-200 11
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Colorful and cartridge refillable fountain pens seem to be gaining popularity in Japan. The treasured spirit of writing is captured in a new and modern form.

The Platinum Preppy, like the Pilot Petit1, is a compact fountain pen available in different ink colors. The stainless steel nib is colored to match the color of the ink. It's refillable with cartridges and made of 40% recycled plastic (how green!)


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Total Price: $9.90
This item: Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen - 03 Fine Nib - Red Ink - $3.30

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Model NumberPLATINUM PPQ-200 11
Shipping Weight0.46 oz
Body Color Clear
Body Material Plastic
Cartridge-Compatible Yes
Clip Material Plastic
Clippable Yes
Converter-Compatible Yes
Design Style Beginner-Friendly, Demonstrator
Diameter - Grip 10.6 mm
Diameter - Max 12.3 mm
Grip Color Clear
Grip Material Plastic
Length - Capped 13.8 cm
Length - Posted 15.1 cm
Length - Uncapped 12.2 cm
Mechanism Capped
Pre-Installed Ink Color Red
Tip Length 14.5 mm
Tip Material Metal
Tip Size Fine


April 20, 2011
The color is more hot...
Verified Purchase
The color is more hot pink than red--but a great pen nonetheless

1 person found this helpful
June 9, 2014
If you expect to be able...
Verified Purchase
If you expect to be able to pick up this pen and begin writing with it without any hassle, you will be very frustrated. I ordered black, green, and red in 03 and black, purple, and red in 05. Both of the black pens work very well and start writing immediately. All of the colored ones suck to be perfectly honest. Even storing them nib down does very little. They will write a few sentences then completely stop. You may or may not be able to get them going again before putting them away in frustration. In addition, both the red and green colors are very washed out. The purple is nice and dark, and the black is a bit grey, but passable. I realize they were cheap. That is exactly how they perform.

April 19, 2012
For $3, this is a great...
Verified Purchase
For $3, this is a great pen. I love the clear body and the red accents, including the red nib. It's lightweight, not too thick in the barrel, and a good length even when the cap isn't posted. In my estimation, the Fine nib writes similarly to a 0.7mm Le Pen or 0.7mm Sarasa. It was well worth the purchase!

My only issue with this pen really isn't with the pen at all, but rather the ink. Instead of being an opaque true red, the ink lays down transparent (but not thin), and when dry, is more of a fluorescent red with salmon tones - the same "pink" that many other reviewers have noted. The ink also has a tendency to bleed somewhat through 20# copier paper, which is the only thing that prevents me from using the ink for highlighting. It may be worth refilling the cartridge once the ink is gone to see how a more opaque ink flows through the pen.

January 25, 2012
The Preppy's are great...
Verified Purchase
The Preppy's are great pens and i love having them around. At 3 bucks its hard to go wrong!

jeff stiefer

September 13, 2011
The pen is great in every...
Verified Purchase
The pen is great in every sense, and I am specially fond of the nib's red color and the whole pen's practical nature. However, as a previous reviewer noted, the red ink is not red at all, it is totally pink.